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Face sitting

Started by lefty42013, 01-Jun-14, 01:04 PM

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Hi I'm new here and I'm looking for someone to teach me how to teach my wife how to face sit me and how to get me to get her to do it to the extreme( smothered/ close to passing out/ or at least tapping ou). If u could help me learn that would be fantastic!!!


Hi lefty,

Every woman is different, what works for one won't work for another. You know her the best.

You need to decide whether to be straight-forward and tell her your desires outright (is she a kinky one), or whether to take it slow and introduce her into it slowly. By slowly I mean for example, watching a movie together that has a facesitting sex scene, and mentioning how hot you find it.

If she's open-minded and you just gave her an idea of what you might like, the next time you have sex she might want to try to please you by planting herself on top of your head if you're lucky! If she's just straddling your torso during a foreplay, try gently pushing her up towards your face. You can then start letting know how much it turns you on and how exactly you like it done. If you're good with your tongue and she'll get to enjoy it a lot, it could soon become both of yours' favourite position. I find it crucial you make sure you get to please her well when she facesits you, so she wants to do it regularly.

Some women have trouble letting 'emselves 'loose' in that position, they get too self-conscious. A glass of wine or a longer foreplay might help. Whatever you do, don't ever pressure or beg her to do it. Do let her know how hot&sexy it feels to have her on top of you like that, and how great she looks.

PS You might find you won't enjoy the extreme version of facesitting, when the total panic takes over. It is not a pleasant feeling, at least to me. It might scare her off too, so don't ask her to go hard-core on you too fast. My .05


Like Marty said, every woman is different.  I'd say the vast majority of women are not going to be into it at all.  With my first wife, I decided to take it slow and tried hinting to her that I liked to be dominated.  Eventually, our marriage ended with her discovery of my porn collection (which if you've looked at any of my uploads here, is mainly facesitting/femdom).  I tried to discuss this with her again and that this is a fantasy for me, but our relationship never recovered.
Rather than risk it again with my current wife, I will keep it a secret and when I need to, will procure the services of women willing to engage in it.  If you can afford it, this is the way I'd suggest to go. 


I think some good advice has already been given. I was lucky enough to meet a girl who was not only good looking and fit (she trained as a dancer), but had also done combat sports and been in real fights. She complained to me that her boyfriend would not give her anal sex. I joked with her that he was crazy and I would oblige. We fooled around a bit and got into some play fights. She knew I was into femdom and not only did she smother me, but she did it quite violently, obviously enjoying it. I also asked her if she could still do the splits and I got a mouthful of that too!

I think it all depends on how naturally dominant the woman is. For extreme stuff, you need to find a sadistic, nasty bitch who gets off on that stuff. Good luck!
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