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To Love a Scissorette

Started by Grem, 14-Feb-14, 07:26 PM

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This is my first attempt to write an erotical story haveing a scissor loving heroine in the main role. The story is told out of the sight of a guy who becomes her boyfriend. It isn't just fights but also tells a little story. As English is not my mothertounge it could be written very poorly. I finished the prolouge and 1st chapter so far and hope you like it. Be warned that later chapters may also include very sexual context. However any feedback could help to improve. But now enjoy:

Prolouge - New in town

I've been in this city for almost a month now. It is packed with weird characters. The weather is shit. The buildings are ugly and the local beer tastes like water. I've been to this bar every Saturday since my job got me here. My fourth pint and I feel nothing. A bunch of worn out businessmen are sitting at the tables around me. They are the local high society. Elsewhere they would be lower middle class at best. Self-esteem? For them nothing than an illusion. Three bikers are standing at the bar. They are right in my field of view. They are most likely working at the metal fabric or as backyard mechanics. Their payment is low but so are their standards. They behave as if they own the place. They are yelling rather than talking, as if anyone would care about what they have to say. They are burping and laughing. They have no respect for anyone. Why should they? No one here would dare to complain and end up bleeding in an ally for doing so. They look around the bar. Usually trying to find someone they can mock or a girl to molest. I'm always looking in their direction. Not staring at them. Slightly past them, towards the bar keeper. Luis. A nice guy. Came here from Venezuela as a kid. Couldn't make much out of his life as he didn't understand a word of English when he was going to school here. I look at the bar keeper and lift my hand. He understands it immediately. Nods his head and starts to prepare another beer for me. The bikers ignore me. At my first day here I drank over fourteen pints and had all the empty glasses on my table. They seemed to be quite impressed on how much I'm used to drink. So the mere fact that I am the least fucked up person here appears to be enough of a reason for them to leave me alone. I'm fine with that. Luis delivers my new pint right as I finished my last one. The Swiss could be jealous at how perfect the rotation of ordering, delivering and drinking works here. The three goons just finished their second pint and they are already tipsy. I could easily drink them under the table, even if had to take on one after another. It's almost 10 already. The evening is just as always. I'm on my own table. I drink till I get tired. No one to talk to. No one I want to talk to. This place is boring. But the best choice after all. At least you get free peanuts here. I go for a sixth, then a seventh pint. The hard men at the bar struggle with their fourth right now. I finish my seventh pint and as usual Luis arrives with my eighth at the right moment. This bad excuse of a beer. Not his fault. He hands me a shot of Jägermeister. Eight is his lucky number, so he always hands a shot for every eighth beer. Besides me only a bus driver once got to eight. No one knew that he was supposed to drive the night bus later one. Luckily the accident happened before he made it to the first stop. I watch my pint and my thoughts are far away. I completely fade the world around me out for a short time. It's the loud growling of the bikers that get me back into reality. Their eyes and shouts are directed towards the entrance. I turn my head to look at one heck of a woman. Her hair is smooth and long. It is dark brown with minimal dark red mixed into head. Strands of her hair hiding her right eye but her left eye shines in an intense navy blue. Her full lips are shimmering in a natural color and bright white teeth stand in contrast to her slim fit black dress. It perfectly underlines her sexy curves. Her breasts, just about right to not ruin the overall aesthetics, tense the dress to the maximum. So do her hips, giving her an amazing hourglass figure. The dress ends about three centimeters beneath her round and muscular ass. Further down, legs clad in smooth black pantyhose. Her thighs are thick. No fat. Just strong without having the muscles defined. So they look smooth but sturdy. Her calves are well defined and her feet disappear in shiny patent leather high heels. She makes her way towards the bar. With every step her shoes sound like an adventure and you can see the confidence in every move she makes. Every time her shoes hit the wooden floor her eyes swing to another guest. Looking at them in a soft but ice cold way. Not only the men, also the women freeze, when they are touched by her eyes. The harmonic swinging of her hips make her appear elegant but with the strength in her steps she also spreads an aura of dominance through the room. The goons are the only ones to not notice what kind of a powerful presence comes from that woman. They make stupid gestures and jokes. When she walks past them their leader gives her a slap on the ass. She stops and a mean smirk appears on her face. She turns around to the bikers. Putting her hands on her hips and demonstratively putting her legs apart.

Woman: "You like to slap firm asses of women you don't know."
Biker Boss: "What man can resist such a tight ass, honey?"
Woman: "I agree. It is quite an attraction. But the lady decides who slaps her ass and when to slap her ass. So, if you ever touch my majestic butt again without my permission I will put you in your place. Have I made myself clear?"
Slim Biker: "U-huh. Watch out. That kitty has claws.
Woman: "That kitty needs no claws."
Biker Boss: "Hey, why don't we forget this little mishap and you buy a drink for your Sugar Daddy."
Woman: "Sugar Daddy? So that's what made you so fat.
Tall Biker: "Hey missy. Watch your tongue."
Biker Boss: "Calm down. I like that naughty girl play. When she had a drink and starts to become wet downside she'll come here on her own will, to suck the nectar from my giant cock like a greedy little slut."
Woman: "You better choose your next words wisely, as I'm already angry and you don't want me to ruin your night."

The biker boss and his friends buckle up in front of the woman. They are making it clear. No one messes with them on their turf. Everyone would most likely be pissing themselves but she is completely unimpressed.

Biker Boss: "You are in my world now, you little slut. And I can have you whenever I want."

As soon as it was said her knee went straight to his balls. While he was sinking to the floor his friends went for the woman. She took a quick step backwards to evade the first punch from the Slim Biker. Her right leg lashed like a whip at the head of the slim biker, dropping him instantly. The Tall Biker immediately reacts with a straight right punch, but she dodges it by dashing past his fist towards the Tall Biker and delivers a quick elbow to his throat. The tall biker is gasping for air as she grabs his right arm and bending his shoulder to the back. As he goes on his knees she swings her left leg over his shoulder from behind performing a half pirouette. In a smooth transition she completes the full pirouette by lashing her right leg at his neck rolling him over to the floor, while straighten her left leg to lock her angles, pulling his arm towards her and chocking him with her powerful thighs. Her loud and sexy moaning approved that she squeezed him with a lot of power. Just within a few seconds his face was totally blue and his left arm was shaking uncontrolled. She just effortlessly knocked that guy out cold within seconds. Releasing the Tall Biker from that killer scissor. She turns towards the Slim Biker, who recovered quite fast from that hard kick. Before she was able to get back on her feet he already jumped her. Pushing her to the ground and raising his fist. Her legs however instantly wrapped around his body like a python. The immense pain made it impossible for him to actually strike at her. Tears ran down his face as her legs tightened around his body. Her breathing became heavier while he was desperate to breathe at all. I could hear her saying something. It was very quit at first but got louder the hard she squeezed him.

Woman: "Yes. YES! YYYYES!!!"

A loud cracking was heard as the Slim Bikers face turned into a frozen stare. She crushed his rips and she enjoyed doing it. Rolling him aside she finally got back to her feet again. Her right hand stroke through her hair while she gently touched her breast with the left one. She slowly walked behind the Biker Boss who was just about to recover from the nutcracker. Hopping onto the bar she grabs him by his collar, pulling him towards her. Her right leg swinging around his neck. Her calf pressing against his throat. The popliteal of her left leg locking around her right ankle, letting her left foot rest below her ass on the bar. A perfect, airtight triangle chock. The Biker Boss' face turned blue even faster than that of the Tall Biker. I just sit there and watch the entire destruction of the three goons. Looking up to her I notice her eyes resting on me the whole time she chokes the life out of the Biker. Her chest is quivering and she bites lasciviously on her lower lip. All while staring directly into my eyes. The moment she realizes that the Biker Boss is unconscious, a smile and deep breathe of relief go along his hard smash to the ground as she lets him go. Jumping down from the bar, she leans with her back against it her arms spreads along the bar while she looks at the defeated Bikers to her feet. She was clearly aroused by destroying them and got turned on even more by looking at the aftermath of their fight. All of a sudden she looks up to me again. Clearing a strand of hair from her face she smiles. Out of reflex I smile back. She breaks the eye contact and looks to the side embarrassed. She's jiggling to herself and just checks back to me quickly, to see if I was still watching her and I, oh I couldn't look away. She turns around to Luis and orders a drink. While waiting for her drink she occasionally checks me out over her shoulder. Long Island Ice Tea. That was her drink. As she received it and turned around, the Tall Biker woke up. She stepped towards him, put her right foot on his chest and her left hand on her hip.

Woman: "You should pick up what is left of your friends and get out of her. I won't harm you anymore as long as you behave. Okay?"

The Tall Biker looks up to her terrified. His whole body is shivering and his answer came out like a gasp.

Tall Biker: "Yes. Yes, Madame. Whatever you say."
Woman: "Good boy." caressing his face with her foot "That's how you treat a lady."

Letting him taking care of his two companions she walks straight up to me. I'm getting a little nervous. I just hope I haven't pissed this killer woman off by staring. She puts her glass on my table, tilting her head slightly to the right, so that some stands of her hair fall into her face. Her beautiful eyes appear warmer and very tender now. A cute smile rests on her face.

Woman: "Hi. Are you alone here?"
Me: "Yes, I am always alone."
Woman: "Well, let's change that."


Chapter 1 – Source of power

I have mixed feelings of nervousness, curiosity and happiness as she sits down and slowly, almost demonstrative, crosses her legs. The soft sound of her pantyhose rubbing against each other. Her hand fondling her legs. She notices that I look at her legs. She jiggles in a very cute way as I turned my eyes away from her legs in embarrassment.

Woman: "It's okay to look at my legs. No need to worry. If I would beat up everyone who looks at them this city would be nothing but a huge hospital."

I laugh quietly. Her voice is like a tranquil sonata to my ears. She tilts her head and rest of her upper body to the left, so her eyes can get my attention. I was looking at her legs again. As soon as our eyes met, I snapped out of it and finally managed to look at her face. Her skin was smooth as silk. Her beautiful eyes and comforting smile put my heart at ease immediately.

Woman: "You are new here, aren't you?"
Me: "Yes, I came here about a month ago."
Woman: "One month already? A shame we haven't met earlier."
Me: "True. I'm sorry. I should probably introduce myself. I'm Baal. Nice to meet you."
Woman: "Baal? Like the one from Diablo 2?"
Me: "Yes, actually it goes back on..."
Woman: "I know. Sumerian if I'm correct?"
Me: "Among others. This name was quite all over the place at a certain time."
Woman: "And it still is. Like in Hannibal or Beelzebub. But most important, in you."

Damn, she is stunningly hot, as deadly as an elite soldier, seems to have a good kind of humor and is also very educated. This is a tense situation. As she seems to realize how uncomfortable I feel she leans slightly towards me. Softly touch my right hand with hers.

Woman: "I'm Lilith."
Me: "Like the first woman in the bible?"

She smiles at me and I smile back.

Lilith: "Exactly."

She guides my hand towards my pint, assuring that I grab it. Then her hand slowly glides off mine and she reaches out for her Long Island.

Lilith: "To our first date."
Me: "First date?"
Lilith: "Why not?"

I laugh and so does she. We clink our glasses and take a good sip.

Me: "So you often get into such situations? I mean with people like them."
Lilith: "Sometimes. Not on daily base at least."
Me: "But you are an experienced combatant. So you are not happening to be a spy of some kind?"

Her eyes become cold and her smile turns into a flat line. She puts her legs apart. They are open and ready to trap anyone inside them.

Lilith: "You are too curious. That's not good for your health. I can't have you nosing around any further."

I stammer. Why the fuck did I even ask that? I should have gotten out of here as soon as the trouble with the bikers started. She could easily kill me if she wanted to. It might be better if I get a hold of myself, apologize and explain it was just a joke. But before I even could she bursts out in laughter.

Lilith: "Oh come on, I'm just teasing you. I'm not a spy. Calm down and let me tell you a little story. I have an older brother who always kept bugging me as we were kids. When I was 14 and he was 16 we had a little fight about some completely irrelevant stuff. But as usual he had to brute force his opinion upon me. He wrestled me to the floor of my room. Holding my arms together as I was lying on my side, feeling his knees at my belly while he kneeled in front of me, using his upper body weight to keep me down. The only thing I could move was my legs. He liked mocking me while having me under control. It made me angry, as it didn't matter who was actually right. The only thing that mattered was who was stronger. In my anger I did the only thing I was capable to do. I swung my legs and wrapped them around my brother's head. I was able to throw him to the ground and getting an upper hand for the first time in my life. The only thing that came natural was squeezing him with my thighs. He started gasping and flapping like a chicken. I asked him "Who's the boss now? Who's the boss?" and he replied it was me. Begging me to let him go. I scissored him for some more seconds, until he promised me to leave me alone. When I let go of him he straight ran out of my room. I felt awesome. I took my camera and went to the bathroom. I undressed and made photos of my legs and ass. With them I went back to my room. Uploading them to my laptop. I became infatuated with my legs and ass. They seemed to be the perfect weapons against idiots like my brother. I also did a lot of research on the internet. Checking forums and erotic fighting sites to learn about various types of scissors and their effects on people. Honestly, it turned me on so much that I started to masturbate to videos in which women scissored men and women alike. I wanted to do it too again. However my brother learned his lesson and kept his distance. So, I decided to take classes in BJJ. I was somewhat like a natural talent. Fast learning, determined and very good at making others submit. I also joined a gymnastic class and the cheerleaders of our high school, to get more strength and incredible flexibility. During college I made my money by doing sessions. People are willing to pay quite some money to wrestle with a girl. At first I just did fantasy domination sessions. They are very nice but can become quite boring after some time. So I began to also offer semi-competitive wrestling sessions. They were a lot of fun but still I out skilled and overpowered everyone. It was clear that I also should offer full competitive sessions and make clear that also women may session with me. Things became amazing. I made tons of money and had super fun sessions. I made a lot of experiences and stayed undefeated. One day I had a session with a guy that I remembered from my BJJ classes. It was my best session ever. In the end I came out on top of course. He was so impressed with the way my legs dominated him, also he tried everything to break free that he asked me to join his free style grappling team. It sounded great. Lots of training and tournaments with good prize money. So I joined. I kept my session business up as well. But after I proved myself in the team by defeating everyone and won my first tournament, I went full way on becoming a prize fighter."

Me: "Wow, that's quite a story you have there. And what about college?
Lilith: "I finished my medical studies."
Me: "So you wanted to become a doctor?"
Lilith: "Actually not. My main focus was the human anatomy."
Me: "Really. So what were you planning to do afterwards?"
Lilith: "Nothing to be honest. I just wanted to learn about human anatomy so I knew how to beat up my enemies better."
Me: "You really are determined in fighting. So your studies helped you out a lot or not so much?"
Lilith: "They helped a lot. Knowing where people are most vulnerable and how you can see how wounded they are does not only make my attacks more impactful but also gives me more control on how much I hurt my enemy."
Me: "That sounds logical. So you still fight at tournaments or do you also have another job?
Lilith: "Yes, I still go to tournaments. I also model a bit but fighting is my great obsession. So what are you doing."
Me: "Nothing special. I'm a localization tester."
Lilith: "What do you localize and what languages do you use?"
Me: "Sounds very geeky but I localize video games from English to German."
Lilith: "Not geeky at all. Must be a fun job. I also play some video games now and then. Something I picked up from my brother."
Me: "How are things going with him nowadays?"
Lilith: "Quite well. After I scissored him into submission he was scared of me for quite some time but over the years he became a rather nice guy and I think I started his interest into scissors as well. Saw he had some nice clips on his PC. His taste is really good from what I've seen."

We laughed and talked long into the night. She was an amazingly friendly and soft hearted person. She cared a lot about other people, loved to play with her uncle's dog and had very good manners. Her personality was so lovely, so kind and delightful that you couldn't even believe how deadly she actually was. The night came to an end. She gave me her number and asked me to call her, so we could have another date by tomorrow evening. We left the bar together. She had to go to the right, my way home was left. We said our goodbyes and as I was about to turn around and leave she grabbed my left arm.

Lilith: "Hey."
Me: "Yes?"

She came closer. Her breasts were touching my chest and her right leg smoothly slid along my left one. Her face was right in front of me. I'm 71.3 inches tall. She must be around 69.7 inches. Her amazing navy blue eyes dazzled me. Her nose touched mine and I felt a rejuvenating pulse going through my entire body. She laid her left hand on my waist and guided my left arm towards her ass. Laying my hand on it. Her mouth slowly went towards my left ear and I could feel her hair on my skin. She whispered:

"Just so you know how good it feels."

Then her left hand went from my waist to the back of my head. Pulling my head just an inch towards her face as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Lilith: "I like you. A lot."

Then she left. Leaving me standing there with a giant boner in my pants, watching her till she was out of sight. Shit. I think I'm in love.


Good stuff, Grem.....  :k2:
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