BBW Lovers & What's your preferred female BMI ratio?

Started by Matey, 12-May-14, 10:22 AM

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Based on girl's BMI, what kind of you like? (you may choose 2)

Skinny (less than 18.5)
0 (0%)
Low end of 'Normal' (18.5-20)
1 (7.7%)
Middle of 'Normal' (20-23)
5 (38.5%)
Upper end of 'Normal' (23-25)
9 (69.2%)
Plumpier/Stockier (25-30)
2 (15.4%)
BBW (over 30)
1 (7.7%)

Total Members Voted: 13


BMI (Body Mass Index) - a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

BMI Calculator

There's quite a percentage of mixed wrestling fans who love their wrestlers to be in the BBW category (I know Kostya definitely likes 'em on the bigger-the-better side) :D

This graph shows comparison results of a male-to-female attraction between a general male population sample and BBW/Fat Admirers, based on girls' Body Mass Index:

[teal = general population vs red = BBW lovers]

[hs width=500][/hs]

Interesting to see a general male population liking the most girls with BMI of around 18-19, which is considered very slim, bordering on being skinny.

BMI is of course a kind of flawed formula and should be looked on only as a rough guide as it doesn't account for one's fat/muscle ratio. FBB's may be judged as obese if looking only at their BMI.

Still, I find I tend to like a woman to have BMI of around 24-25, which is right on the high end of what's considered normal weight, almost crossing over into being slightly overweight.

However, I seem to place a higher importance on girls' proportions and muscle/fat ratio than on their weight/height ratio alone.

Women with developed muscles softened by a small layer of fat, giving that perfect amazonian-yet-womanly figure. If they have curves, nice shoulders, small waist, wide hips and thicker thighs, even better!  :bow1:

What's your preference?


I like to see a "beefy" girl dominating...  ;)
No behemoths tough...  ;D


I just like big strong women irrespective of BMI  ;)

A smaller girl even if strong won't be as attractive to me  ::)


I missed this topic completely! ;D

BMI is a bit of a loose term. Personally, I've always had the hots for athletic smooth/muscular chicks with small boobies and thick bowling-ball glutes, like Cheyenne..... 8)

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interesting question as i thought i was one of few. the kinds of girls i date/am attracted to dont have much to do with my taste in mw videos. sometimes its as simple as the idea that a bigger woman, or less attractive woman, or 'normal' looking woman just adds realism. so there are particular videos with bigger girls that just suit my fancy.

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