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my story

Started by scissoringlover, 29-Jun-14, 03:11 PM

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i want to tell my story.
when i was 14 years old and i was in the school, i thinked that mens are always stronger than any women, and in that time i was the boss in my class room where all boys and girls are afraid from me, plus all girls in my class are frightemed from me because i bullied most of them every days.
and one day, one of these girls who called maria told her older sister that i bully her and beat her frequently, then in the next day the older sister came to take her sister maria after finishing the school, and when maria look at her she tell her at  my place. then i watched a big girl come to me. and when she arrive she slaped me on my face many times. i tried to react and beat her but no avail. then she pulled my hair and continued to slap me very hard. i was so humiliated. then she put me on the ground and told me to apologise to her younger sister and she insist that if i try to hit her again she will hurt me in the next time. i was so afraid and frightened from her.
and after this time, i experience that i like fetish and like to be controlled by stronger girls.
guys don't think that all girls are weak, there are some of them that can beat you. avoid get humiliated like me in front of public.

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