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Lovely Black Scissor Queens

Started by Lovelegs, 03-Nov-12, 07:16 AM

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Feel free to share pics of your favorite leggy queens here! I am a big fan of Serena Williams and she is well represented here!


also featured here are Tyra Banks, Ciara, Beyonce, Gabriel Union, and Rihanna.


Some strong mamma's there, bro!

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


No escape from those black-mambas!  :o

Good job, LL...... :TY:   :k1:
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 22-Nov-12, 09:29 AM
No escape from those black-mambas!

Yes, sir. Some pretty powerful legs on display here.

Thanks LL...:k1:

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