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Viktoria M

Started by Zeus, 09-Jul-14, 07:12 PM

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I had a pleasure to organize several sessions for the famous Viktoria M of Hungary over this past weekend during her visit to our location, and I personally witnessed her performance during a session I filmed for the lucky fan.

I myself wrestled session girls both in US and EU in the past, and I can tell you Viktoria is one of the sweetest session girls I have ever met. She is so kind and friendly, and will put you on ease right away. If you are a novice to the world of sessions, she is perfect. And if there are sessions veterans who have not yet wrestled with Viktoria, well... they must be stupid to miss on such an opportunity :P

Once on the mats, she will tailor her performance to your needs and means. The client asked for competitive first then later switching onto domination style. She barely broke a sweat and just wiped the floor with him, he had no chance and she was just taking it easy, laughing and teasing him along the way.

Make no mistake, while she is not there to hurt you in a bad way, she will apply pretty much as much pressure as you can possibly take, and she is able to catch you in headscissors from such positions that I have not seen other wrestlers to be able to do so, due to her immense flexibility. She might even let you get her into what would one take as a very bad position, only to reverse the role and have you trapped helplessly in a matter of seconds.

You can schedule sessions with her over the contact email listed in her WB270 profile. I highly recommend her. - Network of Sexy & Fit Mixed and Female Wrestling Ladies

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