what you will feel if you are trapped by these two super sexy muscled women ?

Started by scissoringlover, 08-Aug-14, 02:34 PM

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these two wrestler have a rare combo (strengh, muscle, feminine, sexiness). and i like to be dominated by one of them. so what about both. this is a dream.
can you escape if you will trapped by both of them.


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!

ass kicked by girls

Couldn't escape one of them let alone 2! Awesome pics! That dude looks genuinely terrified!


Definitely can't handle even a one of them. One of them is Electra, 5-10 160 lbs. So bigger and heavier than me. I don't know the other one but look bigger and stronger too. So best thing to do is not to piss them off, not to challenge them, Just lay down there and try to get their mercy.


it seems that all members like these pics so there is the appropriate clip for them. so enjoy that scene and the big humiliation for this helpless guy.
he is really very scared from them.


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