Ann Wolfe: Id F*ck Rousey Up! Take to the Streets!

Started by Ronald_Frump, 08-Mar-14, 07:55 PM

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Who would win and how? (under MMA rules)

Wolfe by KO
Rousey by armbar


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Ronda would close the distance with her guard high and chin tucked in until Wolfe had no room to work her striking, then clinch, trip/throw Wolfe to the floor, mount, transition to spider-web position, armbar, snap.

It wouldn't be competitive.


I do miss some of the UFC1 freakshow stuff, so I think Dana should make it happen.  8)
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Quote from: jiminy on 09-Mar-14, 10:52 AM
transition to spider-web position

That's not something you do unless you can help it. Spider web position is what happens when they actually defend their arm properly and it messes with your armbar.

But yeah, boxers should stick with boxing. Also, the lightest she's ever fought at is 154 pounds as far as I can see. So yeah, way to make a perfectly safe call-out that you'll never have to back up Ann. Good job.


Cross-discipline challenges should be held in open-weight divisions, like Vale Tudo, or NHB. They should be based on style vs style such as Toney vs Couture or Royce Gracie vs Akebono.

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