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Roman Video

Started by rvflickr, 10-Dec-14, 04:11 PM

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We offer:

lesbian facesitting

1,000's of extreme smother pics and tons of movies:

About Roman Video:

We specialize in fetishes ranging from Facesitting, femdom, ass worship, cuckolding and other areas of sexual expression. Many of the ideas for these videos came from my own fantasies over the years, some are from fans of our videos and others come from stories or people's real life experiences I've read throughout the years that have been weaved into a story that reflects what is happening in some people's lives.

We try to incorporate the psychological aspect of Domination and submission into all of our movies because we know that the most important aspect of a good BDSM movie is the psychological aspect of it (whether it be the things the people say, do or how they act). We also try to have some fun during the filming, as some of the fetish videos I've seen in the past are a little too dark or intense to be enjoyable. We hope the sense of having fun comes across in our videos.

Roman Video was founded in 2002. I started this company so I could make movies that I wanted to watch and that nobody was making at the time. Many times I get asked why I chose the name "Roman Video". The idea behind the name "Roman Video" is to celebrate the ancient Romans and their open sexuality. It also stands for quality -- quality which means you are going to enjoy yourself when you watch a video of ours and maybe watch it several times and not have to fast forward through the whole thing.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our videos and websites.

Roman Video:


Hi all!  It's great to be back!  Enjoy!

Cosima Knight, hubby and ex boyfriend

Your stunningly hot, blonde wife, Cosima Knight, sucks your cock while she tells you that she intends to fuck her ex-boyfriend and other men too. Her hot mouth, and her threats of putting you into chastity convince you to go along with it.

Preview video:
Roman Video:


Your wicked bride, Dillion Carter, wants to fuck other guys. She tells you it's going to happen while she sucks your cock. You try to resist. You say you'll fuck other girls too -- but get your dick slapped mercilessly for even thinking such a thought.

Roman Video:


Two huge breasted brunettes are determined to control your hard cock! Pixie-face, blue-eyed Rachele Richey shows off her incredibly hot, young body, asking you to imagine your cock sliding between her amazing natural tits. Knowing how horny you are, she takes charge. Locking you in a chastity device so you'll save all your cum for her tits.

Roman Video:


POV Cuckold - Volume 42

Starring Wife Paris Lincoln, Boyfriend Johnny

Your wife is the frisky and wicked Paris Lincoln. She smiles gleefully as she tells you she intends to fuck other guys and make you watch. She sucks your cock to get you to agree.

Enjoy this free clip:
Roman Video:


Hi rvflickr,

Please post only updates about releases revolving around our forum main themes.

Your video must be focused on mixed or female wrestling/fighting, pins & scissors, forced facesitting, to be advertised here.

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