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Wrestling crotch grabs and other moments

Started by sheehan333, 27-Oct-12, 03:13 PM

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I have a question here is it the Asian girls who go for opponents privates more? As most of the photos are of Asian wrestlers. What do U think ?

I also remember a wrestling match between a Mongolian and Indian female wrestler where the Mongolian chick keeps digging the Indian wrestlers private for apparently no reason till the ref slaps her hand away.

This is the link I was talking about watch from 2:08. I think that's illegal  :-[





Quote from: nelneo on 19-Feb-18, 08:13 AM
Is there any more?
Terrible first post. read the rules and try again!!!


Hi Ivy.  I might be reading the 1st post incorrectly but I'd appreciate clarification on why it's a bad post or how it breaks the rules. It seemed like a valid inquiry (if a bit sophomoric).  I just finished reading over the rules and I didn't see anything vulgar or violent in the post.  Please feel free to PM me.  I'm only asking for my edification and not attempting to challenge or appear argumentative.  Thank you for any clarification you can provide.

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