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Author Topic: Underground Sex Wrestling Party  (Read 6226 times)

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« on: 01-Dec-14, 03:22 PM »
Part 1:

Tyler had met Jane during a round of  speed dating. She was on the petite side, but with surprisingly muscular arms that peaked out through her blouse. She and Tyler bonded over their mutual love of UFC and pro-wrestling, and that's when Jane had told him about the "wrestling parties."

"It's a great way for guys and girls to get together and unleash a little tension," she had said.

"What kind of tension," he'd asked?

"All kinds." She winked and gave him a slip of paper with the time and address of the next party.

"I'd love to see you there. If you want to come, bring condoms and something comfortable to wear."

"Condoms? Oh, so it's that kind of party?" 

"Yeah. And fair warning, some of the girls get really aggressive. If they want you, they will try to take you. That's the agreement everyone makes going in. Once you're in there, it's every man and woman for themselves."

"Oh no," Tyler said jokingly, chuckling at the idea of Jane or some other girl her size  pinning him down and ravaging him against his will.

"I'd be gentle with you," Jane had said smiling, putting a hand on his cheek. "But some of the other girls there might not."

She'd turned and walked away and Tyler had spent the next week thinking about her.

Tyler found his way to the "Wrestling party" location a week later and knocked on the door. A tall blond in a yellow bikini top and spandex tights answered and looked him up and down.

"I hope you're here for the party," she said, with a sexy southern accent. At first glance she seemed to have your typical beach body, with tan, toned skin, but looking closer, Tyler noticed the thin straps of her top wound over some intimidatingly bulky shoulders.

"Jane invited me," Tyler said.

"I can see why," the blond answered. "Your body would look great under hers. Or mine."

Tyler blushed. The  blond continued. "I'm Vi. I'm hosting. Jane told you how this works right? Once you're inside, the regular rules of civilization sort of don't apply anymore."

"I heard something about that, yeah."

"Okay, then. Sign this, and come in," Vi smiled, handing him a release form. He signed it without reading it and handed it back to her.

"Have at it cowboy," Vi said, opening the door wider to invite him in.

The floors were all covered in matts, and about two dozen people, all in really good shape, stood around talking.

"Tyler," he heard someone say, and Jane emerged from in between a few other people. She was wearing a pink sports bra and matching shorts, and now Tyler could see in full what amazing shape she was in.

"You made it," she said.

"I thought there'd be more men" Tyler said, looking around at the mostly female crowd.

"It's always so hard to get guy members."

"Really? I would've thought guys would jump at the chance to do this."

"Oh, lots of guys show up for one meeting. But then some girl throws them around, humiliates them, and they never come back. The good news is, the girls are starting to realize, if we're going to be so rough on them, we have to make sure they enjoy themselves too, or else we'll never see them again."

Tyler looked around at the other men and women in the room, and noticed some of them were eyeing him. A big, tough looking chick with magenta-red hair and tattoos up her arms whispered to her friends as she stared at him.

"Listen," Jane said, "I don't know what you're fighting background is, but unless you've got a lot of training, you're probably going to lose a few matches at first. Try to have fun anyway."

"Alright, everyone," Vi said, coming into the middle of her living room. "We're starting. Same rules as always -- no punching, kicking, scratching, biting. Just wrestling. Bill and Red have agreed to start us off and then we'll just see where things go from there. Ready guys?"

Red, the woman with the tattoos and magenta hair stepped out into the middle of the living room. Getting a good chance to look at her, Tyler guessed she was at least 6 foot 4, built like an Amazon warrior, with legs as thick as tree trunks. As if to emphasize this point, she wore a tight fitting "Xena: Warrior Princess" T-shirt. The guy she was squaring off with, Bill, was on the larger side, but still dwarfed by his opponent.

"This'll be over soon," Jane said to Tyler.

Bill charged at Red, plowing into her with what looked like all his strength. She barely budged, as he hit her.

"That all you got, big man," she laughed, as he pushed against her, grunting with exertion.

Tyler watched the muscles bulge in Bill's legs as he used all his lower body trying to push Red backward, to no avail. Finally, Red stepped to the side and Bill fell forward, propelled by his own force. Before he had time to get to his knees, she scooped him up over her shoulders. He flailed his arms and legs helplessly, like a kid throwing a tantrum. Red pulled his shorts off and tossed them aside. She grabbed his balls and he screamed an embarrassingly high-pitched scream.

"He's a screamer. I knew it," Red taunted, and a few other women in the group laughed.

"Come on," Red said, heading to a nearby room, still carrying him over her shoulder. "We're gonna have to find a gag for you. I'm not gonna listen to that screaming all night."

Red walked into the room and closed the door behind her. People clapped and cheered as she made her exit.

"Don't worry. They're not always that bad," Jane said to Tyler.

Tyler just looked on in shock.

"Well, I said I'd go wrestle with Jack upstairs. Good luck," Jane said, turning to leave.  Tyler watched Jane make her exit before he felt a firm hand clasp his shoulder. He turned around to see Vi, the blond hostess in the yellow bikini top.

"I guess you're with me, cowboy," she said.

The living room was clearing out now, and Tyler could hear Bill's muffled screaming in the next room as Red did god-knows-what to him.

"I'm not totally sure if I want to do this," Tyler said to Vi.

Vi whipped him around, shoving him against a wall, like a cop, restraining a criminal. She locked his arms up in a Nelson hold.

"Well you better try and stop me, then," she said.

Kicking open a nearby door, she threw him in. It was a bedroom, and once inside, she threw him onto the bed, with strength that would've been surprising coming from a guy twice her size.

Tyler landed backside down on the bed, and Vi pounced on top of him, quickly locking all his limbs in a grapevine. He felt shooting pain as his arms and legs all went different directions.

"I noticed you didn't stretch earlier," she said, " you're welcome."

From this position, Tyler had a direct view of Vi's big, round breasts, in their yellow top.

"Like what you see? Take a closer look."

She pulled his head tight into her chest, and he began to feel air leaving him. He tried to pull away, wriggling with his arms and legs.

"This right here, is my favorite feeling in the world," Vi said, squeezing tighter. "The feeling of a man's body being controlled by mine. The feel of my skin against his. Let's take that shirt off, so we can have more skin contact."

Vi let go of Tyler's head and reached down to pull up Tyler's shirt. He seized the opportunity to reach his arm up around her head and lock it against his side. She still had control of his legs, but he had her head now. He squeezed hard, and felt her pull back in pain.

"Let me go and I'll let you go," he said.

"Not a chance," she replied.

"Tyler tightened his hold, bracing himself for Vi to counter in some way, but she stopped struggling altogether. Instead, she just started gently thrusting her hips against his, grinding against his dick, and slowly he felt it start to rise.

"Stop it," he said.

"Doesn't feel like you want me to stop," she said, grinding faster. She was full on dry humping him now, and despite his protests, he was fully erect.

"This is real power," Vi said, speeding up some more. "Even when you have me, I have you."

Finally, Tyler got a leg free and rolled Vi over on the bed. But instead of taking his chance to escape the room, he felt overtaken with lust. He pinned Vi's arms behind her head and started kissing the same breasts he'd been trapped between moments earlier. She laughed as he did it, and he started to enjoy himself for the first time since he'd gotten here.

"You having fun now," Vi asked.

"Yeah," Tyler said.

"Good. I thought I should give you a bit of a break, seeing as it's your first time and all."

Suddenly, Vi pulled her hands free, pushed Tyler off her with her feet, mounted him and planted herself squarely on his face. Tyler felt her warm, wet pussy through the smooth spandex she wore. She wrapped her thighs tight around his head.

"It's over baby," she said. "You can keep struggling if you want, in fact I wish you would, but you're not going anywhere. Til I say you can."

She started grinding again, rougher than last time.

"Just so you know, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to cum," she added.

So Tyler lay there, helpless, while Vi used his face for her pleasure. He'd struggle, then give up, then struggle again, only able to breath the sweaty air filtered through Vi's tights. Finally after a while, he felt Vi's thighs lock tighter around his face, which hurt, but which he knew meant they were coming up on the end of his humiliation. Vi's moaning built to a dull scream of delight, as she reached the point of gratification. She dismounted Tyler and lay on the bed beside him, catching her breath. Tyler continued to lay there, seeming a little traumatized. Vi patted him on the chest.

"Good job, cowboy," she said. "I hope you come back next month. You've got the perfect face for riding."

Vi and Tyler walked out of the bedroom and found Red, sitting on a couch, next to Bill's unconscious body.

"Having fun, Red," Vi asked.

"I knocked him out," Red said, disappointed. "What a pussy. How'd the new guy do?"

"He's a good ride," Vi said. "He can take a lot of punishment. I just hope he comes back next time."

Red stood up and walked over to Tyler. "Well, let's make sure he does," she said.

"Okay," Vi smiled.

Without saying a word, Red shoved Tyler to the ground, got behind him and locked his limbs up with hers. There was no fighting back for Tyler. Red was bigger and stronger, to say nothing of her superior wrestling skill. If she wanted him, he was hers for the taking.

"Alright, hold him tight," Vi said.

"No problem" Red replied. She started licking Tyler's face possessively from behind him. "Time for a treat, newbie" she whispered.

Vi pulled down his shorts, revealing his once again erect cock. She bent down, tightly sealed her lips around it and started sucking with an intensity Tyler had never felt.

He came almost instantly, but Vi kept going, only pausing to swallow.

"Have you ever felt so powerless in your life," Red asked, as Vi continued. "Answer me."

"No," Tyler moaned in panic and pleasure.

"That's right. You haven't. And have you ever felt so good in your life?"

"No," Tyler said again.

"That's right. You haven't. True pleasure is not something that you can take. It's something that takes you."

Tyler's body spasmed as he orgasmed for a second time. The pleasure became so intense, it started to turn into pain.

"Please stop," he whispered, pulling with all his might to try to get away.

"That's not how it works, honey," Red said holding him tight. "You don't get to decide when it starts or stops. It wouldn't be the same if you did."

After a few minutes, Tyler spasmed into another climax and finally, Vi stopped.

Tyler collapsed, only half-conscious, his head resting on Red's chest. Vi and Red both wrapped their arms around him in a strong, but gentle hug.

"Good job, cowboy," Vi said, kissing his cheek tenderly.

"This place will give you everything you need," Red said, cradling him "But in return, you have to give us everything you have."

Then Vi and Red tightened their hold on him, squeezing. He was suffocated on all sides by two large sets of breasts. Everything went black.


He heard his name and came to a few minutes later. Jane was sitting next to him on the matt.

"Are you okay," she said.

'Yeah, never better," he said.

"Good. You think you'll come back next time?"

"I have to," he said.

Jane smiled and nodded. "I know what you mean."
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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #1 on: 03-Dec-14, 03:17 AM »
Damn, that was an awesome story. I really look forward to reading more about this underground sex wrestling Party. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #2 on: 10-Dec-14, 07:27 PM »
Part 2:

"I knew you'd come back," Vi said, at the door when Tyler knocked.

He thought back to the way she'd toyed with him last time, rubbing one out on his face, forcing him to cum three times and smothering him unconscious with that massive rack of hers.

"What can I say, Vi? You did a pretty thorough job convincing me."

Vi laughed. "We're staring any minute. Get in here."

Tyler went inside and saw Jane from across the room. She was in black lingerie and he badly wanted to unwrap her. He started walking towards her when a redhead in a sexy school girl outfit stopped him. She was tall, thin and leggy. She reminded Tyler of Karen Gillan the actress from Doctor Who.

"You're Tyler, right," she said.

"Yeah. And you are --"

"Name's Kelly, but you can just go ahead and start calling me Goddess now."

"Listen Kelly, I kind of wanted to spend tonight with someone else."

"Aw. You think you have a choice. That's cute," Kelly taunted.

Tyler couldn't deny he was turned on by this woman. He had a thing for short skirts and hers was extra short.

"Okay, Kelly. Let's do this."

They went to a bedroom upstairs. Kelly pulled lipstick out of her purse and started applying a fresh coat in front of a mirror.

"Have you been following the news about those nude celebrity photo leaks," she asked.

"I heard something about it," Tyler said, stretching out, in preparation for the match.

"The interesting thing about the photo leaks is, most of the actresses who got hacked had already been topless in movies. If people wanted to see them naked, they could've just googled them," Kelly said. 


"I guess it wasn't just about sex," Kelly continued. "It was about power."

"Are we wrestling, or what," Tyler said.

"Ready when you are."

Tyler charged at Kelly, tossing her over his shoulder and onto the bed. He jumped on top of her, and tried to pin her down, but she slipped out from under him, in an impressive display of flexibility. They faced each other on their knees.

"But then again, some people would say power is the biggest part of sex," Kelly continued, casually. "At least, that's what I think."

They locked hands and Tyler slowly overcame her with strength, pushing her onto her back. She put her legs around him in a guard position, but he elbowed his way out into pinning her flat on her back. She looked up at him through big blue eyes, curious to see what he would do next. He unbuttoned her blouse and laid his hands on the small cups of her bra. After getting physically dominated last time, it was nice to be the stronger one for a change.

"I thought I was supposed to be calling you Goddess," Tyler taunted her.

"You will," Kelly said from beneath him. "But enjoy this while you can."

Part of Kelly's school-girl outfit was a tie, and Tyler started loosening it, so he could have more access to her boobs.

"Why did you tie this so tight," he said, frustratedly loosening the tie.

"So you'd be distracted when I did this…"

Kelly's long legs swung up from behind him, wrapped around his shoulder and neck, and brought him down. Tyler started trying to pry her locked legs apart. He didn't even notice what she was doing to his legs until she had a length of rope tied around them.

"What the hell," he said, suddenly unable to move his legs.

"I know. I'm fast with knots."

"Where did you get rope?"

"Tucked in my skirt."

She unlocked her legs and climbed on top of him, holding another length of rope for his arms.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," she said.

Tyler tried to snatch the rope away from her.

"Hard way it is," she said, sliding her thighs around his head and applying a tight headscissor.

Once she had control of his head, roping his arms together was a cinch, and once he'd lost the use of his limbs,  she had no trouble rolling him over onto his stomach, to tie his arms down behind his back.

"The funny thing about power is how quickly it changes hands. A minute ago, you had all the power, right? But look at you now."

She rolled him back over and slipped her legs around his midsection, clamping down a tight bodyscissor.

"Now, I could do anything I want to you, right?"

Tyler's face strained as he tried to slip out of the ropes, but they were too tight. Kelly slid a hand down his shorts and onto his dick and balls.

"I own you right now, right?"

Scared of what she might do if he didn't' cooperate, Tyler nodded. With her free hand, Kelly lifted his head and started kissing him all over with frisky aggression.

"Brace yourself," she said. "Sometimes I get a little carried away."

She released the bodyscissor hold and dragged Tyler to the edge of the bed so that his head stuck out over the side. She wrapped her legs around his neck in a standing reverse scissor. Tyler told himself not to show any signs of pain but with in a few seconds he was groaning anyway.

"That's right. Let it out. I want you vulnerable."

She turned around and scissored him head-on so that she could look him in the eyes while she hurt him, watching his face twinge in pain. Tyler looked up at her. She had a bemused grin on her face, but every few seconds she'd grit her teeth in exertion as she tightened her hold. This would cause Tyler to howl in pain, which would in turn make her smile wider.

"Wanna hear something crazy," Kelly said looking down at her prey, "I can't get off unless the guy I'm fucking is at least a little scared."

She pulsed her thighs again and Tyler screamed.

Kelly dragged him to the center of the bed, mounted him again. She dug her knees into his sides and started sucking on his neck, like a vampire on the hunt.

"Smile," she whispered, and Tyler saw that she was taking a picture of the two of them with her phone.

"Take a look," she showed him the phone. He saw his pressed against hers, smeared all over with lipstick.

"See, I marked you. You're mine," she said.

"I shouldn't have come back here," Tyler said on the verge of tears.

"Aw. Hey, calm down," Kelly said, reaching into her purse and pulling out a washcloth. She started dabbing his face, wiping off the lipstick.

"Stay with me," she said, "and I promise you'll be happy you did."

She dampened the cloth with her tongue, then wiped Tyler's cheeks and forehead thoroughly.

"Is this part of the fun, for you," Tyler asked as she cleaned him.

"Nah," Kelly said. I just don't want to get lipstick on my ass.

She stood up, pulled her skirt and panties down, spread her cheeks and planted her full weight down on Tyler's face.

"Okay," she said. "I kissed you. Now you kiss me."

Tyler started to submissively kiss the cool, smooth skin of Kelly's derriere.

"Good boy," she said, sounding turned on.

He kept at it, smelling and tasting her, and soon, he had to admit, he was enjoying it. He still feared her, but that was part of the enjoyment. He'd never thought of himself as the kind of man who would enjoy being dominated, but apparently he had that in him.

He felt one of her hands reach up under her, near where he was kissing and realized she was pleasuring herself. Soon after, he felt her other hand reach down his shorts and onto his penis, which was already stiff. She started rubbing and he moaned in pleasure.

She lifted herself off him just for a second and said "You only get to cum after I do. That's the rule. Got it?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"There it is."

She sat back down on his face and brought them both to climax a few times before she was ready to get up again.

Later that evening, Tyler looked at the picture Kelly had taken of them on his phone, as she untied his legs.

"So you sent it to me. Who else did you send it to?"

"No one," Kelly said. "I already deleted it from my phone in fact. I didn't take it for me. It's for you. Something to remember me by."

"So really? This is the only copy left? If I delete this, it's gone for good? Like it never happened?"

"Yeah. But we'd both know better, wouldn't we?"

Kelly winked, undoing the last of Tyler's bonds, blew him a kiss and left the room.

"Now that's power," Tyler said to himself.

He stared at the picture, his finger hovering over the "delete" button for a few seconds. Then he put the phone back in his pocket, got up and left.

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #3 on: 11-Dec-14, 03:11 AM »
Damn, these are good stories, mate.  I hope you continue to share them with us.  Thank you very much.

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #4 on: 29-Dec-14, 06:27 AM »
Well done stories.  Thanks for sharing.  Karma given.

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #5 on: 10-Mar-15, 01:27 AM »
Part 3

Tyler let out a scream of pain that was muffled by the firm pair of breasts pressing against his face. His legs were wound in the strongest grapevine he'd ever felt, and he honestly worried about getting ripped in half. He tapped frantically. Jane let go instantly, and looked down at him, breathing hard.

"Sorry, babe. Did I hurt you?"

The answer was yes. She'd hurt him a lot, but Tyler had been obsessed with the idea of wrestling Jane for months now, and he wasn't about to say anything to make her stop.

"No, it's fine," he said, panting. Jane brushed his hair out of his eyes and kissed him lightly on the lips, smiling down at him.

"Sorry, I'm a sweetheart most of the time, but something about grappling with a guy brings out the mean in me."

She got off of Tyler and they circled each other again. They were fighting in the basement gym of the house. When Tyler had come in, he'd found Jane with her legs wrapped around a punching bag, hanging from it, doing sit-ups. She was in a  camouflage sports bra and short-shorts. She was clearly in great shape, but Tyler had 50 pounds on her, and he'd been training quite a bit lately. He thought she was his for the taking.

But as they fought, Jane was proving that size didn't matter. Early on, he'd gotten behind her, and she'd flipped him in a second. In the first five minutes, she'd made him tap a dozen times with a flurry of arm locks and leg locks. Now his energy was draining and he was beginning to feel like a bug caught in her web, but it wasn't a bad place to be. Jane really knew how to give out equal parts pain and pleasure. And the pain made the pleasure better.  Earlier, she'd put him in a the tightest reverse headscissor he ever felt. He'd screamed and she'd loosened up.

"Sorry, baby" she'd said to him, pulling his boxers down for a second and kissing the inner part of his thigh, "I got carried away. Hang in there."

Now, she maneuvered herself around to Tyler's back and wrapped him in a bodyscissor from behind. She locked his arms behind his head so that he was powerless to move and started nibbling on his ear, sensuously. It hurt, but the pain was bearable, and Tyler liked having Jane wrapped around him like this, so he didn't tap.

"So when did you know you liked wrestling," he asked her.

"Tried it in high school, mostly for a laugh. Turned out to be really good at it. I love the power."

As Jane went on, she tightened her hold. Tyler could hear the excitement growing in her voice. She seemed like a nice girl at heart, but clearly, wrestling brought out some beast within her.

"I love the feel of a having a man, especially a man who's bigger than me, stuck in between my legs. It's transformative."

"Transformative? What do you mean?"

"You'll see. Hey, could you struggle more? The struggling turns me on."

Tyler was honestly struggling quite a lot, but he tried even harder to break free, to no avail. Soon, he lost his air and tapped. Jane let go.

"Ya okay, babe," she asked, coyly.

He nodded catching his breath. Trying to seem cool, he said "I barely felt that."

Jane laughed. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that," she said. "I'm gonna literally wipe the floor with you."

She pounced on him, flipped him over face-down and started wiping the matts with his face.

"Lick it," she said giggling, "lick my sweat off the matt."

Tyler tried to crawl out from under her, but every time he did, she brought him right back down, face-first. After a few moments of struggle, he realized, he had no choice but to lick and so he did.

"How's my sweat taste? Good? Try some more of it."

She flipped him around, straddling his waist and pulling him up into her chest. He eagerly licked the sweat off her breasts.

"See this is what I was talking about when I said this is 'transformative.' Before we started, you thought you could beat me easy. Then we got to a point where you realized it wasn't going to be an easy win. And now we're past that. Now we're at the point where you realize you're pretty much my property, and your best bet is to do what I say. See how you've transformed since we started?"

Tyler kept licking.

"And it's a good thing. Because now that we're at the point where I don't have to physically restrain you every step of the way, because you know I could. So I can just let you go, knowing you'll keep doing what I say."

Jane let go, and Tyler kept licking her breasts. Jane let out another giggle, tickled by his tongue.

"And now, I'm free to do this."

Jane took off her bra, giving Tyler access to her full breasts. He wanted to lick her nipples, but hesitated. She tightened her legs around his torso.

"Don't be shy," she said, "we both want it."

He buried himself in her chest.

"This is why I love this. The fastest way to get to know someone is to fight them or fuck them. I figure, why not both?"

Suddenly she shoved Tyler away from her and he hit the ground with a  thud.

"So is that it? Is the transformation complete," he asked.

"Not quite," Jane answered.

She pulled off Tyler's boxers. She took her panties off and slid Tyler's stiff cock inside of her. Looking him in the eyes she said "but we're almost there."

She started gyrating, and Tyler thrusted upward with her movement. The pleasure was so immense, he closed his eyes for a second.

"No," Jane said, "keep them open. You have to look at the girl who beat you while she fucks you."

Tyler opened his eyes again and looked into Jane's deep blue eyes, and even though she was gorgeous, and he was feeling the greatest sexual pleasure he'd ever felt, it was all too intense for him. He tried to push her off of him.

"No Tyler," she said, pinning his arms against the ground. "Don't run from this. Accept it. Feel it. All of it."

Tyler stopped struggling and Jane let go of his arms. He came, and then she did, and then he did again, and so did she. Finally, after Jane had gotten her fill, she collapsed into Tyler's arms, panting.

"I'm exhausted," she said. "How about you?"

Tyler didn't think he had enough energy left to even speak.

"Sorry, do I smell bad," Jane asked, snuggling up to him.

Tyler looked at her and realized now that they were done. Jane was no longer the ultra-dominant Amazon queen she'd been a second ago. Now she was back to being the girl he'd first met three months ago when he was speed-dating -- the sweet, petite girl next door, who dressed in pink. He realized that what they did at these underground parties didn't just transform him; it transformed her too. But the transformation was only temporary. Once the party was over, it was back to the real world, and the fake personalities that went along with it. But after these last three bouts with Jane, Kelly, and Vi, Tyler knew better than to believe it all anymore. From then on, every time he saw a woman out in the world, he realized there was a chance that behind her soft, feminine eyes, she was a goddess, an Amazon, a predator who took what she wanted -- and he was the prey.

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Underground Sex Wrestling Party
« Reply #6 on: 25-May-16, 05:39 PM »

“Ow! I submit,” Tyler said to Jane for about the fiftieth time that night. She loosened up on her grapevine, so that she was still controlling him, but not applying pressure anymore. They were in the “safe room,” a room on the third floor, with padded walls and pillows all over the place. The safe room allowed wrestlers to be less cautious when they threw each other around. Within a few minutes of wrestling here, Tyler realized Jane had been going easy on him in the other rooms. Here, she went all out, knocking him to the ground, then allowing him to get back up just for the fun of knocking him down again. But now, Jane’s initial wave of energy was gone. She’d moved on to keeping him in holds for minutes at a time, and toying with him, the way a cat toys with a mouse.

“Are you gonna let me up,” Tyler asked.

“Eventually,” Jane said, flicking his cheeks in a playful, but slightly mean-spirited way.

“Stop it,” Tyler said, holding his arms up defensively.

Jane pinned his arms down, and licked his face. 

“You’re such a bully,” Tyler said, enjoying it more than he’d admit.

“Oh man, if we’d gone to the same high school, I would’ve been your worst nightmare,” Jane said.

“Let me guess; you were one of the mean girls. Captain of the cheerleading squad and all that?”

“Ew, no. I was a jock, obviously.”

“Field hockey?”

Jane slapped Tyler lightly on his left cheek.


“Your high school had a girl’s rugby team?”

“No. I was on the guy’s team.They didn’t want me to join, but league rules said they had to.”

“I bet they hated letting a girl on the team.”

Jane pinched his nipple. “They did until they started winning.”

“You were that good?”

“I was ruthless. I made it my mission to draw blood every game. I figured out who the other’s teams best player was, and I took them out. Then the other guys on the team loved me.”

“Did any of them ever get handsy with you?”

Jane laughed.

“One guy did once. At a party after the game.”

“What did you do?”

“I took him to the ground and stripped him in front of everyone. None of them tried anything after that.”

“So you never fooled around with any of them?”

“Sure, a little bit. But they were never really my type. I’ve always had a thing for beta males,” she said running her fingers up and down my chest. “Scrawny guys who I could throw around.There was this kid in the AV club, Eugene, poor kid. We were in English together, and I knew he liked me. He went to all my rugby matches, and definitely not because he liked the game of Rugby. One time in spring of senior year, I snuck him back to the girls’ locker room. I had the whole place to myself, being the only girl on the team. I turned on all the showers so no one could hear us, and I deflowered him on one of the benches. Poor kid.”

“What about that makes him a poor kid?”

“He was so sore the whole next week, he couldn’t walk at graduation.”

Tyler was getting hard just hearing this story, and Jane felt him growing underneath her.

“Oh, you like that, do you?”

She leaned down to kiss Tyler, fondling his cock and balls as she did, but she stopped short of his lips.

“Listen Tyler,” she said. “I’ve been talking with the other ladies. We like you.”

“You talk about me?”

“Yeah. We think you’re perfect for this club.”

“Why? I’m crap at wrestling.”

“That’s kind of the main reason. You are phenomenally bad at it. Like, the worst we’ve ever seen. Any girl with a week of training could probably trounce you. You just have no natural talent.”

“Okay, I get it.”

“But you can take a beating. That’s what’s so fun about wrestling with you. I can kick your ass long after most guys would’ve stopped. You just keep letting me destroy you. And then there’s this other thing that matters to us…your face…”

“I never thought it was a particularly handsome face, but if you say so…”

“No. It’s the perfect shape for riding.”


“Every girl here has talked about how easy it is to get off on your face. It’s like it was designed by”


“I’m telling you this, because this house doesn’t just host monthly parties. In fact, those parties are really just our way of finding new recruits for the real operation.”

“The real operation?”

“Tyler, this place is a...sort of harem.”

“A what?”

“A high-end brothel that caters to a very specific clientele. Dominant women. Women who don’t get to express their dominant side in their everyday life pay for the privilege to come here and physically dominate men.”

“Wait, just to be clear…are you a…client?”

“I started off as one. Now I’m a part owner.”

“So wait, all these matches I’ve had with you were what exactly?”

“Product testing. I decided I’d definitely pay for you.”

“Uh, thanks…well I should get going” Tyler said, trying to slide out from under Jane. But Jane sensed what he was doing and locked herself into place.

“Shh, calm down,” Jane said pressing a finger to Tyler’s lips. “I know this is kind of a curveball, but you need to listen to what I have to say.”

“I’m not interested in being a prostitute.”

“You’d be doing exactly what you’re doing now, only you’d be getting paid for it.”

“I know. That’s the part I don’t like.”

“Tyler, I know you love this as much as we do.”

Tyler felt around on the ground and found a nearby pillow. He swung hard and fast and hit Jane hard enough to knock her off of him (not such a feat, considering she was half his size). He headed briskly for the door.

‘I wouldn’t,” Jane said.

Tyler opened it, and standing in front of him were Vi and Red.

“Hey cowboy,” Vi said, in her sexy southern drawl.

“He giving you trouble, Jane,” Red asked.

“He’s just a little freaked out. We need to calm him down and get him to listen to reason.”

“Can do.”

Red and Vi each grabbed Tyler by one arm and dragged him back into the room.

“Maybe he’ll be a little more receptive if we all lose our clothes,” Red suggested.

“Good idea, Red,” Jane said, pulling off her blue sports bra and underwear.

Vi and Red followed suit, as Tyler backed into the corner of the room. Red looked like nothing short of a goddess without her clothes, chords of muscle peaking out from her arms and legs. Her physique was natural and not overly-toned, but it was clear to Tyler from this distance that she could probably bench two of him.

“Tyler, are you gonna take off your clothes or do we have to take them off for you,” Jane said.

“Please let me go home,” Tyler said.

“Okay, let’s get the clothes.”

Suddenly three naked amazons were closing in on Tyler, and knowing that fighting was a non-starter, he tried to dart between them and run, but they were faster than him, and soon, his shirt, pants and boxers were ripped rags on the ground.

“Let’s calm him down,” Red said, positioning herself behind Tyler and taking him to the ground, Wrapping his legs up with her legs, and his arms up with her arms. Tyler fought with everything he had, but couldn’t budge her. Red calmly whispered into his ear, in between nibbling at it and kissing his neck. “Hush, boy. We’re going to be very good to you.”

While Red held him there, whispering sweet nothings, Vi put her mouth around his cock, and Tyler couldn’t help but get hard again. Still he protested.

“Please let me go. I just want to go home.”

Then Jane shut him up by putting her bare breast in his mouth.

“Calm down. Accept it. Your ours now. And we treat our property very well,” she said.

And after a minute, Tyler finally let go of his panic and gave in to this garden of pleasure. He sucked greedily at Jane’s breast. He didn’t try to pull away fro Red’s kisses.

"That's it. Good boy," Jane said.

Vi finished him quickly.

“Thank you,” Tyler whispered in ecstasy.

“We’re not even close to done,” Jane said. “We’re going to suck all the fight out of you before we talk.”

And with that, Vi and Jane switched places. Jane started sucking Tyler’s cock, and Vi put her boob in Tyler’s mouth.

“You’re being such a good boy,” Red whispered.

Tyler could feel her nipples stiffening against his back. Clearly nothing turned Red on more than a nice, compliant man between her legs.

After a few minutes, Tyler exploded in orgasm again, but they still weren’t done. Red let go of Tyler, knowing he would never run now. She moved around to the front of him, wrapped her legs around his, and pulled his head into her chest, as she rolled onto her back, taking him inside her.

Tyler was on top, but Red was in complete control, as she used her considerable upper body strength to move Tyler up and down, in and out of her, burying his head in her chest, like she couldn’t get him close enough to her.

“That’s a good boy,” Red said, as she got closer to climax. “You’re going to listen to us, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Tyler said, with what little strength he had left.

“You’re gonna listen to every word.”

“Yes,” Tyler said again.

“Good boy, good boy, good boooooiiiii….”

Red orgasmed hard, pulling Tyler’s head even deeper into her chest as she did, and Tyler came with her, falling asleep in a state of near-nirvana, pillowed by her big round breasts.

When Tyler woke, he was on Red’s lap, being cradled in her massive arms.

“Now are you ready to hear what we have to say,” Jane asked.

"Yes ma'm," Tyler said.

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That was a great twist and a really interesting way to continue this story series.  Thank you so much, mate.