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issues for new forum members who wish to contribute.

Started by llordzzx, 14-Feb-15, 08:41 PM

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hi, i'm making this thread to give the people who run this forum, some feedback, on what it is like, and the difficulties of being, a new forum member who wants to start contributing.
i feel this is a very important issue for the forum, as a whole, as bringing in new members is great, but what you really want to make the forum great is contributors! as such i feel there should be an effort to make first time posting as easy as possible.
and since im celebrating being in the forum for 1month today! i think im in a good postion to give feedback.

one of my suggestions would be to have a sticky, on the mixed wrestling videos section, similar to the rules, and so on stickies in the forum topic, in red, that had a guide on how to go about uploading videos, with key rules, and showing people how to maybe compress big videos, and make thumbnails (just a link to stewies amazing guide would be fine, as right now its actually really hard to find unless you know its there)
for me as a person who had never uploaded a video to any host before in my life it was quite a challange, and probably over 2hours before i had first video uploaded. i know many people are not willing to put the time in to learn, especially if its going to be difficult, so lets make it as easy as possible!

other than uploading the videos, my other major problem was your rules, which i don't even know the word to describe them, but it appears the biggest issue for me was this rule.
4.7 Only post material you own the copyright to or have consent from the copyright owner.
looking at the video section of this forum, one would quickly come to the conclusion this rule has no meaning, and is completely ignored.
but after posting my first four videos, two of which are grappling girls, i get informed i breaking the rules, as grappling girls videos, and a few other producers mma dom ect are not allowed! this kind of suggests you have a prohibited producer policy, but i have searched every inch of your rules, and there is no indication that you do. i personally found it a bit disheartening to put the effort in for my first time to start contributing, and then be forced to take down half the videos i posted. really through no fault of my own, it wasn't like i didn't read your rules, there just not in the rules! and they seem to be something that just experienced posters seem to know how to walk the line on what they can post, and can not. not very helpful to us new forum members!

so summary:
please could the forum owners make a prohibited producers list, making it clear to new forum contributors what they may, and may not post
and if possible could there be a stick guide made at some point on how to upload new videos? (id be willing to make it so long as it went to good use!)

also wanted to add onto this thread a thanks to the mods, and owners of this forum, for creating it, as you have made an amazing community, far better than any forum i have yet to see. despite minor issues brought up here i have really enjoyed my first month in this forum, and hope to be an active contributing member for a long time to come :) i just brought this up as i think it could be putting other people off contributing, and i think my suggestions really could help bring in more contributors.


Regarding the banned producers list, here is a link to that list as detailed by the forum admins!


List of the producers who do not require their media to be posted to this forum ( List as of March 2015 )

APL Videos

Domination Divas - Fetish Adventures

Grappling Babes Clips - Facesitting Universe - DreamLand Clips - CLF Clips - Grappling Gals (c4s 28308)

Doom Maidens

femmixwrestling, femmixvspro, fitnessactionwrestling



Keri Spectrum

Minxy Li Productions

MMA Domination (c4s 46922)

Scissor Foxes

Hope this helps buddy?


it does, thank you for pointing it out, i believe it was only posted this month, after i made my post?
but still very helpful, and a step in the right direction.

some extra publicity for that thread may be nice, only read 230 times, which is probably a very small fraction of the forum user base.

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