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Mega account cancelled

Started by RBAP, 13-Nov-14, 10:18 PM

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As you you have probably seen by now, my Mega account has been cancelled. I expected it to happen at any time given the events of the last few days.

It clearly has become untenable for me to continue sharing stuff in this Forum under the present circumstances. I have always liked the atmosphere here and I think I have played a significant role in the Forum's growth. I certainly gave a lot more than I took.

While I consider that the founders and administrators of this Forum have done a splendid job raising it from the ground, and should be commended for it, it always seemed to me there was excessive friendliness between admins and producers. Sooner or later, this raises conflicts of interest that yield more costs than benefits.

I will still visit regularly, if I'm allowed. In case, in the future, I decide to contribute again it will be under a new name and, for obvious reasons, I will not disclose my identity.

Farewell and tally-ho,

Fresh P

I must've been living under a rock or something, what exactly is going on that prompted such actions?

It's sad to see you go BRAP, you were a great contributor to the forum and it will not be the same without you. I do hope you continue to share and contribute in the forum.
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I think I speak on behalf of everyone here, when I say that your commitment to this forum has been unique and unparalleled. I fully understand and respect your decision to leave. Please continue to visit - we will always appreciate any contribution that you may wish to make in the future.


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RBAP, I have been a fan of yours for a long time now and it is very unfortunate that you will be departing.
I wish it was possible to get a little more info on what the scenario actually is and is anyone else going to be impacted.
Good luck sir!


I don't understand exactly what force you to leave. (I'm not that comfortable with english language, so...)
Thanks for your vids and all your nice posts!
Hope you can get around again!


Sorry to see you leave, sir. Thank you for all those great contributions.

Good luck!


Hey RBAP????? wtf??? I got so used to seeing your name?!?! all over the forum?? I will miss you. You must come back and visit? and maybe post????? many thanks for all your hard work and contributions. Cheers man.


Im really sorry that you have to leave :( You were definetly one of the best contributors to this forum, for me the best of all!! Hope you come back soon...cause i know we already miss you.

I can only thank you and thank you for your excellent work here!


You'll be sorely missed RBAP, you were an absolute credit to the forum. Best of luck in future :)

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