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Maledom wrestling

Started by Matey, 21-Oct-12, 03:42 AM

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Maledom wrestling discussion

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Just a question regarding the maledom type there a possibility of creating a seperate category for this?  We have male vs female and female vs female so it seems to make sense that if we are going to allow maledom clips that they can be seperated from the regular male vs female (I realize this type of clip qualifies as male vs female).
I Don't generally expect a maledom clip to be mixed in, so often times I click the thumbnail without paying much attention and when it is a male sitting on a woman it makes me want to hurl.  Blech! 


The forum name is SqueezeQueens, so definitely no special SquuezeKings category :Pol:

We've debated this before, came to conclusion (more like a split vote decision, lol) that we are willing to tolerate the odd video here and there where a male wins, as long as it doesn't go overboard (ie not too often).

Such post should also be marked as such, perhaps even in bold letters :)
Another possibility is to have a little separate theme topic for such clips.

Majority of SQ users are into girls winning, my guess is one in a hundred likes it the other way around too, so as long as such clips are posted in such (rare) ratio as well...

Maybe we could start a poll? Something like "Occasional male winning allowed?"
ONLY in competitive matches (no maledom wrestling)
<- this would get my vote


Quote from: Matey |M| on 22-Sep-14, 11:23 AM

Maybe we could start a poll? Something like "Occasional male winning allowed?"
ONLY in competitive matches (no maledom wrestling)
<- this would get my vote

In principle, a poll is good. However, the problem is that there can be a "silent majority" who simple can't be bothered to vote - even on something as fundamental as this. To see true democracy in action, you need to get an 80-90% turnout, a bit like the Scottish independence referendum.....

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Quote from: mixwrestler on 22-Sep-14, 10:00 PM
The vast majority of my clips have the female winning, but can refrain from any maledom videos if that is the board's policy. However, I've gotten some feedback from people that like that as well. Please just let me know.

Speaking about this male-win issue...

I don't mind if men occasionally win. It happens in real life too.
But only when is fight involved
Wrestling, grappling,boxing, mma.....whatever.

But i rather avoid this bondage, whipping, humiliation, general BDSM videos with male dominance.


Quote from: voayer on 25-Sep-14, 09:08 AM
I don't mind if men occasionally win. It happens in real life too.

What you are saying is absolutely correct, however this is not real life. This is a fetish message board, dedicated to female domination ("Where females rule men and other women"). 8)

Just like Matey said, occasional male winning may be okay, as long as the post is clearly marked as such, so that all of those not interested, including myself, will be able to skip it altogether.


OK, so let's occasionally* allow for posts where a male dominates a woman (in wrestling only - no general maledom ever). *up to staff's discretion to decide when it's too much

Such posts must be clearly tagged as such, to warn the majority who do not wish to see it.

Competitive wrestling matches where a guy may sometimes end up winning have no limits/restrictions.


Thank you Matey!  I can certainly live with that.



Missed this discussion... maybe just skipped it because of the title.  ;D

For me, I'm okay with the man getting into control for some time in a match, even in fantasy wrestling. However I'm not keen in watching a guy destroying a cute lady. So I prefer it to be clearly warned about male victories. So long.


May I chime in here.  One of my companies has been making videos where the male beats the female, in wrestling or fantasy wrestling.  I've found that there is a good fan base for those.  I plan on advertising them in the Producers section under my Fetish Adventures store and post a pic or two there.  Hopefully, that will not violate the spirit of the forum yet allow the 1 in 100 who may be interested to see what we offer.

I also enjoy wrestling and fighting where the female wins in the end whether it's fantasy, semi-competitive, or more competitive.
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