newish member, advice on where/what to upload?

Started by llordzzx, 08-Feb-15, 04:58 AM

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hi, i'm a farely new member to your awesome forum, i joined less than a month ago, and have downloaded a fair few videos from here in the past few weeks, and i felt like it was maybe time to give back, but when reading around the forum, i have found your rules extremely confusing, as such i have no idea really what i'm allowed to post, and who would be the best and easiest file host to post videos on.

some of my concerns are, from what ive seen you have no list offical list of producers that are not allowed, but it does also appear, you can be banned, or at the very least have you links removed if you post contest from certain producers eg grappling girls.

so would love if someone could give me tell me what is the easiest file host to use? (preferably without having to pay to upload, and reasonable upload speed.)

and is there any content, i'm specifically not allowed to post? or it would be advisable not to post (most of my videos are mixed, i have a fair amount of gg, mwp, mwz)


just added point, i can see this rule
4.7 Only post material you own the copyright to or have consent from the copyright owner. Accounts found to be repeatedly copyright infringing after being warned not to may get terminated.

now obviously 90% of stuff on the video section of this forum, breaks that rule, so i guess im asking, how do you walk the line with that rule? whats allowed, whats not?


Sometimes, even I get confused! :o

Here's a tip: look around at what the other guys are posting and use that as a guide..... ;)
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


hmm, well, that could get a bit boring, only having stuff from same producers.
im guessing posting gg videos would get me banned?
and how is mega as a host to upload to?


oh 1 extra thing that just hit me how, do you do those pictures, with lots of mini pictures inside of different points from video?


just tried this, idk why it didnt work?? i followed a guide on the forum, it seems like all the times are in right place, but it keeps taking same screen shot over and over again


this is all fixed now, so mod can lock thread, had to download a different thumbnail maker (learned new work today :D )
you can find the first few posts of mine, on  the mixed wrestling videos section, thanks+karma to stewie for post + i found your thumbnail post, and used that :)

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