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Look at these thighs

Started by scissoringlover, 22-Jun-14, 05:10 AM

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Imagine you get scissored by those thighs, can you break that hold. and can you beat this woman in a competitive match?


I am 21 yo, 6'3'' and 165 lbs and i think there is no way i can break her hold. If she gets those legs around me i can just tap out


That looks photo-shopped to me........
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


That chick won some next wwe diva fan vote I think. There's some great pics of her around


That's Jaime Koeppe, a fitness model I used to have a huge crush on a decade ago :fap1:  She looks even better unaltered, and her ass is even better than her gorgeous thighs.. so fit and juicy. I must have 1000's of her pictures stored somewhere. She'd make a killing if she'd wrestled!

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