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anyone who can ID this 2 powerful women?

Started by bissi, 08-Sep-14, 11:10 AM

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hey all,

i hope you guys can help me out on this one...

i've been trying' to find the names of these 2 strong ladies.. 
or the websites from which these pictures are takin' from...

thanks a bunch ;)

Fresh P

Firstly, I must mention that 1st picture is obviously photoshopped and very badly too, so the 2nd probably is as well.

I can only ID the 1st one and it is Jennifer Thomas and it's from Mixed Wrestling Zone.
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2nd poorly-shooped pic looks like Blonde Thunder.
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Wow, Jen's been bulkin' up since I last saw her... this should almost be moved to digital art ;D

I'll add the BT one is originally from Crushwrestling.


the second one, blonde thunder, is named jill rudison


major thanks for the fast responds;)
i googled it up and the second picture is blonde thunder (aka jill rudison) indeed
(thumbs up for malderat and Stewie_Griffin)
the first one is photoshopped and is jennifer thomas from MWZ

so issue fixed...;)

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