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"Friends" Celebrity Match

Started by RBAP, 23-Oct-12, 06:52 AM

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Who would win?

Jennifer Aniston
Courtney Cox


Let's suppose the two old "Friends" met on the mat to settle their differences, both wearing bikinis.
Who of the two (now) forty-somethings would win?


I think Jen's prettier, but IIRC Courtney developed a seriously fit, lean body with quality muscles.

So, close call but Courtney takes it by "North/South Inverted Arm-Triangle"....... 8)
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right now i think jennifer is in much better shape than courtney, so i think shed be able to overpower her fairly easily...


Jennifer is way hotter. However, Courtney is is excellent shape. It would be close. In the end, I just like Jennifer too much...  :-[


Close one, but Courteney takes it.

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