who is the best mixed wrestler in our days?

Started by scissoringlover, 14-Jul-14, 03:57 PM

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i think jc simpson. she have the combo (sexy, tall, big, experienced, naturally strong, very athletic) and she can beat most average guy. look at her videos and you will judge that she is the best and strongest.
what is your opinion about her ? is she your best ot not?


Another question with many possible answers!  JC is super hot, and because she's so tall, it looks like she gets serious power into her scissors.  It's also nice that b/c of her porn background, there is no shortage of naked pics of her available.  Would love to try a session with her, though because of her size I'm sure she'd wipe the floor with me. 

I guess I'd have to go with Julie Squeeze as the top mixed wrestler.  She's been doing mixed and f/f videos for over a decade now.  Her combo of looks, personality, and skill is very rare among women in the wrestling business.  I wish she would do slightly more risque videos -- maybe at least go back to wearing a thong like she did in some of her older videos.  On the other hand, part of the attraction to her is that she seems like the wholesome. girl next door who can beat you up.


What are you doing? Trying to start a riot?? Asking that question is like walking into a comic book store and asking who the best superhero is.

But if I had to say I would go for Veve Lane


Quote from: revanyo on 18-Jul-14, 02:52 AM
What are you doing? Trying to start a riot?? Asking that question is like walking into a comic book store and asking who the best superhero is.

Wonder Woman! 8)

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No doubt JC and Julie are both big women having strong legs that can squeeze a man to give up in seconds. But to be best that's not enough. I haven't seen any of them in fully competitive wrestling. I doubt if they offer competitive sessions too. I'm not sure they can handle it and they haven't shown it either.

No doubt Veve has it and more than capable of beating any guy or woman in her size or little bigger. But she is too small to cover many of guys in this world.

Best mixed wrestlers I have seen so far who have the physique, skills, experience and confidence it needs and have already proven by being in competitive videos and brave enough to offer competitive sessions are

1-Mistress Kara
2-Cheyenne Jewel
4-Sable (uk)
5-Isamar Guitierrez


i you watch various videos for jc simpson, you can notice that she is sooooooooooooooo  strong physically and i guess she can win competitively all the wrestlers in this list and veve lane for ease. she applies moves like a strong men.


VeVe recently beat the top two on your list!


VeVe fought Mistress Kara late last year and won convincingly over two rounds with a choke and an armbar even though Kara was 3 inches taller and 35lbs heavier! I guess that promotes VeVe to the top of your list??


It was a very close match and you can't say one is better than the other by one close match. Also veve had the home advantage and kara clearly might be tired of long travel. Kara once got beaten and even fucked by Isamaar as winner fucks looser rule was there, but Kara beat Isamaar in every other time. So it's difficult to say who is better by one result. So veve beat kara is not a factor here.

But no doubt veve is the best pound to pound wrestler in this industry. My point is when it comes to guys since their size vary from 5.5ft to 6.5ft it would be difficult for veve to beat guys bigger than 6ft who are not wimps. Because there is a limit that her skills and experience advantage cover the size dis advantage. She would not be able to move their hands, legs with her strength. But big girls like Kara, Cheyenne...etc have at least a chance to do as they have more strength and less size disadvantage. So Kara, Cheyenne would be able to beat more number of guys in this world than Veve. Otherwise Veve, Ariel and Tonned tommi would definitely on the top of my list.

fyi veve beat Sable too in new-york in a very very close match.


Hey guys, different strokes for different folks.  Some people prefer one sort of body type, others prefer another.  Not everyone's fantasies line up.  And there's nothing wrong with that. 


But has anyone mentioned the best of the best?  The fabulous Indra!  There, I think that settles it ;)


Naaaaaah. Is she Indian? I mean ethnicity.


Quote from: wrespet on 29-Jul-14, 10:33 AM
Naaaaaah. Is she Indian? I mean ethnicity.

Yes, indeed, she's of Indian ethnicity.


Well if we're judging "best" by who's the most skilled fighter, I might not be confident putting Indra on the list. But if by "best" we mean most entertaining and sexy to watch, I think Indra's definitely a contender. She does some top-notch trash-talking and she's got movie star charisma. 

It's hard for me to pick a "best" wrestler because I like watching different wrestlers for different reasons. Sometimes, I'm admiring their grappling skills (Julie Squeeze) sometimes I'm admiring how conventionally hot they are (Kristiana), sometimes I'd admiring how fit they are (Jennifer Thomas), sometimes it's more about their attitude (Mutiny).

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