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Started by HunkyJ, 30-Mar-14, 04:29 PM

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I have been obsessed with "wrestling" since early childhood...incredibly, which maybe is Freudian (infantile sexuality ?)...bisexually too...turned on by wrestling with girls or guys --- "equally" --- if there are any shrinks reading I would sincerely, really sincerely, be grateful for a quickie analysis.
I have, as I "matured", come to understand that what I actual "need" is to be CONTROLLED, not  "wrestled"...and it can be done to me easily, with little-or-no effort, by "partner"' by breath control...strangling/choking, with hand(s), arm(s), or thighs --- my part is oral (I've been told one-of-the-best).
I hope to receive comment from members.
HJ ... Please, let's chat.


Certainly a unique perspective, or maybe not? I don't know. Questions on domination are probably best suited to "The Talk" section. Since this is primarily a femdom forum, most members would only have interests and opinions based around mixed and female wrestling/face-sitting/asphyxia. Bear in mind, the concept of Squeeze Queens is female domination through purely physical superiority, rather than via the contraptions and elaborate trappings of a BDSM dungeon, which is of course another non-wrestling method of experiencing "control". 
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I have this fetish too, but its only with girls/women who I find sexy. Its really weird I have to admit, but it turns me on. I wonder if the shrinks can give us any details on why we have this fetish. I mean, I have never been a wimp in life. But just the thought of a woman's thighs scissoring a guy (me) turns me on like crazy.

I am embarrassed a little bit about my fetish, which is why I have never tried it. I wonder what many of my girl friends would think. It would just be very weird, because I am like a totally different person in real life lol. Never understood it, but I sure enjoy watching it.

I guess I would do it sometime, and as long as the girl doesn't make fun of me in public, I would be okay with it being my (and her's) dirty secret. ;)


why be ashamed? I think we all thought that men also have this fetish. But that does not mean that you have to leave it in the street talking. There are several specialized studios and keeping it secret shame that in my country I do not know these apartments.


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