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If i had my own wrestling company

Started by wrestlingspandex, 26-May-14, 10:06 AM

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I would love to have my own wrestling company.

I have thought and pondered many a time to actually do something that i truly love. I would dedicate my life to making a great wrestling site with some gorgeous ladies we have all come to know and love.

The theme, well i love some of the 80's and 90's outfits, spandex being the main center of attention. Ladies in high cut swimsuits/leotards, tights, spandex catsuits, leggings, boots. The odd few videos flow through with these spandex themed things. My whole company would be dedicated to bring that kind of 80's glam to the 21st century.

Like the older steel kittens stuff, some other like tpc from the 90's and of course special interests videos inspire me somewhat.

Camera work would be from a few different view points, a static camera or two from various points on the mat or the ring. Some close up hand held camera work to get a feel from whats going on in the match, seeing the shine off of them ladies glitzed in some spandex. Wrestling the men down. I love video editing so the matches would look amazing.

Some great POV or First person wrestling.

You can get small cameras, that film in really good quality, what if i put one on a wrestling mask of a man and you cant get right into the action from he's view.

I would have ladies come from all over, America, Europe and of course England where im based.

Minxy and ultra violet, Axa, pippa, shelby, Tia, Veve, amazon annie. There is too many to mention and some we might not even know of until a unknown gets in contact.

They would all have there own persona's, maybe some would look like luchadores, some street fighters. In a way like glow, or poww. We would have champions and a belt.

Non scripted and scripted, with the wonders of video editing a scripted match can look great if done right.

One subscription would give access to all and a free full youtube video every few months, made especially for our fans.

Imagine the possibilites, i have many many time... even as far as leaving my long term g/f and just fucking going for it. I know in my heart this is what i really want to do.


genuinely hard for me to say. would i try to create what *I* loved or go for the big bucks/give the fans what they want. likely some of both. i certainly would want to keep things fresh either way. i feel pretty much identical as far as directing cameras. id probably want cameras like utopias. good ideas :)


This is something I've genuinely considered starting, of course the big issue is how to start. You'd need to find studio space, professional lights, cameras and of course individuals you could rely on to actually do the filming. Once that's figured out you have to create an environment that can attract talent and make them feel secure, you can't just lie a pad on your apartment floor (though a house would be a different story) and call it yourwrestlingcompany enterprises. Of course then there's business licenses, permits and various fees and taxes that would stem from starting such an organization. It would be interesting to hear from an actual producer on how they got started, but I doubt anyone would give away information that may directly lead to a competitor.
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