If you see missing images in posts, we lost about 100k of 'em in 03/2022.

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Started by Blicker, 02-May-14, 07:50 PM

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What happened? Suddenly my old username does not work.  Strange.


Well, it appears some accounts got deleted  :-\  Not sure how, yet

We've been installing some anti spam and other forum modifications that work behind the scenes tonight - I wonder if that's the case.

Everyone whose account disappeared unjustly, please post here. You can also PM me your old account username, email, and link to your previous posts, I'll try to re-assign 'em to your new one.

I'll look more into it tomorrow, too tired now after working on the forum all day. My apologies for the problem I may have caused   ???



Re-assigned back to you 15 of your previous posts, were there any more?


I am HQ member as well.


My account was also deleted


Yes, it appears about 30 accounts got deleted last night, unfortunately.. most probably due to an unspecified technical glitch caused by one of newly installed background antispam/antiproxy server modifications.

Apologies again. I reattributed you your old posts from your previous account, do they look OK or any missing?

After you and Blicker there is also Fresh P who will need to re-register again and I'll do the same fix for him too. Rest of the other affected accounts should be either non-active or 0 posts, so just please re-register again. If there are any other with previous posts, post here for the fix. Thanks.

PS Also feel free to let me know how much karma you had, I'll add that back to your new acc.

Please note I will be also adding another antispam/antiproxy modification soon. If there are any current users hiding behind proxies, you might then not be able to even access the forum page and will need to use your regular IP to unhide yourself. Proxy use is prohibited.

Fresh P

I had about 240 Karma and was HQ approved as well.
My video links will be removed after 30 days

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