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Ready To Fight Sketch

Started by femwars, 04-Feb-15, 03:34 AM

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Hi all, here are the first couple of artwork pieces i will be sharing here for you to enjoy. More to come...




A previously commissioned piece. Enjoy...


Sorry about these coming out sideways. Im actually having a brainfart for a moment trying to get these the right way up haha. Ok, i will come back to these at some point when i add the rest. I add them as an attachment, from my desktop. When i view them on my desktop through whichever viewer, they come out the right way. As did the first one i posted. Since then, its sideways. Hmm...feeling very stupid right now  ;)


That last pic was quite impressive even with the sideways problem. Have you been doing art for a while now? Drawn a full fight yet?


Thankyou Garren, kind words. Yes, i have been drawing for a number of years. As for a full fight...not...yet  ;) For now, simply trying something a little differant.

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