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A Storm Called Amanda, Part 3 (Final)

Started by BandGB, 13-May-14, 12:47 AM

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This is the last part of the Amanda series. I'll start writing new ones after this:

"I've been thinking about this all day," Amanda said, shoving me down onto the bed and undoing her bra. "The things I'm gonna do to you. The things I'm gonna make you say."

She dove straight at me, her head hitting me square in the chest. If that didn't take the wind out of me, she got  behind me, took her undone bra, wrapped it around my neck and pulled me into a choke.

"What about you," she asked "have you been thinking about me?"

I lay there breathless, my head cushioned against her bare breasts.

"I submit."

"Tell me you've been thinking about me."

"I think about you all the time."

She let me go and I gasped.

"Do you really?"


"What do you think about?"

"The day that I'm going to finally win a match," I said, yanking her arm and pulling her off balance. I jumped on her and held her in a pin. She got out, but it took her more than a second. I was getting better. She was still my superior by far, but we'd spent enough time wrestling now that I knew some tricks. And I was better at predicting her moves.

"You're feisty today," she said, pulling me into a reverse scissor. "I like it."

I tapped.

"Kiss is," she ordered.

I kissed her ass. Instead of letting me go, she flipped us around so that I was on my back and her ass was on my face.

"Keep kissing she said," sliding her hand slowly down my leg, towards my cock. We always wrestled naked now, and she was starting to massage me, when she trapped me in holds. I was doing the same to her, and she seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit, but we still hadn't had sex, and it was making me crazy. I wanted her so bad. Wanted to finally pin her down, hold her and take her. But even more than that, I wanted her to take me.

"That's enough," she said, sliding off of me and letting go of my groin.

"Come on, round 2," She said lunging at me.

I jumped out of the way.

"You're getting fast," she laughed in surprise. "But I'm still faster."

She got hold of my arm, put me in an arm lock and put so much pressure on it, I shouted. She let go, flipped me around and pinned me on my back, like I was nothing.

"Get up," she said, straddled over me, looking down at me playfully.

I tried to get up. She shouldered me in the chest and I was flat on my back again.

"Go ahead, get up," she giggled.

I tried again and again, she shoved me onto my back.

"If you can't get up then just say you're my bitch."

I lifted my head, trying to get up one more time. This time she pulled my head into her chest and squeezed me tight. I felt the cold soft flesh around her nipples, and smelled her perfume (today's flavor was kiwi strawberry).

"Say it," she said.

"I'm your bitch," I tried to say, but it came out muffled between her breasts.

"Didn't hear you."

I was running out of air.

"You're not getting out till you say it."

I was getting desperate now. Unable to use my mouth to talk, I decided as a last resort to use it for something else. I put my lips around her left nipple and started sucking. For a moment she tightened the hold even tighter and I thought my head might explode, but then she let out a long breath, and loosened her arms.

"Mmm," she moaned softly in pleasure "that was brave of you. But keep going."

She loosened up enough that I could breath. I kissed her breasts all over in between gasps of air.

"Are you ready to say you're my bitch," she asked.

I almost fully had my breath back now. "

"Nope," I said, breaking her hold with my arms and then putting my arms around her in a bear hug. I stood up, lifting her, until her feet dangled off the ground.

"Uhoh," she said, clearly enjoying herself but with a little stress in her voice now.

This was my only chance. The only advantage I had over her was upper body strength, and as long as I held on for dear life, she probably couldn't slip out.

"Keep trying. It's cute," she taunted, but I knew I had to be doing some damage. I could hear it in her voice. She tried to hide it, but she was losing her breath.

"Stop pretending," I kissed her lightly on the neck. "I've got you. You're gorgeous and you're mine right now."

"Maybe not," she said, suddenly fighting with everything she had. She tried to head-butt me, kick me, she even bit me a few times, but I kept holding on with everything I had. It was the most physically exhausting thing I'd ever done and after I don't know how long, I started to feel the sting of fatigue. I knew I couldn't keep it up much longer. Maybe I could hold on for twenty more seconds. I squeezed harder. Maybe ten more seconds. I kept squeezing.

Then my muscles started to shake and I knew it was almost over. I had five more seconds in me at best. Then I'd loosen up, she'd slip out, and in my weakened state, she'd throw me around like a rag doll for the rest of the session. Three seconds left. Two.... One...

"I give," she whispered. "You win."

I let go and we both collapsed on the  bed.

"That was fun," I said, panting.

She didn't answer. Had I screwed up, by beating her? Had I messed up our dynamic?

"Hey, are you okay," I asked.

She got up off the bed, and walked to the other side of the room. I followed her.

"Listen I'm sorry. It was just a fluke."

"It wasn't a fluke," she said, "you've been getting better for quite a while now."

"It was a fluke. Let's just forget it happened. Please, let's just go back to..."

She grabbed me, crouched down, and pulled me down over her shoulder. Then she stood up, lifting me, dominating me, and threw me clear over her head.

I hit the floor with a thud and everything went black.

When I woke up, I was in her bed again and she was lying over me, stroking my head.

"You're spectacular," I told her.

"So are you," she said. "I love watching you struggle. Watching you give everything up to me. But before we took things any further, I wanted to see you win. For real. I wanted to see what you looked like when you won. I just saw it, and it turns out, I like watching you win too."

"You're still way better than me," I said.

"I know. And I like it that way. But you're good enough," she said, placing one of my hands around her and the other on her left breast.

She kissed me forcefully, and I kissed her back. She reached down for my cock and this time, instead of massaging it, she got on top of me, put it inside her, and started riding me with all her strength.

Suddenly I realized this is what all our wrestling had been leading up to. All the times she'd bruised me, she was toughening me up. All the times she'd worn be out, she was building my stamina. And all the times we'd rolled around naked, she was getting me acquainted with her body, until I knew every pain and pleasure center in her anatomy, and she knew every one of mine. She'd been turning me into her perfect sex partner. Her ideal playmate.

She pinned my arms behind my head and pressed her face into mine.

"Tomorrow you're gonna leave this house the way you always do -- hoarse from screaming, bruised, exhausted. You won't be able to walk right. But it won't be because of wrestling."

She pulled my head into her chest again, and I buried myself in the smell of kiwi strawberry.


Can't believe I'm just seeing these, fantastic writing especially with the trash talking. Look forward to anything else you come up with :)
My Celebrity Wrestling polls votes always appreciated and check for results/ CSV posted to forum!


Thanks for reading! I think I'll be writing up a new one in the next week or two.

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