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My Amazon Boss

Started by BandGB, 08-Jul-14, 01:15 AM

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New story. I was basing the woman in this story off of Goddess Severa ( ), if that helps anyone imagine it better.

I shuffled in my seat as she scanned me up and down from the other side of the desk, a friendly smile on her face.

"You look nervous," she said. "Don't be. You've basically got the job, if you want it."


"Yeah, why not," she shrugged, and when she did her boobs pressed together in a way that caught my eye.

She had a great body and made no attempt to conceal it. Her flower-print blouse was tight and low-cut, showing ample cleavage. Before we'd sat down, I'd noticed her skirt seemed on the shorter side, but part of that was her long legs.

Before the interview, I'd only seen her in pictures. She looked like a typical hot blond, with a tight body. But what her picture had failed to convey was her size. At 6,5', she towered over me. Her blouse was sleeveless and her arms, which seemed lean in proportion to her size, were still noticeably bigger than mine. Under her stockings, which went up past my waist, there was definitely some muscle tone. My hand had disappeared in hers when we'd shaken hands at the door. She was a babe, but she was a gigantic babe, an amazon.

"I should've gotten an assistant months ago," she went on. "Having someone to just take messages and do the typing should be a big timesaver."

"Well, I can do that, no problem." I said.

"And besides that, it gets lonely working from home. Sometimes you just need an outlet."

"An outlet?"

She stood up abruptly.

"There's one more part of the job you'd need to know about. Follow me."

I followed her down some stairs into her basement. She opened the door and a cool rush of air from some fans hit me.

"I had it converted into a gym last year," she said, flipping on the lights.

There was a treadmill and a bike in one corner, a punching bag in another, and a set of weights in another. She had her bench press set up with what looked like over 200 pounds. It was intimidating.

"I love having a home gym," she said starting to undo her belt. "It makes the stress of my job just drip away." Her belt was off now, and she slipped her skirt off, revealing tight, black underwear. I was too shocked to say anything.

"I'll admit, I have some control issues," she continued, unbuttoning her blouse, "and I think the running and the lifting really helps to ease that, but it's not enough on it's own. I need a new challenge. I need something else to master."

She dropped the blouse on the floor. Her boobs caught my attention first. Packed into a black sports bra. I was confused, and a little scared (this woman could probably kill me with her bare hands if she wanted to), but also excited. I felt my dick firm up and press against the inside of my pants.

"Something to master?" I finally asked

"Yes," she smiled again. "And I was thinking that something could be you. I have a stressful job. I don't get out much. A girl has needs, you know."

She turned to face me, running her hand up and down my shoulder.

"What kind of needs?" I asked.

"All kinds," she said, putting her other hand on my other shoulder and effortlessly throwing me to the ground.

"The need to fight," she continued.

I got to my feet and backed away. She advanced on my calmly.

"The need to hunt."

She backed me into a wall, took both my hands in hers and pinned them.

"The need to dominate," she whispered.

If I were taller, we'd be face to face, but at 5,8' we were chest-to-face and her breasts grazed my nose.

She moved both my hands on top of each other and kept them pinned against the wall with one hand. I struggled, but I couldn't budge. With her free hand she reached into my pants and put her hand around my hard cock.

"The need to fuck," she breathed. Her breasts pressed into my face now, smothering me.

"Wait," I protested.

She tightened her grip on my hands and my crotch. I panicked. I pressed my feet into her stomach and pushed off with all my might. She stumbled back a bit.

"That's it," she said excited. "You're getting it. Now come on!"

I didn't want to overthink it. I charged at her with everything I had and when I hit her, it was almost like running into a wall. She gave very little, even as I continued to push forward with all my lower body strength.

"I'll give you five more seconds, before I counter," she said, sounding almost bored.

What could I do in five seconds. I grabbed one of her massive legs with both of my hands, barely able to get around it, and tried to pull her into a takedown, but it didn't budge. I fell to my knees trying to push and pull her off leg out from under her, realizing how pointless it was, not realizing what a terrible position I was in.

"Time's up" she said.

On my knees I was in the perfect spot for her to wrap her legs around my head. Her thighs hugged the sides of my head with the weight of two metal beams, but the soft  touch of her silk pantyhose felt cool against my neck. As her legs pulled me to the floor, I thought they might literally crush me.

"Please," I shouted. She let go in an instant.

"All you have to do is beg," she said.

She got up and straddled me, her massive arms on either side of my head, looking down at me, her hair falling into my face.

"Listen," she said, "don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. Much. But like I was saying upstairs, I need an outlet. If you were to take this job, this is most of what you'd be doing. You'd be a fighting partner when I want it. A play thing when I want it. A fuck buddy when I want it. Does that sound like something you could see yourself doing?"

"And people say working under a woman is easy," I answered.

She laughed, and shifted into sitting on my waist, her weight locking me into place. 

"Lift up your arms," she commanded.

I did as I was told and she pulled my shirt off in one swift motion. She rubbed her hands up and down my bare chest, clearly revving herself up for playtime.

"I'd pay you more than any other assistant's job is offering. I can promise you that."

"But I wouldn't be your assistant," I answered. "If I took this job, I'd be your whore."

She leaned forward, pinning my arms to the floor, looking me in the eyes.

"You already are." She slid up on me, until her vagina pressed against my face. "Now act like it."

I managed to slide out from under her. Seizing the opportunity I jumped on her back and pulled her into the tightest sleeper hold I could. She stood up, and casually walked around the room.

"We'd have to work on your following directions," she said, her speaking in no way impaired by my attempt at a chokehold.

"Usually when subordinates won't cooperate, it's because they lack proper motivation." She reached back and pulled me over her head, stopping short of slamming me onto the ground by pulling me into a reverse bear hug, holding me, legs dangling above the ground for a few seconds. I was as helpless as a baby.  Then she took us both to the ground, wrapping herself around me and rolling playfully. I was a turtle on its shell.

"Sometimes the right way to motivate is to punish," she said constricting her arms and legs further. "On the other hand, sometimes you have to reward," she said, reaching into my pants and putting her hand around my cock again. "I'm a big believer in both."

I moaned uncontrollably in both pain and pleasure, wondering whether I'd pass out or cum first. Then, at the last second, she let go and I was kept from doing either. I rolled over and panted, face down on the floor.

"Yeah, take a breather," she said, patting me on the back.

I gasped and wheezed for a few seconds, as the room stopped spinning around me. I'd never been as scared of anyone as I was of this woman right now. I'd also never wanted anyone as much as I wanted this woman right now.

"Alright, that's enough," she said scooping me  before I'd really had time to recover,
and carrying me over to the free weights, where she laid me down on the bench press and sat on top of me. Grabbing the barbell off the bench with one hand, she threw it to the ground beside us.

"I get enough complications with my work," she said, leaning down, licking and kissing my face like she owned it. "I don't need complications with my men," she explained in between kisses. "I don't want a physical or intellectual equal. I want a guy who worships me." She stopped kissing and pulled me into her chest. I was plunged into firm, pillow-sized hills of creamy skin. "Because I'm better than him and he knows it. Because he needs me and I don't need him. I want a man who I can make scream and beg and cry, just as easily as I can make him moan and cum."

Running out of air, I tapped on her side, hoping she would let me go.

"What did I just say," she yelled.

I screamed into her chest, hoping it would appease her, and it did. She loosened ger grip and gently lowered me back into a lying position on the bench.

"The hours would be long," she said, continuing with her speech about the job. "You'd be on call 24/7. And you'd have to travel with me. It wouldn't be glamorous," she reached down and lifted my hands up onto her breasts, "but it would have its benefits. What do you think?"

I paused for a minute, under her weight, enjoying my hands on her chest, feeling her nipples get harder as I touched them and her heart beat through her chest.

"When do I start," I asked.

"Now," she said, pulling the barbell up from the ground with one hand and dropping it on my chest. I barely had time to get my hands off of her and under the bar. It was much heavier than what I normally lifted with. I had to struggle to keep it up. "You lift with this," I asked in a grunt.

"50 reps a day. I want to watch you struggle with it."

"I think I lack the motivation," I answered.

She pulled down my pants and stroked my cock once.

"As long as you can keep it up, I'll keep stroking."

She was really good at this punishment and reward thing.


That was awesome, mate.  I want that job!


Part 2: The Meeting

My Amazon boss was almost back from a meeting and I was anxious to know if it had gone well or not. She always wanted to throw me around after a stressful meeting, but if the meeting went well, she was much nicer about it. We'd usually end up fucking. One time, after a meeting had gone particularly well, she'd even given me a blow job (granted she gave it to me while holding me upside down, just so I remembered who was in charge).

On the other hand, if the meetings went badly, I usually had to suffer for it. I'd be bruised and sore, for sure, and one time I'd pulled a leg muscle, which is the most painful thing that's happened to me. I'd screamed, at which point, she'd released me from her grapevine and said "did I break you already," clearly disappointed.

I paced back and forth in our hotel room, already in sweats and a t-shirt, ready for the coming match (I don't know why I still called them "matches"; I tried to fight back but it was always a clobbering).

The door swung open and I could tell instantly she was in a bad mood.

"Hey boss, let me get you a drink," I said trying to smooth things over, but she'd already dropped her things and was coming straight for me.

"Don't bother," she said, shoving me with one massive hand onto the bed, "I just want to work some tension off. Let's fight."

She unbuttoned her clothes, dressing down to a lacy pink bra and panties. She usually only wore pink lingerie when she was horny, so maybe there was some sex in my near future, but by the time we got to it, I might be too banged up to enjoy it.

"What are you waiting for? Come at me," she shouted, her eyes intense.

Maybe if I took her from the air, I could get the upper hand for once. I stood up on the bed and dove at her. No luck. She caught me, without even stumbling.

"That was pathetic," she laughed. She held me in the air with one hand between my legs and one cradling my neck.

"I could end this right now," she said. Then she tossed me easily back onto the bed.  "But I won't."

She got on the bed and crawled towards me. She was so much bigger and stronger than me that there was basically nothing I could do to budge her from a kneeling position, so I tried to inch away.

"You can run but you can't hide, boy-toy," she said, grabbing one of my ankles and dragging me, first off the bed, then across the room to the shower, where she turned the water on. She stood up, keeping me pinned on my back with her foot.

"Did you see I paid for the deluxe shower with four different faucets? It'd be a shame not to use it."

She stripped herself of her bra and panties, then stripped me, despite a hilariously feeble attempt on my part to resist. She dragged me into the shower stall by the hair and I felt the water wash over me.

"Come at me again," she ordered.

I did and this time I got her on her back.

"Oh no. You've got me!" she said, but I knew better than to believe I was winning. This was a little game she played to toy with me. She'd get me on top of her, then wind her legs around mine in a reverse grapevine, trapping me atop her glorious body, stretching me out. To an outsider, it might've looked like I was winning but she was in complete control and sometimes she kept me like that for hours, lying comfortably on her back. Once she'd actually fallen asleep with me still trapped on top of her. I'd just laid down and fallen asleep too, using her breasts as a pillow.

"Submit," I groaned after a second. "Please, let go."

"You know what to do," she said, ignoring my plea.

I started kissing my way up her torso.

"You know, I really thought I nailed the presentation," she sighed, grabbing a bar of soap and starting to lather her arms. "The content was perfect, they seemed like they were enjoying it, but for some reason, I don't think they went for it ... wait, why am I doing this? You do it."

She handed me the bar of soap and I started lathering her body, up and down her solid abs where, then over her breasts. She had amazing boobs. They were proportionate to her frame, but since she was so big, they were way bigger up close. She could (and often did) smother me with just one of them. I reminded myself that, despite the shooting pain going through my legs, my job is awesome.

"Maybe I came on too strong," she mused, "do I come on too strong sometimes? Don't answer that."

"You're amazing and if they didn't see that, it's their loss," I said, hoping it would go towards keeping her from crushing me.

She smirked. "I didn't hire you to kiss my ass."

There was a pause, during which we both realized the double meaning in what she'd just said.

"Actually, I did, didn't I," she smiled sadistically.

"Wait, please..."

Too late. She rolled me off of her, pinned me on my back and sat her smooth, round, cheeks down on me, enveloping my face.

"My poor little assistant," she mocked, using one of the shower nozzles to spray us both down with warm water, "who is so cute, and so helpless. Who's cock and balls are completely unprotected right now."

Oh no. She was getting ideas. God help me.


The hotel phone was going and she sprung up to get it. I gasped for air pulling myself to my knees. I don't know how long it took me to recover but in what seemed like no time at all she was back in the shower, a big grin on her face.

"What happened," I asked.

"That was them. They said they loved the presentation. They went for it after all."


She scooped me up into a big, deep kiss and I realized I was safe. Pleasure would win out over pain, for tonight at least.

"I'm so relieved," she sighed.

She was a giant, but just like every petite little teenager, whenever she got excited her feminine side came out and she giggled in a high pitch and jumped up and down.

Then she pinned me against the shower wall and slowly pushed me upwards until we were at eye level and my feet were well off the ground.

"What should we do to celebrate," she asked. "I'm feeling generous?"

"You think you have the energy to turn me upside down again?"

"Sure," she said, "but you have to take care of me while you're down there."


She lifted me up over her head, spun me around and turned me vertical, so my head was facing her crotch.

"Can you reach," she asked.

"Yeah, no problem." I pressed my lips against her pussy as she pressed hers against my cock. "I'll try to finish fast, so you don't have to hold me like this for too long."

"Babe, you don't weigh anything. I could hold you like this and finish you three times in a row. And if you're good, I just might."

I badly needed to get her one of those "World's Best Boss" mugs.

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