Is it wrong liking that more than sex?

Started by Nieths, 13-Sep-14, 12:05 PM

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Hey , i am 17 olds , and before founding this forum , i thought i was the only one, i liked this way more than sex , and it was so fucking exciting ( sorry for my bad english ,i am moroccan , but i do my best ) . Are you guys just fan or does it make you excited too ?  Am i weird or it's normal , everyone got excited by something , some by watching sex , and some by watching womens dominating man with some sexy move , like facesitting , well that was all , just wanted to see if there was someone like me here .

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You described how many before you have felt, yes there are many who love the same thing, yes this is the forum, so you have come to the right place... unfortunately, you're 1 year too early, need to be adult (18yr+) to register an account here - we are an adult forum. I have to remove your account based on your age admittance, sorry; come back when you're 18!

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