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Check out my galleries! ESPECIALLY SGPin fans!

Started by bandit7319, 20-Jun-14, 03:42 PM

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Hello all!  I've been using Poser software to create wrestling matches for a while now.  Probably within the past year or so though, I've really gotten into it and am putting projects together pretty regularly.  I do both F/F and M/F matches.  I like to do whole sequences too instead of just one-off renders or something like that.  I've branched out from just wrestling to fights and comic books too, but they all inevitably involve fighting, and not only fighting but straddles/schoolgirl pins.  That's my thing really!  In my "wrestling division", one of the understood rules is once you've won the match, it's victory pose time!  And in my world, the only way to enjoy your victory is seated on top of your opponent, and posing/showing off/harassing the loser while straddling them on the mat.  I've got a pretty decent portfolio thus far I think!  I'm not going for super realistic, so they still have somewhat of a cartoony aspect to them.  But that's just the style I like.  I've attached some pics for you to see the kinda stuff I do.  On my DeviantArt page I've got lots of matches available for free, and even more for sale.  Let me know what you think and provide any feedback!  Thanks!

Check out my DeviantArt gallery at  It's got lots of matches of all types, both F/M and F/F!


Thanks for sharing these. terrific

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