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Donations needed to sustain the forum

Started by Zeus, 17-Aug-14, 06:57 AM

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Thanks to all who donate!

ownboss, I am aware of the options, and the thoughts and ideas you presented are not new to me, but thanks for your post.

Currently, we keep the same course, I ask fellow members to donate to help out whenever I see myself carrying the costs alone again too much, and some nice souls typically respond because they enjoy the forum and want to help. It would be nice if such help would come even without me asking for it but still, I feel no shame asking for it whenever donations dry out for a while.

And once again, some form of monthly pay-to-access system is not currently on the cards, even though it would be the easy answer to the ongoing financial needs. Those who donate typically receive no benefit, other than a good feeling that they help to keep the forum they like up and running.



All members,

You do know that it costs money to keep this forum going?  Our forum owner could use some donations to help pay the expenses of keeping this forum open.

We all get some benefit from this forum and it would be a big help if members would make a donation now and then, big or small, it all helps.

No one gets paid to run or help run this forum so any donations you make go directly to paying the expenses keeping this forum alive.

So open your wallets and  help out.


How do you donate?  I can't find a link.



Dear Zeus and SqueezeQueens Team,

I want to be approved to have access to the HQ Club. Kindly inform me about the following:

1- Will my donation let me be approved to access the HQ  Club? If no, kindly tell me what to do to get approved.
2- In case I will donate or pay any amount of money to get approved, kindly note I will pay either via PayPal or by my Visa, but what is important to me I want to know what name will appear in my card bill statement when payment is made. I don't want squeezequeens to appear in my statement bill for privacy concern.



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