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Gymnasts who could Wreck Yo Shit!

Started by Ronald_Frump, 21-Oct-12, 05:14 AM

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Ex-gymnasts sometimes make the transition to session-girls (eg. Nikki form R*e*a*l*i*t*y*G*i*r*l*s). It's no wonder, as they have IMHO the physical attributes to make ideal wrestlers. Tight, compact muscular upper-bodies, combined with a thick-ass, thunder-thighs, crushing calves AND insane flexibility, make them too hot to handle for the majority of us keyboard-warriors........ 8)

PS. If you dare to disagree, don't say so here. This is a PICTURE board. Take it to the discussion board and embarrass yourself there..... ;D

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Sensational pictures my friend, I too adore gymnasts, they are GORGEOUS AND WHAT AWESOME PHYSIQUES, Thankyou for sharing these and Have a Great Evening

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