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MEGA problem

Started by shahaj23, 09-Aug-14, 01:23 PM

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Hi, I cannot log in to my MEGA account. When I try the damn black circle shows with the little balls inside it going round and round. Anyone knows how I can solve the problem.

ps: i have no problem downloading other people's stuff from the link they provide.


It happened to me too.  The problem just went away in a few days.


this is probably wrong place to post this but whenever i try to dl anything from mega, it downloads it to 99% and then it says failed-no file despite showing the progress at 100%. Can someone please help me? these scissor circle videos must be amazing

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Try different browser, keep it updated, try installing browser's Mega extension, make sure you have enough space where the file's supposed to save to, wait a day or two. Mega can also act up by itself sometimes.


Could MEGA be corrupting certain files it stores?  WMV files I've downloaded from there can't be played in WMP 11 - the screen is all green and often Windows crashes.  The same files do play in VLC 2.0.4, but not without some annoying green patches on and off.  I have no such problem with WMV or other files downloaded from DF, MF or elsewhere.  Anyone experience anything like this?


I'm having troubles with the "Import to Cloud drive" option.  Is anyone here able to get it to work right now?


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