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Female muscle comics from Amazonias

Started by Amazonias, 18-Nov-18, 08:42 AM

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Revenge of the Nerds part 1 is out on Amazonias!

It's Jed's first day in college. He doesn't know anyone, but everyone is staring at him because he's small, looks young, and is a supernerd. He's never had a girlfriend and has put all his hopes on college for finding one. During lunchbreak, he ends up sitting across Miyun, another outcast. She's huge, but not in the classic amazonian way.

The next day, Jed finds himself in Miyun's room for... a game of chess. Unfortunately, they are rudely interrupted by Raven and Michelle, two very fit bullies, who have made all of Miyun's high school years into a living hell.

Jed finds himself at their mercy, and Miyun is no help...

Revenge of the Nerds is the story of Miyun's transformation, and how little Jed will help her find a new destiny. This first episode features two gorgeous amazonian bullies, some lifting and carrying, domination and humiliation, a juicy girl-on-girl scene, comparisons, and much more.

105 pages


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend chapter 2 is out on Amazonias!

Think you're ready for some more adventures of big, beautiful female bodybuilder Jess? Let's see...

We start off with Jess dominating her boy toy Andy. Jess is still discovering what she likes, and she's discovering it quickly. To her, it's all about being in charge, with her muscles and her power, and being physically stronger than anyone else. Poor Andy will get to experience that first hand.

From Soren, one of her ex-boyfriend's friends, she learns that Art will be spending the weekend with his new girlfriend Tina, in his parents' house. And so Jess pays them a visit. Showing them her glorious physique, she starts to subtly dominate - and scare - the twosome. Back home, she's incredibly horny and hits the weights, thinking about how she will visit the couple again tomorrow...

This superhot second chapter features the beautiful, muscular, dominating Jess in all her glory. We see her overpower and humiliate Andy and Soren, there's weightlifting, Jess getting off by herself, intimidation, comparisons, and just a general atmosphere of overal subtle domination and sexiness.

104 pages


Muscles in the Family chapter 13 is out on Amazonias!

Chapter 13: getting it all

Hannah has (a lot!) more fun with Frankie, lifting him in a crazy original position and showing off her strength. When Hailey joins them, the fun doubles again!

In the meantime, Leon has a heart-to-heart with his dad. The two men bond over their mutual obsession, and wonder about their way out.

The next day, Leon confronts the two giant female bodybuilders and tells them his conondrum. While Hannah uses him and turns him on, he comes up with a daring idea...

Finally, we join Hannah and Michael as the girl decides on the gift she wants from him. It turns out to be a little bit more expensive than agreed...!

This chapter features more incredible comparisons between the two giant female bodybuilders and little Frankie, some amazing lifts, domination, flexing and humiliation, a feat of strength involving - you got it -  a car, and lots more!

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey's mom got together with Leon's dad. For all practical purposes, they're siblings.

112 pages


Rough Ride is out now on Amazonias!

When David catches his train just in time, he believes nothing can keep him from making the premiere of a new movie he's dying to see.

But that's not counting the two young female bodybuilders he runs into. They're built like a brick wall, they're huge, they're beautiful, and they are *really* hungry for sex.

The two musclegirls, Katy and Valerie, take turns taking David, first on the train, then in the toilets in the first station. It's not just a rough ride, it's *many* rides. David's stamina surprises even him, as he's driven again and again to a terrific climax.

I can't show much in the previews, because practically this whole comic is one big NSFW scene... Be careful.

This short comic by Lecter38 features two big boobed, beautiful, tall and muscular girls, domination, lifts, boob smothering, facesitting, lots of amazon positions, and lots more.

All characters are at least 18.


Mike's Lucky Life - Part 1 is out now on Amazonias!

This is the story of Mike Lucky, a young guy who's dreamt of being overpowered by tall female bodybuilders for a long time. We'll get to him soon, but in the first part of this series, you will hear the story of Mike's dad Tim and his stepmom Karen.

A few years ago, when Tim married Karen, she was just a tall, beautiful woman. It was only after Tim's business went down the drain that problems arose in their little household, and they started to fight. Then, at the suggestion of her neighbor, an ex-military man, Karen picks up working out and... gets a real taste for it.

Karen gets bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger, up to the point where she takes charge of the household and uses and abuses her much smaller husband...

This series by new artist Ronkenobi is based on a story by Fanfit. This episode contains (natural) female muscle growth, a whole lot of NSFW stuff, including hand jobs, blow jobs and boob jobs, lots of lifting in some pretty amazing positions, workouts & flexing, lapsitting, domination, humiliation, and much more!

98 pages


Big Sister - Part 10 is out now on Amazonias!

Caitlyn, one of the sexiest female bodybuilders in Amazonias, takes care of her dad, who, as you may remember from chapter 9, walked into her room catching his daughter in the act of dominating his son and his friend.

After Caitlyn is finished with Daddy and has convinced him to honor one big request, we jump three months in time and... Caitlyn is suddenly quite a big bigger again. We find the threesome in a new house, one early morning.

Upon waking up, Caitlyn demonstrates how she starts her days with her little slaves, engaging them in all kinds of games of strength and comparison.

This comic features incredible comparisons (of whole bodies, but also of hands, feet and biceps), domination and humiliation, big boobs, flexing, a throatlift, an overhead lift, amazing poses, and so much more....

Like for last episode, a warning: Caitlyn gets a still more intimate with her brother (though she never goes all the way). If that's triggering to you, stay away from this comic.

For this episode size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text!

98 pages


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Part 4 is out now on Amazonias!

Art needs to have a serious conversation with his ex-girlfriend Jess, by now a full-blown musclegirl. He enters her apartment one night, just as she is working out and hitting heavy weights.

Art's hopes to make her clear that she is to back off from him and his new girlfriend soon fade as Jess overpowers him and lets him know who is bigger and stronger... She jumps on him and makes him feel her all over!

And then there's the shopping date! Tina's not getting out of it, and so she and the magnificently muscular female bodybuilder find themselves looking for clothes that fit the big girl. Then things take an unexpected turn...

Later that night, we find Tina and Art in their respective rooms, alone, each one pondering what the hell is happening, and what role the crazy ex girlfriend will still play in their future...

This smoking hot episode contains powerful domination, workouts, flexing, comparisons, intimidation and domination by the incredibly sexy and confident Jess, as well as lapsitting, comparisons, smothering, big boobs, and amazing female muscle that will have you licking your screen!

118 pages


Climbing Mount Megan is out now on Amazonias!

"So who is she? She's incredible," Newly arrived student Roger says to his friend Lee. They're looking at a huge muscular female.

"That's Megan," Lee says. "She's... really someting."

"Is she ah... dating anyone?"

"She's always said that she'll date the guy who manages to kiss her. She calls the challenge 'climbing mount megan'"

Of course, Roger will give it a go. He goes up to her and says he accepts the challenge. He and the seven feet, muscular Megan meet in the local gym, and Roger will do his utmost best to conquer her. Will he be up to the challenge?

Megan, the smoking hot star of this comic, is very tall, looks stunning, has incredible boobs, and crazy muscles. This comic features sexy comparisons, flexing, gentle domination and humiliation, boob kissing and smothering, wrestling holds, scissoring, lift and carry, and so much more!

100 pages


A Forced Affair - Part 1 is out now on Amazonias!

Steven is at a great place in his life: nice job, nice house, nice girlfriend. But today, it's all going to start crumbling down...

That's because of the arrival of a new colleague at work. She's the exotic Mona: tall, dark, veiny, hugely muscular, and extremely dominant.

Already on the first day, this female bodybuilder makes it very clear to Steve that she likes him, and right away Steven is obsessed. Things take a more serious turn at an after hours work-party, where Mona shows Steve that she takes what she wants when she wants it.

The next day, just when Steven thinks he can't face her anymore, Mona orchestrates new plans for him.

This amazing new series by lecter38 features Mona, a woman of mysterious ethnic origin. We see her lift, flex, compare, smother, armwrestle... and many other things, both to our boy Steve and to a female co-worker. If sexual actions without consent are not your thing, you better stay away :-)

108 pages


Girls That Grow - Part 9 is out now on Amazonias!

The most popular series on Amazonias continues!

Four years ago, Donald, a genius student, invented a growth formula that only had an effect on women. Fellow student Gretchen and a few other girls later distributed the pills among female students.

Now, four years later, you can read about how that experiment went. Donald is currently living together with beautiful Gretchen. She is keeping (very) fit, but there are no more growth pills. Except for...


On a September night, Gretchen's cravings get the better of her, and she sets things in motion again.

And so, female muscles will bulge once more. Girls will grow again.

You could consider this comic as the start of Volume 2 of Girls That Grow. It continues a couple of years after Girls that Grow 8 left off, and has all the same wonderful muscle growth action but... with my since then much improved rendering skills. Enjoy the best in female muscle growth, big boob action, lifts, domination, scissoring, great storytelling, and much more!

117 pages

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