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Forum Moderation (warning/muting/banning)

Started by Zeus, 22-Apr-14, 06:42 PM

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While this message is aimed at those few who seem to have trouble following or ignore moderator requests, everyone should read it.

Dear SqueezeQueens members,

As our forum continues to grow rapidly, it is important to keep your postings on good track.

It is everyone's responsibility to get familiar with our Forum Rules before posting.

Whenever a post you've made needs your attention, a moderator steps in.

He will ask you, either by replying to your post or via PM, to fix whatever your post is lacking.

He may even choose to delete your post outright, if it's breaking the rules.

Listen to whatever he has to say. If he asks you to edit it to provide more searchable info for example, add it in.

If you don't respond, and problems with your posts happen again, the issue gets escalated and you'll receive a forum warning.

Multiple forum warnings will mean your posting privileges taken away and/or getting yourself banned from the forum.

Ban may be of a temporary or permanent kind.

While moderators do their best to make sure all of you continue to have a great experience at our boards and will not hesitate to weed out a few bad apples when all else fails, they would much rather spend their time just enjoying what the SQ has to offer to us all instead of having to police posts endlessly. Please respect their work, follow their guidance & the board rules, and we all benefit from a well-run awesome forum you are all helping to create with your contributions.  :Pol:

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