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Plea for help

Started by licherpus, 27-Nov-14, 10:59 PM

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Hello everyone!

You have a lovely home here, I love the wallpaper. ;)

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a video I had some time ago? Back in 2006 I posted non-nude clips of a video to youtube because they did not allow any nudity back then but the clips were flagged as inappropriate anyway. The folks at youtube removed the clips but left the thumbnail previews. To this day I still get asked to reup the clips because the thumbnails are still visible on my account. Sadly the HDD I had the video saved to is no more. Bad clusters, very bad clusters, in fact. They needed to be taught a lesson so I nuked the SOB. :D

OK, so as much as I can remember the scenario was; the camera follows a hot Latina ass in tight shorts (pictured in thumb) up a set of stairs into a room where one sexy Latina in a mini skirt and panties is forcing a beautiful young innocent looking Latina to smell her ass. The 2 dominate girls take turns facesitting her while she moans and whimpers. They all eventually end up naked and all 3 girls are satisfied. Phew, I'm getting all hot and bothered just remembering. :fap1: :cnsr:

Here are the thumbnails which is all I have left of a really hot video.



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