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Scissors, that's all. (1)

Started by movieyou2003, 20-Apr-15, 05:03 AM

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I am now 35 years old Chinese woman, black hair and eyes, I have a neck/scissor fetish, and i have always been searching for a perfect scissor tool, he must be:1,  willing to be scissored-he enjoys it. 2, nice personality, don't say bad words. 3, strong neck, muscular body- so it's comfortable for me to scissor him. 4, a good looking head on the shoulder- so i enjoy looking at him too while i scissor. 5, only to be my scissor tool, without other request such as to have sex....6, can endure long long scissors.
After long long long time search I found my tool, an western man, he is white, strong, avarege looking, but he is super nice, we decided to test our scissors, so one day i went to his place.
He opened the door without a shirt (i told him that when we are together he is not allowed to wear a shirt), and i can see his shapely body with long but fit muscles, he is not big, but he is fit and strong, he has blonde short curly hair, a pair of blue eyes, very sexy, he has a long neck, he told me that it will be easy for me to scissor because of his long neck. He told me his name is Hans, and he offered me coffee, i don't really like coffee since i am chinese, but i drink some already, when he bent over i just keep looking at his torso and imagining to scissor him, i am quiet nervous, because to meet a real person to show my true self, that is quiet unusual for me, and he is not judgemental. He told me that if i can not waite i can scissor him right away, i said lets drink coffee first, and i don't rememer what that coffee tasted like now.
Then he put away the cups, and he suddenly knee in front of me and look me in the eye and said he offer his head to me as gift, i can do whatever i want with it, and what shall i want to do with it now, i said maybe i can first test a little, and he put his hand behind of his back (as we pre discussed), and flexed his neck, all the veins and muscles bulging, he said to me that i can put 100 percent pressure and try, and he leaned close to me but kept a litte distance as showing respect, i grabbed his head gently and pushed it toward me and closed my legs, he look up and smile beautifully, i can tell he enjoys it not less than me.
Let my legs challange your neck/head!


this is my true story, but since no one is interested, i will not write the part (2) or (3).
Let my legs challange your neck/head!


I think you underestimate the interest that would come from your stories. I think you should carry on.

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