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Started by Catfight909, 16-Mar-15, 10:10 PM

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We serve those of you who enjoy the following:

- Test of Strength and Catball Action
- Sexfighting
- Tightfighting
- Catfight like action

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An experienced woman and an interested member of our Yahoo Group, Cassy (she's 49 years young), asked us for a match against one of our younger ladies here at Catfight-Corner. She told us she wanted Evey Kristal as a combatant for grinding sex fight and lesbian catfight match. Where the winner dominates the other. Evey was very interested to show this hard body mature woman who is the mistress of the house. So we left the two women alone with their own rules to see what happened between the younger girl and the mature woman. They started with a lot of hot tangling leg in nylons and high heels and wearing panties. While tribalism their fight, they keep on the panties, just what you've been asking for! See strong hair pulling, hot wedgies and some tit to tit action plus some bear hug strong holds. If you like classy different aged women in catfights, and in fights with panties, you will love this!

Click here for preview:

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