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How A Breast Smother feels to a man

Started by HeadScissored, 15-Apr-15, 06:00 PM

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I was just wondering. I have never been breast smothered before. What is a man thinking while being smothered? I wish I could experience it for myself..  ;) Thank you to all who respond.


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As for the questions, I've never been breat smothered, but I do judo and I know what you're thinking when someone makes breathing hard to impossible for you: how to breath again !
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If you are talking a physical sense, then naturally, a number of factors need to be determined first; ie breast size, shape etc. From personal experience, and speaking only on a physical basis here, i have had the joys of both large breasts and comparatively small breasts thrust/placed/massaged onto my face/head and the differing sizes naturally offer a differing dynamic. One favored option is to lay down while a large pair of bosoms are hanging tentatively inches from my face. Gently swaying perhaps to add to the arousal. Perhaps contained? Perhaps, free and easy...i digress. After savoring the sights i enjoy having them slowly pressed into my face and let the smothering/massaging etc begin. I enjoy the sensation of having my entire face engulfed by breast to the point i cannot see, or possibly hear, let alone breath. Sometimes i like being restrained, and others not. Depends on the mood ;) Now, taking the above into account and again from my own personal opinion, when a smaller set of breasts plays out the same type of scenario, it doesnt have the same effect. Small breasts cannot smother me completely. Nor do i like to feel (as i have on occasion) 'chest bone' grinding against my face due to an A/B cup not being 'padded' enough.

Now i have to say that without droning on, there are lots more things to take into account (for me) rather than simply having a pair of boobs in my face (AWESOME as that is). If, for example, i'm enjoying an evening of 'play' wrestling...then depending on whether im wanting a comp/semi-comp/fantasy/pro-style/mixed catfight/smother rules/smother pins ... you see where im going....type of match will again have a small impact on the boob smothering. If i'm in a mood to be beaten senseless by...someone....then i'm going to want to possibly offer as little resistance as possible, end up getting held down and very much (not) against my will, being smothered. Flipside - i'm in a mood to dominate and decimate. I may want to restrain my opponent and enjoy some breast play of my own which, strange as it may be, does include me smothering myself in breasts.

I guess, as i seem to be yakking on here (sorry), i'm sort of trying to say i think that in a physical sense, a breast smother is a breast smother. Its not going to differ that much in one person to the next, as far as the person receiving it goes that is. Its all the circumstances that go with the breast smother itself that, for me, help to turn it into something even better than it already is :)

Just sayin...


Well, even though I can't get my wife to wrestle, at least she's willing to do some breast smothering. Her favorite is what I would call a closed guard breast smother. I guess it's her favorite because that's the one she has used on me the most. While she does this she lays on her back controlling my body with her legs, then she pulls my head into her cleavage squeezing her arms together to provide that solid air lock. From there, I usually manage to breathe by pulling in my chin and curling my back. To counter this she usually twists my head to the side so that my cheek is resting on her chest, which allows her to press the magnificent breast flesh over my airways.

Now, I could easily break out of this hold with the help of my arms, but since I like being breast smothered I usually try to resist with out them. Passively taking it won't make it for me. The feeling of being smothered has different phases in my opinion. First, there's this reflex like sensation that kind of hits you as soon as your spine realizes that you aren't getting any air. Now, this could easily cause one to struggle and to try to free one's airways, but that sensation can easily be controlled in less than a second.

Then you have the increasing lack of oxygen, as if you are out of breath, and soon you'll either break free or pass into what I call is the acceptance phase. That's when you kind of let your body go and you'll get the feeling of relaxation through out your body. Here the panic kind of ebbs out and you'll realize that you have some kind of extra oxygen reserves within yourself and that is why you can endure the prolonging of the smother even further without fear. This is where my wife's limit goes, and I have never been smothered further. I would love for her to be more wicked to me though, but I believe she's afraid of hurting me for real.

Other breast smothers I have received from my wife is the one when she's lying on top of me and has her breast hanging down onto my face. I get the feeling she doesn't enjoy that one as much as the other, but I must say that one is much more effective. You'll go through all of the above mentioned phases, but it's another experience since you're kind of buried underneath her weight as well. My wife is well endowed, but in that position you are pressed up all the way to the breast bone and it is completely dark as her breasts are covering my eyes.

The third one I kind of enjoyed a lot was when she was straddling me, pulling me down to her breasts while wrapping one arm around my head. From there she could recreate that reflex I mentioned by gently pressing the side of her boob with the hand she reached around my head with. It is hard to describe the feeling you get when your involentary motorboating becomes a threat in an instant. I think that technique was the most effective one, when it comes to blocking my airways only.

Lately, I am trying to persuade her into restraining me so that I am completely helpless to her assault. I am quite sure she can get me down and restrain me against my will if she ever tries any kind of scissor hold. Her leg strength is astonishing, since we are both old footballers (the soccer variant) and handball players, I can tell, because she is a head shorter than me but manages to squat as much as I do, and I am not weak. If we lower the weights she even manages to do more reps than me, since my cardio sucks and I get numb due to lactic acid more quickly than her. But, I digress. If I continue to lead her down on my path of degeneration into my lustfilled world of femdom wrestling she'll probably knock the living shit out of me with her breasts soon.


I had tried one hold, don't know its name, my wife press her breast down while I am sucking a nipple. It's completely air tight. But I dare not to go further, smothered 10s or so I might tap. It is wired, you feel liking going in, but while you are in there, you want out asap.


What was I thinking when being breast smothered? That I was going to die! Only once in my life, I had a really suffocating breast smothering and it came totally surprising to me. I was in my early twenties, the woman was about 10 years older and well equipped. Quite obviously it wasn't her first time as I wasn't able to get out of her grip although I was desperately trying, thinking she would kill me. I hear people saying that it is easy to free yourself out of this hold but I didn't manage to do so. She choked me out cold and woke me up with faceslaps. For a moment, I didn't know where I was and what had happened. All this did not feel sexy but frightening when it actually occured. Nevertheless, it has become one of my most intense erotical memories and I have tried to reenact it several times but with no "success".


I had an ex girl friend not only smother me with her 42D chest but slap my face with her chest and I liked it. However, since there was an agreement for her to get up when i tapped I did not have the same sense of fear as I felt like I was still in charge and she would get up at my request.
This was not true when I wrestled a friend's niece who caught me off guard as she pinned me on the floor pinning my hands to the floor over my head and smothered me with her tummy. I moved my face back and forth frantically as she calmly moved her tummy from left to right placing her tummy back on my face in an attempt to smother me out. The only reason i escaped her hold was she let go of my hands to hug my face into her tummy into her face. With my hands free I was able to push her off of me and get up.


I've experienced this a few years ago!

I was wrestling Almond, a blonde Polish fighter living in the UK. I've attached some pictures of her. I'm not sure if she's still around.

This wasn't roleplay or any fake nonsense, but a competitive submission wrestling match. I was giving 100% - but am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I had to tap six times in 30 mins, and two of these were via breast smother. Both holds were identical - she'd have me in a grapevine pin, her arms wrapped around my head, and she'd hold my head still while forcing her upper body down, crushing her breasts into my face. It was total darkness, just the feeling of the fabric of her top covering my face and filling my mouth, and the sensation of her breasts smothering me. I am no pushover and did my utmost to escape, but my airways were effectively blocked and eventually my strength ebbed away and I had to tap.

I was never scared because she was a lovely girl who had no intention of doing anything other than defeating me, and we also had a ref / observer present. However, it IS scary to think what she COULD have done. Thinking back, the only possible thing I could have done would have been to actually grab hold of her breasts with my hands - it wouldn't have freed me, but it might have given me just enough room to breathe and work up my defence. However, I didn't feel I had the right to deliberately grab her there - it wasn't that kind of match, lol! 


My wife had A-B boobs, cone-shaped, wide gap, underdeveloped perhaps when we were dating. She was able to do good breast slaps, but breast smothering needed some effort (pressing them together, looking for the right position).

While pregnant, her boobs finished maturing, became bigger and more drop shaped. She gained more weight than necessary, as well. Those breast smothers were easier, though we fought less because of the belly.

While breastfeeding the boobs would get huge and hard when full or big but saggy when empty. The breastlapping was demolishing, and she got to do real breastsmothers that made me tap out.

Then she remained overweight. The boobs shrinked to a B-C. She got to do nice breastslapping and comfy breastsmothers, but I could almost always breathe while under them. She got a good weight and strength leverage over me, but I'm 4" taller and she was on the brink of obesity.

So she decided to lose weight. Over 40 pounds. Her boobs shrunk, leaving behind saggy, wrinkly skin. Now when she is over me they hang like two skin flaps. Breast smothering is impossible and my nose presses against her chestbone. I can feel the ribs by pressing on the boobs. We can only make an attempt if laying on the side. She's still on the upper limit of weight for her size and wants to get closer to the average, but I don't want her to lose any more weight.

So, I've gone through different feelings for the breastsmother, I miss her pre-weightloss ones. I wish she could have lost her obesity and huge abdomen without losing the boobs, but we pictured that would happen beforehand. My only hope is that, since she has just stopped losing weight, her boobs may fill up with grease again. I can only dream. We have though about implants as well, but it's difficult to take a decision.


I've been smothered by small and large breasts and realistically in my experience the difference hasn't been super noticeable. Every time the chest bone flattens my nose, and no matter how small (smallest was b cup) the sensation of being suffocated has been present. Biggest difference is the immediacy of that being suffocated feeling, although after about a minute even with small breasts you'll start to feel it. Based solely on feeling, being smothered by breasts hasn't been that different from being smothered by an ass or even having a thigh wrapped around your face.
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I have been breast smothered by various female wrestlers

In all cases they have been on top of me, using their weight to keep me pinned down.

In most cases, they have had their arms around the back of my head, or base of my skull and they have gripped their opposite elbow, making it impossible to pull my head free. Before applying the breast smother they usually run their arms down the sides of their breasts to squeeze them together into a smothering cushion.

In most cases they combine the breast smother with a grapevine on my legs. However, I have also been breast smothered with the lady just straddling me. Any attempt to bridge out fails as she is locked on to my head and all that happens is that I wear myself out.

Obviously there is a sexual element to this. At first you don't think about struggling because you have a big pair of breasts in your face. However, it is also a very humiliating way for a lady to force you to submit and most men don't want to be humiliated so their stupid male pride makes them start to struggle.

What makes it even more humiliating is that I have generally had both arms free but have still not been able to escape. The lady is usually too well locked on to my head. I can try to push her off but she just rides my attempts, back down. If she has a grapevine on my legs then she can use that to subdue me.

I have seen variations on this hold where the guy has his arms wrapped up by the lady, but that has never been necessary with me. Even with both arms free, within the rules of wrestling, I have never been able to escape this hold once it is locked on.

The lady will often taunt you saying things like "Are my big breasts making it hard to breathe?" or "Why are you struggling, aren't you enjoying yourself in there?" or "Poor little boy, beaten by a big girls breasts!". All of this is designed to make you struggle uselessly and wear yourself out and to make you use up precious air which weakens you very quickly.

You will start to panic as you run out of air. There is the sexual conflict. Men are supposed to like breasts but these breasts are going to knock you out. You have to submit. Ladies often play tricks such as saying I can't hear you, say it louder. When you are yelling "I submit" they will briefly remove the smother so that everyone hears. Then they will smother again. So far they have always let me go before they have knocked me out. Being forced to submit to a breast smother always leaves me feeling very submissive towards the lady.



Ok brand new here and might as well try a response. I really like to be breast smothered and have been lucky enough to have had it done quite a few times with different women. Feelings many a real turn on, times a little panic, does a great job of taking the fight out of me and love it when the lady gets off on it.
So a few examples one of the last times she was well endowed had my arms pinned and smothered my face with one breast had me squirming in no time.
Best thing is after a bit she raised up taunted a bit gave me a chance to suck in some air then wham the other boob. After she repeated this a few times one then the other I was squirming no more and she oh poor baby what's the matter. Her breasts where so big covered not only my mouth but my whole face. So another one was a small breasted lady she'd wrap her arms around my head neck and squeeze me tight smashing her little tits into my mouth and shimmer her chest back and forth. So in my opinion doesn't matter much to me the size both where hot. I've found many ladies like it both of the above where with women I was tussling with but I've had it done with women that didn't know I like wrestling with ladies. All seemed to enjoy it like the control and liked how much I got off on it.
So hope you can have the experience pretty sure you'll love it. First try here at a response let me know how I did.

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