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Useful Forum Info (tips, tricks, how-to)

Started by Zeus, 02-Sep-14, 10:06 AM

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While the basic general forum info is right here, in this topic I'll occasionally post some useful little bits that may help some to get more out of the SqueezeQueens. Some info may be unique to SQ as I modified a lot of the default forum core.



After you log into SQ, you now have 4 ways to check for new posts and topics:

Show posts: New unread | All unread | New replies | Recents

New unread -> shows unread posts since your last visit

I click this most often when checking new forum posts.

All unread -> shows all your unread posts

It displays all of your unread posts (since the last time you clicked 'Mark ALL messages as read' anyway).

New replies -> shows new replies to your posts

This only shows topics which you have previously posted in that received a new reply since the last time you read 'em.

Recents -> Show the most recent posts

I click this often, to see in one quick list what the forum latest posts are.


with NEW UNREAD i wont miss anything ;)



If there are favourite threads you want to keep track of, you can bookmark 'em to keep 'em all in one place.

Click 'ADD BOOKMARK' inside the thread/topic you want to bookmark.

It will appear in your bookmarks list accessible via top menu's 'My Bookmarks' button.


Alternatively, you can subscribe to your favourite threads /or whole boards/ via 'NOTIFY' button (found right next to 'REPLY' button, or next to 'NEW TOPIC' button, in case of subscribing to a whole board).

Possible advantage of notifications over bookmarks is you get emailed or messaged when new replies are posted to your subscribed topics.

Your current notifications are found by clicking top menu's 'Profile' button and choosing 'Notifications'.


Everybody posting unclickable Mega links should read Stewie's how-to -> HOW TO ENSURE CLICKABLE MEGA LINKS

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