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Role Playing

Started by femwars, 16-Feb-15, 02:35 AM

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Hi folks, how's everyone today? Hope you are all well.

I thought i would post a little something here regarding a pastime of mine, roleplaying. I dont know if any other users here ever role play at all (all online naturally - although rl rp is fun :) ) but i have rp'ed for a number of years and just wondered if anyone else here did at all? In brief, i have two wrestlers that i have rp'ed as for 6 and 2 years respectively. There are various sites out there and i am a member. Simply a case of each week, a 'show' airs and on that show there are a number of matches, and segements inbetween. Its all text based, but it will read out exactly like any wrestling show. Intros, interviews, matches, funny skits, all sorts. I enjoy the rp side as rl tends to get a bit much for me at times and having that creative release of sorts really helps. In brief, one character is simply "an ageless evil. A notion and a concept too terrible to comprehend." Whilst the other suffers schizophrenic episodes resulting in massive personality shifts and traits and "has the power to move shatter spines and well as spirits. You show spirit...admirable like the Robin...and ultimately futile as the spirit is crushed beneath my boot heel. Come. Bring to me your very bestm and know that the defeat i will serve you shall taste all the sweeter."

Just seeing if anyone ever did anything similar? Maybe wanted to do something here? Just sayin...and thanks for reading.


New to me, but sounds interesting. 8)
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Well, let me take you down the rabbit hole a little. Rp, or my preferred option of Dark Rp, can be used in a multitude of ways. Personally, for me, the creative release is a massive help with me rl. Medicinal tablets dont work. Neither does self medication. In order to ensure i dont self medicate, i rp. It gives me a great release. I first started a number of years ago wherein i was asked to write a story of sorts involving a totally fictitious wrestler in a totally fictitious fed. Now, being the semi mark that i am i took that ball and ran with it. I thought about a backstory, a gimmick, a profile, a wrestling style, outfits, entrance music right down to how he talks, his vocabulary/terminology, body language and mannerisms. Every single aspect you could possibly think of, i have covered. Over the years, i watched him grow and he became my alter ego of sorts. As i grew and changed, so did he, just at a much faster rate. Then came the time that i needed a differant type of outlet. The anger wasnt enough and there was only so much that can be done with a character that may have started to become a little stale. A little, one dimensional. I wrote him out of storylines for a few months and made a huge deal out of him battling his personal demons. Yeah, i like to blur the lines when i rp. There is a lot of truth in what i write, and a lot of red herrings  ;) With him out of the way, a new character was introduced. The protege naturally. This one...this one was a lot differant, and a lot of fun to write if not supremely challenging at times for me. The new guy, is more of a head case. An outright nutjob that loves to playthe mind games. He is credited as being able to beat people before they even get in the ring. He enjoys making people fall to pieces. He enjoys keeping everyone guessing, and constantly leaves folks open mouthed. I have been 'rewarded' for my efforts by being mae champions of numerous federations i have been involved with. Thats always nice, but to be fair, i never ever EVER set out to win any titles. I always remember a quote from good old Hot Rod, Rowdy Roddy Piper..."Only thing a belt's good for, is holding your pants up". I used to say that a lot haha. In truth, i actually agree. A belt doesnt make a champion. Never has, never will.

As for the layout, well, its like i mentioned above, its all text based. Its no differant than the posters here who write their stories. Its laid out in exactly the same way really. The only differance with rp, is that obviously you are really believeing you are the character you are portraying, rather than writing about someone. You are writing The best part is, its all rp so anything, and i do mean anything, goes. You can explain, anything. You can make it as believeable or as ridiculous as you want. For this forum, i cant really see the stories written about two blokes and their individual careers really being too interesting. But...if i was to, say, write an rp about a mixed catfight, that may garner some interest. When i posted originally, i was looking to see if there were any other rpers here that would like to jointly write something. Failing that, as a means of my therapy, i may write a little blurb here and there and just post it. Im not sniffing for karma in any way, im just looking to contribute and enjoying myself here.

Might as well finish it up there and leave it at that for now. love to discuss more, if anyone is interested :) For what its worth, my two wrestlers are known as 'The Walking Nightmare' Darkseid, and The Raggedy Man. Both former champions. Both tweeners with heelish tendancies.

I dont want to drone on too much, just keeping it sort of brief as if i started to really explain things in detail i may lose folks/bore them.


Couple of images of card work i used to use...

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