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CMPWO World (3D catfights/mixed fights)

Started by bandit7319, 30-Jun-14, 01:02 PM

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Hello!  I don't really have a store per se, but, I have been making all kinds of 3D projects for a while now!  While I have an occasional one-off project that won't have to do with fighting, all my others have do with fighting in some fashion.  I've got arena wrestling matches, underground fight club fights, exotic matches, and lots of playful/lighthearted matches as well.  My favorite part of girls wrestling are schoolgirl pins/straddles/victory poses.  For example, in all my arena wrestling matches, the winner always straddles the loser in the ring for posing/junk talking/teasing after she's won.  So if you're a straddle/SGP fan, you'll love my stuff! 

I have several matches that are free on my Deviant Art website and even more that are premium content available for purchase.  My DA page is

Here's what my full portfolio consists of as of 6/30/14:

Lindsey is a professional wrestler in the CMPWO.  She has both mixed matches as well as f/f matches, though I'm probably going to put her in more F/F matches than mixed.  Her personality is on the nicer side, though if she gets pissed she shows it.    With her, I've got:

8 ring matches
4 gym matches
4 "Relaxing" snippets
3 Training/Promo Items

Tara is another wrestler in CMPWO.  She exclusively has mixed matches, and they're always more brutal than Lindsey's matches (though they still aren't superviolent).  She knows she's hot and likes to flaunt it with tiny outfits and thigh high boots connected with garters.  I'm going to start doing more with her because I really like her personality/attire.  So far I've got:

4 matches
1 (included in match 4) promo

This is actually a full story I've put together.  I'm adding dialogue slowly but surely and will then be selling it through my DA gallery.  With her I've got 1 story consisting of 122 pages.  Here's the outline:

    Gym match/scouting by talent scouts (7 pics)
    Shower scene and conversation with talent scout (nude) (6 pics)
    Relaxing with girl friend/sleeping (partially topless) (7 pics)
    Work out (7 pics)
    Training with Lindsey (11 pics)
    Shower/Date/Sex scene (17 pics) (Obviously nude lol)
    Lindsey and Sara are running on the beach, then they decide to relax for a bit and are interrupted by a guy and a girl who think Lindsey's wrestling matches are fake.  Lindsey and Sara decide to show them how real their skills are as they fight and pin the naysayers in the sand and tell them what's up (14 pics)
    Training with Lindsey and Tara (7 pics)
    Sara and Lindsey discuss the night's plans in the shower... naked (2 pics)
    Sara can't wrestle without a costume!  Duh!  Lindsey invites Sara and Tara over to figure out her costume.  Since it's a girl's night, it just makes sense they'd hang out in bras and panties.  And of course Sara has to take all her clothes off in order to change (hint hint).  After a few outfits are tried on, they have a winner!  Then Lindsey and Tara decide to initiate Sara into their inner circle.  Which is done by both of them pinning her on the bed and taking turns tickling and messing with their new friend.  (13 pics)
    Showtime!  Sara's first match after a pep talk in the locker room from Sara and Lindsey (31 pics)

Mixed matches:
These don't have any kind of designated characters and are just scenes I've put together.  They are:

    1 -52 pics - Fight - One of my earlier matches where a girl in cutoff jean shorts and a midriff baring shirt dominates a guy.
    2 -64 pics - Femdom - Another one of my earlier works with a topless girl in a high cut bikini bottom doing whatever she wants to the guy under her while straddling him.  Includes hamming it up for the camera.  Also includes a test I did as f/f (1 pic) and then two girls on the guy (8 pics)
    3 -34 pics - Fight - Girl in black and pink lingerie beating up a guy in the den (Early)
    4 -8 pics - Playful wrestling - A brief story where a girl in jeans and a tube top pins her guy friend to the ground in the park for teasing her. (Not as early but still not as refined)
    5 - 14 pics - Story scene - A brief scene where a girl in a black leather outfit has been chasing a guy trying to get information.  He tries to hide in a storage room and pull a fast one on her, but she catches him in the arm before he can shoot her.  She wants her information so she walks over, kicks the guy's gun away from his hand, then straddles him and interrogates him before pistol whipping him. (Recent)
    6 - 42 pics - Story - A sexy girl in cutoff jeans and a tank top has just found out her boyfriend had a drunken hookup with another girl.  She decides to go to the park and vent to her friend wearing super short khaki shorts and a tank.  Her boyfriend and his friend find her in the park and he tries to explain himself.  She's not wanting to hear any of it.  She fights and pins him to the ground.  When his friend tries to intervene, the other girl takes him down and wrestles him into submission before pinning him as well. After a while, the second girl lets her guy go, but the first girl still has her (now ex) pinned.  Her friend decides to help her pin the guy down at the same time.  After their discussion, she finally lets the guy go, but after straddling her ex way up on his chest and putting him in his place and feeling empowered, she's a little horny.  With no boyfriend, and a very cool girl friend, they decide to "relax" back at her house. (Recent, so NICE)
        Match = 22 pages
        The after party = 20 pages
    7 - 20 pics - Fight - A girl in a bikini fights a man in their den.  (Early)
    8 - Incomplete, with only 5 pics  - Playful wrestling - a girl and guy are hanging out on the beach and decide to play wrestle.
    Fight club (Raven) - woman fighting men in an underground arena (Topless)
        1 - 35 pics - high cut bikini bottoms
        2 - 26 pics - cutoff jean shorts
    9 - Incomplete, with 6 pics so far - Femdom - A guy has paid a dominatrix in a high cut one-piece to pin him on the bed in a seedy motel room and have her way with him
    10 - 5 pics - Femdom - A nude woman fighting a man (early).  This one was really more of a test than anything.
    11 - 15 pics - Wrestling match - woman in a blue and white bikini wrestles a man in white shorts (Early)
    12 - 29 pics - Wrestling match - Woman in a pink tank top and a black thong wrestles a man in the ring. (Early)
    13 - 18 pics - Wrestling match - Woman and man wrestle nude.  She knows she has power over him so she totally teases him after winning. (Recent)
    14 - 48 pics - Semi-playful wrestling match - Two very close friends decide to wrestle each other naked in a best of 5 match, and the winner gets to pin the loser as long as they want to afterwards.  (Recent)
        Victory celebration = 13 pics
    15 - 23 pics - Playful wrestling - A buddy finds his girl friend laying on the lawn relaxing and decides it's a perfect opportunity to pin her and tickle her.  She rolls him off and turns the tables on him and teases and messes with him as he's stuck under her. (Early)
    16 - 24 pics - Fight - A housewife, fed up with her demanding boyfriend, beats him down and lets him know their relationship is over.  She starts clothed but ends up naked after getting abruptly and rudely out of the shower. (Recent)


    1 - 23 pics - F/F - A girl in a schoolgirl outfit tracks a villain down and has to face off with her bodyguard. (VERY Early)
    2 - 87 pics, WIP - Jasmine is assigned a case to find out who's behind a recent rash of crime in her city.  This is the story of her trying to get to the bottom of things.  It's still a work in progress.  (Mid-Recent)
    3 - 41 pics - F/F - A warrior has been tasked with taking down the woman who's been leading attacks on her city.  (Pretty Early)
    4 - 25 pics - F/F - A poor woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and finds herself on a sacrificial altar with a cult of women holding her down while praying for strength.  But wait!  Her friend, who happens to be a badass, finds them right before the woman straddling her sacrifice plunges the sword into her chest.  Shocked, she hops off and runs away as the two heroines dispatch the evil woman's followers around the altar.  The sacrificer returns to her queen and asks for her blessing and strength.  She returns to her near-victim and her friend and they have a face off in a dojo.  The poor sacrifical girl doesn't know how to fight, but luckily for her, her friend does!  After the sacrificer is splayed on the ground, the original girl takes a seat on her stomach/lower chest and has her revenge.
    5 - 50 pics (WIP) - Pays homage to the whole savage women exploitation movies of the 70s/80s.  A few days in the life of a woman (Sirenia) leading a tribe of 3 women (a 4th one "earns" her way into the tribe early in the story; use your imagination to see how a queen of a female tribe determines if a new girl should join or not).  Includes lots of scantily clad women dancing and play wrestling around fires and a good amount of lesbianism (of course, why not?). Also has male/female fights between her tribe and a rival tribe. (Recent)

Women's matches (Not one of the main characters)

    1 - 7 pics -Wrestling match - Nude wrestling match (Early)
    2 - 13 pics - Wrestling match - Topless wrestling match (Early)
    3 - 18 pics - Playful wrestling match - Nude (Mid-Recent)
    4 - 22 pics - Wrestling match - A requested scissors match between two women. Topless. (Recent)
    5 - 37 pics - Playful wrestling match - Two girls come home to their boyfriends sitting on a couch and watching a wrestling match.  They think wrestling is dumb so they decide to hang out in one of the girl's rooms.  After talking, they find out they both like playfully wrestling with friends!  And they're best friends too, so they decide to make it a little more fun and have a strip wrestling match.  Each time they lose a match, they lose an article of clothing!  This is a very lighthearted, playful match with pins only on a bed.  (Recent)


    1 - 20 pics - Photo shoot - A nude woman is posing for a photo shoot.  After a few snaps, her friend, also nude, decides to join the shoot.  They take turns posing on top of each other before giving each other a little peck on the lips and a final snap for the (lucky) cameraman (Recent)

Check out my projects and let me know what you think!  I haven't put all my projects up yet and I'm working on them semi-regularly.  I also do requests if you're interested.  I've attached some pics of my projects to this post!  Some of them are available free on DA, and others are included in purchaseable packages.  Let me know what you guys think and feel free to purchase as many as you'd like!  :-D  As I add more, I'll update this page. 

Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Some pics from my mixed fights (Part 1)
Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!

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