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Who would win this fight?

Started by bk5544, 26-Oct-12, 06:36 PM

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Who would win?

Bella Sultana
13 (76.5%)
Football Player
4 (23.5%)

Total Members Voted: 17


Bella Sultana:

5'7 145 lbs. Experienced in boxing, muy thai, bjj.

"Bella says: "I am all woman and  train at least 5 days a week lifting weights and training to fight MMA.  I am serious about what I do and playful at the same time.  I am strong and love to be challenged."


All conference safety from Oregon:

5'11 195 lbs. Assume he has no training.


Well, since he's only 30% heavier than her, I don't think it matches her skill advantage. He has a puncher's chance and that's about it.

Bella by whatever she wants.
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Good god almighty, she knows how to Box!?... Football player is in a world of trouble.

I say she batters him with punches, but as we all know, girls prefer to kick.

Bella by KO (head kick).

Judge DR3DD

Football Player wins in a street fight.


Quote from: Judge DR3DD on 27-Oct-12, 11:26 AM
Football Player wins in a street fight.

I respect your opinion, but what factors influence you to make that conclusion?
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