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Piethans' mixed stories

Started by Piethans, 16-Nov-14, 07:52 AM

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Since I don't have so many videos, I decided to focus on writing stories as well. Sorry, English is not my native language please forgive mistakes. And YES! Those are my stories.

Feedback is very welcome!

Here is a beginning. Would you like me to continue the story?

It happened in a late September night or rather early morning, when I walked through the park on my way home. I was a bit drunk and walking controlled felt difficult, yet I still knew where I was going. I had just left a party, one of those that are not too interesting but you still stay and keep drinking on your own because there are a few girls around and at some point you hope to find a chance to talk to at least one of them. Exactly that should become my doom later on...

Tired from the walk I decided to take a short break and sat down in the dry grass, enjoying the calm, warm but not too warm night.  Suddenly I heard voices behind me. "Hey you! I remember you from the party," said a female voice from an awkwardly close distance, right behind me. Where the hell did she come from, and who was that?

Yet, before I could get up and turn around, two soft and thick arms where wrapped around my neck from behind, followed by legs that embraced the torso." Now you will pay for staring at me the whole time. Did you really think I wouldn't notice? " I struggled a lot and tried to free my head from her arms, but no avail. Her thick arms covered my mouth, and didn't move an inch. Her legs started squeezing me, not painful but they made it even more difficult to move.  I tried to speek, but the fleshy, a bit sweaty arms still covering mouth and neck only allowed muffled sounds. "Oh no, my friend, you're not going anyway. We will have a lot of fun together"...

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