Both female (F-F) and mixed (F-M) wrestling related material is welcomed.

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Started by sleepinbin, 17-Oct-12, 12:43 PM

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Thanks for the new site

Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Promising site.  Thanks to Stewie for the invitation.


Hello friends it is William,
   I am glad to see many friends from mixed forum here! I hope to make many great contributions and share here as well!
thank you.


Adelaide from that other place. Expert lurker. Ghetto guy posting from his cell. Outstanding that you guys did something about what you fought against. Thanks to zeus for creating this forum.


Hi, looks like a nice forum, I won't be associating myself with that "other" forum again


Welcome to all the new members joining up.  A special welcome to those of you from the "old" forum who were also put off by the underage material they not only allow but encourage over there. 

Thanks for joining.


Hello, I'm Tony, I'm an artist from Australia. Thanks for starting this new forum - I was quite disturbed by some comments I read on the mixed forum defending some of the dubious things apparently going on there.  Although my fantasy is mixed boxing in which women physically and sexually beat and often molest their male opponents, I want any video or photographic content of this nature to use consenting, ADULT participants.

Thanks, and all the best!


Well said Tony. I'm sure you'll find the content you want on our forum.


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Hello all.

I am from the male vs female forum. Hope to stories  post here soon.


Oh yeah totally. We need a place for stories.

I have begun work on a Ricky Hatton vs Ronda Rousey Boxing story.  ;D  <:W:>


Quote from: jiminy on 25-Oct-12, 04:03 AM

I have begun work on a Ricky Hatton vs Ronda Rousey Boxing story.  ;D  <:W:>

You are my hero...... :bow1:
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Thanks for inviting me from the other board. I was disturbed by all that so glad you started something new here. Thank you for your efforts. I will take a look around then continue my posting here instead of there.  By way of introduction, I am an older guy who can't kick this fetish, so what the hell I just gave in.  I have no resistence to a beautiful woman in high heels with great legs. Then you add them dominating you with those legs and the fantasy is complete.  Hello to all


Glad you made it over here, Troutman74

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Hey. Moved here from the old board. Love to talk to other guys who have had experiences of getting their ass kicked by women  ;D


Welcome to my world lolol

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