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Your fantasy session.....the end result and with whom?

Started by Ronald_Frump, 10-Jul-14, 02:21 PM

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Personally, I'd like to be trapped in a triangle choke and mercilessly squeezed unconscious (whilst tapping frenetically) Cheyenne Jewel  8)

Tell me about your fantasy.....
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There are so many it's hard to choose.  But #1 right now would probably be a session with Skylar Rene where she roughs me up and humiliates me with a reverse headscissors.


Wrestling in a bed with Scarlett Devine, getting overpowered and woman-handled by her while listening to her sexy, creative trash talk. My favorite hold is the grapevinve/breast smother combo, so there'd be lots of that, and she'd only let me get out of holds after making me say humiliating things ("you own me," etc) and/or do humiliating things (kiss her various body parts).

Of course, if we're talking a COMPLETE fantasy, I'd want basically the same thing but with Black Widow, as played by Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers.


So many to choose from, indeed. But let's go with Shauna Ryanne and her body scissors.

And as BandGB suggested, in a complete fantasy world, I'd love to be squeezed by those sexy pythons of Kate Beckinsale.


I'd love to be smothered out by Mutiny! Her sexy accent trash talking me as she holds me in a prolonged breast smother then facesit.

If we're talking about ANYBODY, it would be Lisa Opie, same results as above :)
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i like to be dominated and humiliated when trapped by jc simpson's legs because i think she is far strong physically than me + she is so athletic ans soooooooooooooo sexy and have an incredible body and unique tall sexy strong legs.

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