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Tutorial: How to upload pics as post attachments

Started by Matey, 25-Sep-14, 06:07 PM

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How to upload pics as post attachments

To add pictures to your posts, you have 2 main options:

This tutorial shows the 2nd option. It's the preferred way to attach picture preview(s) to your video posts (please keep 'em under 4 per vid), as well as to attach pic(s) for your any other posts, if you have just a few to share.


A) Hit NEW TOPIC or REPLY to open post creation dialogue box, and write your topic/post. Then, expand the Attachments and other options section.

A1   A2

B) Click Browse.., navigate to where you have your image stored on your computer, and Open it. If you need to add more, click on (more attachments) and repeat.

B1   B2

Note: you don't see your images displayed in your post at this point, yet. You only see their filenames in the Attach: section during this post preview phase.

C) You can now hit Post to post your topic/post on the forum. Images will upload*, and your post is displayed with 'em shown on the bottom as clickable thumbnails.

(*provided you stayed within our per-post image attachment limits, currently set at: 18 pics per post max | total size under 8MB | max single pic size 2MB)

All done!


Normally, you attach your images just below your post, as shown in the tutorial above. This is the default, and should be used in most cases.

Sometimes, you may want to place 'em along with the text. For those special cases, I installed little extension which allows you to place your image attachments in line with text.

Disclaimer: functionality of this extension may not be future-proof. In case a new forum version (sometimes in the distant future) breaks it, it may be abandoned. If you notice any bugs, let me know.

How it works:

Once your have your post prepared, with images ready to be attached (as shown in the tutorial above), instead of leaving it on default End-of-post expandable thumbnail, you select Inline expandable thumbnail. This will place your attached image (its bbcode) inline with the text (at the place where you had your cursor at). That's it!


Example with several images:


Note: you can move the bbcode wherever you want it in the text, and there's more custom formatting settings available (click the question mark symbol next to the 'Inline expandable thumbnail'), although it works fine as is.

Hope this helps those wishing to craft their posts just the way they like.


thank you both Matey & Zeus your posts were extremely helpful for this newbie, karma & thanks given.

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