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Started by Matey, 16-Oct-12, 03:33 PM

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If you have some stuff you're unsure about posting, wondering if anyone would even want it or whether it's worth uploading, you can ask or offer it here.

Place any requests you might have in here only too. Don't go off requesting everything you'd want others to post for you though, this is not how we operate here 8)  You should have also already contributed yourself before requesting anything.


Request for Lady Fist video.  I've been looking for this video from Lady Fist for a long time, with the site down I haven't been able to find this video so I can purchase it.  Anyone seen it?

This one is LF210 Pixie vs Ema.



I got a small request - Jet Vs Antscha  2008 London @ Monica's Wrestling.  I know it was posted on another board using megaupload.  Supposed to have a great facesit ending.


i think this is worth sticky-ing, good idea to post it, Marty! :)


I was not sure if this is the right place to post this.

But does any one know from where this Video is ?

Any one has the full video ?

fixed link * M.



LT Productions - 2009

.......never heard of them.

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Yup thats mentioned in the video but did not find any company by that name otherwise would have bought this one.


I recently acquired this Movie War Goddess in Italian.

I can post it here if there is any interest. Below is a IMDB page and dailymotion clip links


Nice clip! Why don't you re-post the clip link here:

and because you are making an offer, re-post your query here:

....then come back and delete the topic from this board.   <2up>

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Oh yeah, I saw this movie around 35 years ago, or so. I loved this scene so much that I went to see it in the movie theater two or three times.  ;D

With no Internet, movies like this and a few magazines were the only sources of the good stuff.

By the way, the babes in the scene are Alena Johnston and Sabine Sun.

Thanks for bringing up the memories.



Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 05-Dec-12, 02:37 PM
Nice clip! Why don't you re-post the clip link here:

and because you are making an offer, re-post your query here:

....then come back and delete the topic from this board.   <2up>

Hmm tried to remove the post but I think I dnt have the rights to do so


moving to the Offers topic

never seen this movie.. that catfight was quite nice, the director must've been a fan of our genre  :D


Let me know if any one wants this movie. I am not uploading this as it is a full movie around 780 mb. A full blown sword and sandle genre. the director is Terence Young who directed james bond classics like Dr No and from Russia with love. He seems to be our kinda guy if the gypsy catfight in From Russia with love is any indication  ;)


Probably the clip will be enough for most members, but thanks for the offer!

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I've got three requests. I had these previously, but lost them in a crash and I can't currently find them on the net:

  • Neko vs Devon
  • Cleopatra Vs Medusa
  • Dragon Vs Gia
  • Jet vs Antscha 2008

All from Femw!n / Londonwrestl!ngstudio
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