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How to speed up forum loading on slow internet

Started by peetex1, 28-Oct-12, 10:14 PM

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Thank you fer inviting me or leting me see your forum ,I have dial up on my computer plus i have a xp windows so i have a small problem (BUT BEGGERS CANT BE CHOOSERS)
  MY PROBLEM IS to see a new part of the post and if there are many pictures bout time it gets to the bottom fer the new pictures ,my computer computes on me logs out so i guess my qustion is
can u seperate the posts that u can open a window fer say post 9 so u dont have to woat fer the whole post to download ,AM I EXPLAING MYSELF RIGHT lol
if not thanks fer sharing with me


What might help your situation a bit....

[in top forum menu] go to your Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout and check 'Don't show users' signatures' and 'Don't show users' avatars' and lower 'Messages to display per page' down to just 5 per page.

also there is a setting in your browser to stop downloading pictures, in Internet Explorer it's in Tools > Internet Options > Advanced that you could turn on whenever you browse image intensive sites.


hello marty
thank you yes it really helped expecally when i went to message display 5 perpage THANK YOU
now another question what happens when i get to many pages ??would there be a problem after a while??
again thank you u really helped me


You mean when a topic grows very large with many replies? You'll just have it split on more pages than what the rest of us on default setting have, that's all. It shouldn't break anything. Glad it helpled you!


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