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Older Female Sensei Better Then Younger Men

Started by Female Action Movies, 26-Dec-14, 10:35 AM

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Female Action Movies

I know an older female sensei who gives MA lessons to younger boys every week. At the end of the session they may try to beat her but she is always winning.

What do you think, can an trained male martial artist beat a older female sensei?


I think it would depend on the fitness/skill/age gap. Also the rule set.

Having said that, of course it's possible.

BTW, when you say "boys" I assume you mean aged 18+ because this forum does not engage in conversation regarding minors.
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I bet female martial artists like Cynthia Rothrock, Karen Sheperd, Kathy Long - who must all now be 50+, could still put a lot of men in their 20s on their backs.

Cory Everson is almost 57 and still in great shape, has done Karate and Kickboxing for years, still lifts heavy weights.

Not the same thing, but I'm a runner and I see 50+ women entering 5K and 10K runs that outperform men in their late teens and 20s.

Female Action Movies

I saw a trainings video of 50+ Presenter Dr. Laura. She is still sexy and has a black belt in karate.

A man was carrying a punch bag and she kicked the bag so hard, that the man and the punch bag were kicked on the ground by her.

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