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Celebs, Models and Athletes Kicking Your Ass

Started by gh122, 26-Apr-15, 03:11 PM

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I've been writing a few pov stories upon request and I thought I'd start posting them here. These are pretty much all first draft/ stream of conscious so formatting and story structure aren't always ideal but I hope you enjoy! If there's something you'd like to see in the future feel free to PM me.

First story is a boxing match with the diminutive Kelly Stables whose 5'0 and under 100lbs:

A stupid comic relief raffle. That's what started this. Your dumbass friends entered you in a chance to fight Kelly Stables. Wouldn't it hysterical to see his ass beat. A stupid joke, one that only grew less funny when you awoke to a call from the BBC naming you the raffle winner and obligating you to participate in the match the following night. A light spar, they told you, a jest nothing more. Take a few hits, let kelly pose over you, blow her kisses to the crowd and give you a big hug. Not a big deal, expects the last thing you want is for the world to see you humiliated and taken down by the diminutive Kelly Stables, even if it's just for show. You'd never be able to show your face again, certainly not to your supposed friends. 

You arrive on set the next morning hours early to prep for the match with Kelly. She's  bubbly and flirtatious which somehow only makes this worse. The two of you enter the ring with as you rehearse the basic punches and choreography. One thing is immediately clear, Kelly can't throw a punch to save her life, her motion is always a slap, her heavy gloves trailing behind her wrist. It's too much for you to handle, Losing to her in this state would quite literally be the end of your career and potentially your life. You interrupt Kelly and the trainer a pose a simple request, could it at least be a draw? Kelly instantly grows cold, she doesn't want to get hit and suggest you pack your bags and leave. Unfortunately, as the BBC so kindly informed you, pulling out would result in them suing you for everything will ever have. Desperate you suggest to Kelly that you could do a bit where you team up against the hulking trainer. He just laughs. You think I'm going be seen getting my ass kicked by Kelly fricken Stables? That's your job.

The night arrives as the stadium fills to the brim thousands of audience members, cameras orbit the ring as you wait in the tunnel for your introduction. It's been a night of staged fight, but this will be the first intergender competition, and as the main bill the audience is hungry for it. Your music cues up and you meander toward the ring, the audience boos your lack of attitude, but your in no hurry to make this look like a real fight. Ducking into the ring Kelly bounds around in her corner, wearing her tight sports bra and ass hugging shorts while throwing her slap punches into the air. To your chagrin the announcer uses your full name and the bell sounds, Kelly hops toward you fist raised. "Think you have a chance punk?" You throw a slow punch as planned which she ducks before landing a slap punch. Your head snaps back, that was much harder than expected. "Losing to girl already? Huh? Answer me loser!" She hits you again and you fall for real. The audience is riotously laughing as you struggle to stand while the count reaches 7. "Com'on I'm not done with you. Thinking a girl would be a easy target. Proved you wrong weakling."

She throws her punch but this time you dodge. Not part of the plan and you can already see Kelly's a bit miffed. Enraged by the audience you land a solid blow to Kelly face spinning her around. "What the fuck." She shrieks and the audience suddenly quiets down. "That wasn't part of the plan. Hit me again and I'll kill you." She comes back at you expecting the match to resume but instead you pop her in the face. Kelly's head snaps back. "I'm not losing to your tiny midget ass. I could pick you up and body slam and crush that tiny frame." Being miced up your insult is broadcast over the speakers as the audience viciously boos you and suddenly items are being hurled into the ring. Kelly is pissed, "You want to fight? Is that it? I'll have to beat your pathetic bitch ass for real? What did I say would happen if you hit me?" At that moment Kelly handlers race to the ring but Kelly shoos them away. "Let's give the people what they paid for. A real ass beating."

She charges you, you try to cover but the little girl is just too much pounding you with a flurry of slap punches, she hits your face, your body, she throws elbows and suddenly your down against the ropes with several teeth hanging lose as she pummels you. The ref runs in and pushes her off, Kelly gives her hair a flip and scoffs at you heading back to her corner. She makes sure to sway her hips as the cameras match your beaten face to her jiggling bottom. You rise up groaning, your face aching and bruised. "Ready for round two motherfukcer? I'm not stopping till your pussy ass is out." She flies at you again, but this time you manage to side step her. As she soars past you land a spinning backfist putting her on the mat. Security guards have assembled around the ring to prevent any interference from a crowd after your head.

Kelly roars back up, screaming as she faints a left and slams you with a right. You cough up your mouth guard as Kelly lands a kick to your gut. "You can fight as dirty as you want too, I'll still beat your ass." taking her word you wrap her up in a bearhug pressing her face to your chest and squeezing out her lungs. Her arms flail at the elbows punching scoring at your ribs. You can barely tolerate the pain, but you know if you hold on just a little longer you'll take the little bitch out. Suddenly Kelly draws back her head and head butts your chest, hard. You let go and in that moment Kelly lands a perfect uppercut, splitting open your chin and depositing you on the mat, knocked out. The ref tries to wave the fight off but Kelly shoves him away. The headbutt has opened a small cut on her cheek to go with her bruised eye. She aggressively hops on one foot after the other, her breast nearly popping out as she removes her sneakers and chucks them at your bloody and beaten body.

You begin to stir as Kelly approaches you, then kicks you on your back. "a lot of people like my feet," She dangles her foot over your fluttering, groggy eyes. "Do you like them? A little present for being my punching bitch. Now you're my foot bitch." She shoves her tiny toes into your mouth gingerly at first, then suddenly slams her full foot down your gullet chocking you back to life then taking it from you. As you gurgle and spasm as falls into a laughing fit and removes her foot. "Com'on get up foot bitch. I'm not done with you. I'm going to make sure this video becomes part of the national lexicon."

You begin to cry and crawl on your hands toward the rope using it to hoist yourself up. Kelly marches over to you. "Com'om slow poke we're losing viewers." She pulls you up the rest of the way and you respond with the hardest punch you can muster. Unfortunately its alight jab to the midsection. Kelly just cocks her head and raises an eyebrow at you. She then shuts and blackens your eyes with two quick slaps. She strings you between the ropes and goes to town on you, she lands punch after punch, combined with a hefty does of knees and kicks tearing you apart, shattering your bones. SMASH, she breaks your ribs, SNAP, she kicks in your cheekbones, CRACKLE, she pops your balls with a knee. You finally collapse and Kelly steps on your windpipe turning your battered face purple. You claw her leg to no avail. "Thought you said I was tiny? Whose beneath me know? Huh? Answer me bitch!" "I'm beneath you." You squeak out, your voice several octaves higher much to Kelly enjoyment. She removes her foot and drags you to the center of the ring. "I think your voice is higher than mine, my little girly boy bitch."

She looks around the emptying stands, the crowd having gotten too disgusted to stay. Only the camera crew remains as they clamber into the ring to get a close up of Kelly slipping you into a devastating reverse headscissor. She grabs her leg increasing the pressure and burying your face in her firm ass. "I think I'll do this again next year, or you know what, maybe even tomorrow. How does that sound bitch?" Your body is entirely limp you're completely out. Kelly shrugs "Not like you have a say." She releases you crushed skull and gives your face one final kick. She flinches, grossed out by your puffy deformed features. She pokes at you with her toes like a child poking a dead frog with a stick. "Ewww..." Your face mushes under her toes, but she soon grows fascinated rearranging your face as if you were a real life Wooly Willy, even sticking her feet into your toothless mouth. Soon the camera crew cut the feed but Kelly stays a bit longer, only until ambulance arrives does she finally relent, leaving the ring with a smile on your face as your loaded into intensive care. The doctors prognosis, If there's any good news its that you'll never have to show your face again, because after Kelly's ass beating you need a new one!
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Here's a three part sequel of sorts to the Playboy Mansion story, idea is that you've been captured and are being taken out over and over again only to be cloned and brought back for another round. Features Keira Knightley, Jamie Sale, Kelly Brook and Alison Brie.

Part 1 with Keira and Jamie

You awake with a stutter, your eyes filled with white. You grope at your surroundings, but can't get a hold of anything "I'm blind!" you shout but it comes out as nothing more than a mumble; your eyes slowly adjusting to the medical light overhead. As you come too you realize you're lying on a table, feeling seeping back into your body as you gingerly clasp you fist open and shut. You can just make out a figure approaching you in a lab coat, is that Keira Knightly? "Hi, welcome back to the world of the living." Her unmistakable British accent leaving no doubt of her identity. "Sorry about the neck snap, Holly needs to learn restraint. Raising the dead is not an easy or inexpensive prospect after all." She slaps a button on a nearby console causing the table to rise up. You slide off it onto wobbly legs as Keira pushes a leotard into your hands. You glance around the lab, a oddly small space with little more than a table and a large upright vat... "Where..." Keira pushes you ahead. "Just put it on, one leg after the other." befuddled by the circumstance you follow her flippant command. "Good, Jamie's been getting impatient waiting for her replacement partner. If I could I'd keep you here for another day, don't think you'll be able to keep up her and I sure as hell don'e want to fix your broken corpse. So try to stay in one piece." She shoves through a door and into darkness.

You instantly slip and fall on your ass in the dark, eliciting a high pitched yelp. At that moment two spotlight clunk on highlighting Jamie Sale in the middle on an ice rink, the same rink you just fell on. She's wearing a one piece black unitard showing off her ample curves. "You going to lie on your ass all day or are you going to come and get me pussy?"

I said get up, I have to be ready for competition you slow sack of shit. You try to stand only to fall back down a second later. Jamie tosses her head back groaning in annoyance and skates over to you, only for her mood to grow fouler. "Where the fuck are your skate?" " I, I..." You blubber still coming to terms with the situation. "What you can't talk either? Fuck it." She pulls you to your feet and wraps your arms around her midsection. "Simply throw and catch, You look pretty fucking wimpy but you can do that right?" You half nod, intoxicated by her presence alone and the lingering scent of exotic perfume. Jamie counts "3... 2... 1..." She arches her back, raising her hand to expecting you to throw her. You grunt trying to heave her, but your arms are just too weak. Jamie glares down at you, absolutely furious. She slaps you hard knocking you down. "good for nothing little bitch." She yanks you back up by the hair causing you to scream in pain. "Stand there dummy. If you're too pathetic to be my partner  you can at least be my dummy."

She backs off then skates forward and leaps twirling through the air and slashing your torso with her skates as she comes down. You scream in bloody terror as a slight cut has opened on your stomach. "What it's not that bad. How about next time I aim for your head." Suddenly a voice booms form an intercom overhead "Jamie could you please not kill this one? Just got him up and running two minutes ago." Keira pleads. "Oh that's fucking perfect." Jamie yells. She aggressively removes her skates nearly jiggling out of her top as she stares you down. "You just earned yourself an ass beating. You're gonna beg me to die and I won't even give that to you." She tosses aside her skates and charges, someone keeping her balance as she tackles you to the ground. She straddles you as the force sends you both back into the rink's wall. Jamie begins pounding your face with alternating lefts and rights instantly knocking out your teeth. When you try to cover your face she switch landing hooks to your ribs until they turn purple. You try to punch back but Jamie bats you're fist away and even lets you land a few blows that only cause her to laugh hysterically.

Soon Your screams are cries are almost a soundtrack as Jamie literally pounds you around the rink. You arms flail about, but Jamie laughs, enjoying herself as she knocks you to hell. After what seems like an eternity your hands manage to grope something on the wall, a door! You pull with what little strength remains in your body and pry it open. Jamie whose been thoroughly focused on annihilating you doesn't notice until the door swings open smacking her in the head knocking her off you. You claw through the door back into the stands and begin to run, thankfully she focused on destroying your face and not your legs! unfortunately your lungs too took a pounding and soon you find you can't take another step without severe pain. You stop a second and look around; Jamie's no where to be seen. You take a moment to sit down, breathing heavy and horsily as you start to cry. Just then a pair of legs wrap around your neck as Jamie jumps on you from behind. She gets you on the floor and squeezes with all her might as you're voice and pleas turn to a squeak. "Thought you could run away bitch? I don't think so. I'm an olympic athlete. You're just a little puss, never had a chance with me!" She constricts her thighs, your skull turning red as you can hear popping between your ears.

She releases her hold only plant her leather clad ass in your face and grinds the last of your teeth loose. "Tell me how does it feel bitch?" She raises her ass. As you try to speak she slams it back down. "What's that I can't hear you?" You scream bloody murder, your tears would be pouring down your face if not for her athletic and supple clogging all you're passages. She eventually lets you up moments before you pass out allowing you to crawl away on your hands and knees sobbing to yourself. She then literally punts your ass dropping you on your face. She wastes no time getting you in an intense figure forum then wrapping you in a reverse head scissor. "Talk to my ass while your down there and give it a kiss while you're at it" You try to comply but your lips can't quite reach. "let me help." She sits back transition back to a facesit grinding on your lips and forcing out kissing. Jamie mocks you with kissing noise and laughs before finally hauling you to your feet. She grabs you by the ear and drags you over to the nearby judges booth. "I want you to score my performance you little bitch" She slams you head into the table then axe kicks you in the face knocking you over the table and bringing down the scorecards with you.

"what;s the score wimp?" She gets in close and you try to swing at her. She catches your fist and pulls out your arm, elbowing and breaking it. "That wasn't nice, want to loose the other one?" You hold up a random card. Jamie's eyes widen in shock "A four!? You fucking asshole" she lands kick after kick your prone body turning you into a convulsing bloody wreck. After she thinks you've had enough she climbs ontop of you and stuffs her leather clad boobs into your face, shaking back and forth. Her breastbone presses down so hard you feel your nose crack and break. You cry in horror as her breasts wipe your tears back and forth until your out. The intercom burst on "What did I tell you?" Keira yells. "He's not dead. I could kill him with my boobs, but you don't want that." Jamie smirks, peeling herself off your unconscious body. She poses over you and takes a bow to the non existant crowd. "I still have to repair him. You think Kelly wants him like that?" "I don't give a shit. next time don't send me such a fucking pussy." She stomps on your neck, you convulse beneath her as she stomps down over and over until you're out for good.     
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Part 2 with Keira Knightly and Kelly Brook

Bam! Whap! SMACK! Your slapped awake, once again lying on the lab table. Kiera's pissed. She gives you one more slap for good measure. Oww! you cry. Keira swings her arm back to strike again but this time you manage to grab it. She leans getting nose to nose. "Where was that fight earlier?" "How about you try to defend yourself instead of making me waste my time resurrecting your wimpy ass?" You strain to hold back Keira's arm but the slender actress is too strong and breaks through landing another stinging slap to your reddened face. You scream and roll off the table in a fetal position. Keira struts over and pulls you back up. "Don't die this time. Or I will kill you. That's not a joke because I will bring you back just to diem-bowl and strangle you with your own innards. Got it?  Simple right?" She smiles and nods promoting you to do the same then suddenly decks you and spits on you. "Pussy." She grabs a tazer and zaps you toward a labyrinth of doors. She opens one and punts you through. "Don't die." She waves and shuts the door leaving you in total darkness.

The house light suddenly boom on, you realize you're in the middle of an octagon in front on a screaming raucous crowd. Excepts none of them are in the room, but instead on the massive bank of monitors that surrounded the cage. "Oh fuck" you whisper as the far door opens and a cloaked figure steps through "Not Rhonda Rousey, please no." The figure tosses off her robe and you instantly feel a tightening in your pants. "Oh fuck" you say, a bit more pleased. Kelly brook stands in front of you in an ill fitting green bikini. Her hands are wrapped in black mma gloves as she shadow boxes, her breast and ass jiggling constantly. She turns and looks at you with a smile. "Hey Pussy boy, ready to die?" She giggles. Your mind races back to Keira's words leaving you wide eyed and quivering "Oh fuck"

Putting up your fist you approach one another, Kelly bounces effortless on her heels as you ponderously remain flatfooted. You throw a punch which Kelly sees coming a mile away, she ducks then feints right stopping with her fist an inch from your face. She laughs and turns around giving you a view of her thick ass as she saunters several steps away. shaking your head clear you pursue Kelly aiming a hook for the back of her head, you swing but kelly splits to the floor and sweeps out your leg knocking you down. She bounces over you, "get up pussy, not gonna let a sexy model beat you today, are you?" She taunts in her sexy english accent. You scurry up and kelly puts you back down with a hard left. "Oops, cover up better" she coos. As you rise again Kelly charges you but you slip in a jab at her ribs landing a solid blow. Kelly seems unaffected as she grapples you to the back of the cage. The televised crowd roars in approval and you can just make out the voices of several woman cat calling you. Kelly sends a flurry of jabs and uppercuts to your body and lungs, each one would have toppled you if not for the cage grinding into your back. Bam! she breaks your nose. Wham! she caves in your ribs with a knee. Crush! you eat a fist, your teeth scattering away.

Kelly clenches your sobbing face in her hands, she looks right into your eyes. Aww, sorry little pussy boy, did I hurt you." You turn away sobbing uncontrollably, Kelly plants a kiss on your broken cheek bone then plants a hard kick to the same spot leveling you. She lets you fall forward as you face hits two big soft pillows, she holds the back of your head in a standing breast smother. She giggles uncontrollably her whole body jiggling her breasts sapping you of all air. You tears and spittle moisten her tits as she shakes you back and forth mashing you against her soft skin. When she finally lets go you're out cold. "oh is my toy broken? But I just got it." she pouts "oh well, time to charge it back up." She sits on your back and gets you in an agonizing camel clutch, stretching your neck back til the point of breaking. When she releases you you've just begun to come too. Kelly sees you sputter and quickly places you in a schoolgirl pin then slaps the shit out of you. "come on plaything, waky waky bitch." a final slap has you once again bawling. Kelly laughs and turns around swallowing your head un her butt. She grinds back and forth squishing in your face, you try to turn away pleasing for her to stop but Kelly simply grabs your head and forces your face back in place. "Oh yeah!" she yells jiggling and wiggling back and forth until she's had her fun. Kelly gets up admiring your broken face and body. You cry looking up at her hardly able to move. "stop I'm sorry" you cry. "Whose bitch are you." "I'm your bitch." "Whose bitch!" she kicks your broken ribs. You scream "I'm kelly brooks bitch." "Thats right you are my bitch you scrawny little pussy. Get up I'm not done with you."

Instead you lash out with your leg catching kelly off guard striking her shin. She collapses straight on her face. "You little fuck!" she screams, you put up your hands to defend but Kelly's too quick as she leaps on you and slams in your skull with a brutal ground and pound leaving your eyes blackened and swollen shut. Kelly gets up and spits on you sending kick after kick to your broken unconscious body. She walks away and shouts "get him back up. He's gotta pay for that." Keira chimes in "in time, I think you've done enough." Kelly flips off the monitors, she looks back to you and in one final case of vindictiveness grabs your heads and drags you to the cage. "Wake up!" She punches you awake then starts grinding your face on the cage like a cheese grater. you scream in terror pleading for your life as Kelly totally annihilates you. "Remember me bitch." She yells then flattens your skull under her breasts. You kick and scream put are too weak to push her off as she squeezes and holds them on, right before you pass out she lifts her balloons off your face then begins bouncing them off your skull one after another until her boobs have literally knocked you out. She raises her fist in the air, bicep posing over your body to the crowds cheers. The screens dim off and Kelly finds herself panting. She gives one last dismissive look at you and then heads out the sane door she entered. "Pussy"
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Final part, once again featuring Keira Knightly and Alison Brie:

You come too on your back, your entire body aching in pain as you can hardly move. But there's something different, from the ratty ceiling alone you can tell your not back in the lab. A slight musk coats the room, a far cry from the sterile environment of the cloning tubes. In fact the only familiar thing is Keira's droning voice. "Since you got your ass kicked so bad I thought you could use some strength training." It's at this moment you realize your lying on a weight bench in a gym. You strain to sit up but Keira pushes you back down. "I hesitate to say, but you even showed a little improvement, in that you didn't die against Kelly. So I won't have to beat your ass... yet. You still need to put up a better fight so you'll be here until your pussy ass puts on some muscles. As long as you can build enough to pass as a teenage girl I'll be satisfied. I doubt you're strong enough to be coached by a real personal trainer so I thought why not bring in someone as wimpy as you." At that moment Alison Brie is shoved through the door, she collapses with a huff. She's wearing a athletic shorts that are a bit too tight and a top that practically squeezes out her breasts. It seem pretty clear she didn't pick this up herself. "Alison meet pussy boy, pussy boy meet Alison." Keira beckons over the reserved and timid Alison. "Alison flex for me. com'on." Alison blushes embarrassed, she glances around the room for onlookers and sees none. After some more goading by Keira she pops a non existent bicep. Keira looks at you. "Still more than pussy boy's got." "Okay here's the deal. We're going to have a little work out competition, whichever of you loses will be the new lowest bitch." "So you won;t beat me up... as much?" Alison shyly asks. Keira barely regards her "No your still a beatdown bitch. But you'd have a bitch yourself to beat up. Sound fun?" Keira smiles. Without wasting a second Alison timidness seems to disappear as she fires a fist into your face nearly breaking you're nose. Keira smirks and walks over to a corner she watches Alison mount you for some fierce ground and pound. "You're the bottom bitch!" Alison shrieks unloading on you. "This should be fun." Keira snickers.

Self preservation kicks in and you manage to shove Alison off you. She yelps falling to her ass with her tits popping out of her top. As Alison panics, struggling to tuck them back in you fly at her landing a punch square in her jaw putting her on the floor. Alison screams in pain as you kick at her ribs and she curls into a fetal position. Keira rolls her eyes disgusted. "Com'on Alison, you don't want to be stuffed back into the bunny costume." This strikes a cord with Alison, her eyes light with fire as screaming turns to a roar. She springs to her feet catching you off guard, her fist removing your front teeth. You tumble hard onto the bench, your back brushing in the process. Alison snatches up a twenty pound dumbbell, she holds the sides and presses the handle to your throat choking you. You claw at the weight then her, but Alison just smiles at you, her eyes twinkling and fierce. She savors the moment as your face turns purple. "I always wanted an Ally toy, Ally's little bitch boy." She coos. "But this isn't the way." She heaves away the weight and your hands instinctual grasp at your throat, you wheeze, your windpipe flattened. "having trouble breathing? Let me help you with that. She presses her slips to yours, her kiss long and lingering until you realize she's just sucking the air from you lungs. You panic and trying to shove Allison away but she keeps you locked in a bear hug before pushing you down on top of a stair master."awww you don't like being kissed? But I'm Alison Brie. I'm a little fucking hotty." She bends over deliberately popping out her breasts. "I see no reason to hide these. Maybe you shouldn't hide yours. Ready for a workout?"

Your head is spinning, you're on the verge of tears having seen this submissive girl morph into a dominate goddess. Maybe she's done you can only hope. Before you can respond Alison steps on your legs and stair climbs up your body until you slide back to the floor. Your entire body aches as Alison yanks you up by your pants giving you a massive wedgie. "Little nerd, you don't belong in here with me. That was three steps. Maybe to you that's a workout but look at me. I'm so much fitter, so much stronger, and so much better than you wimpy pussy bitch boy." She tosses you against a wall then leaps into the air grabbing a pull up bar. You can't bare the thought of losing to someone as small as Alison and seeing your chance you catch a second wind. You leaps up after her grabbing Alison's legs trying to pull her down. Alison shrieks at the unexpected attack, unfortunately you lose your grip and only succeed in pulling her yoga pants off exposing her bare ass. Alison gasps, she clamps her legs around your head and starts doing a pull up. "Fucking asshole, how about I pop your puny little head off!" Alison shouts. You can barely make out Keira laughing her ass off in the corner. Your neck stretches, your eyes rolls back as Alison soft and smooth thighs constrict like a python. You screams grow more and more desperate until the third rep puts you out. Alison lets you body slump to the floor before dropping down herself. "Finish him Alison, make him your bitch." Keira instructs. Alison sits her bare bottom on your unconscious face, where she stays for several minutes cooling down as her temper drops.

She eventually stands, starring in horror at your beaten and bloody body. "Did I do that?" Alison's timid nature seems to return as Keira struts back over to her. "Always knew you had it in you. He wasn't real competition though." At that moment you body convulses you begin to cough. "Spoke to soon." Keira shrugs. Alison breathes heavy, she tucks her breasts back in and quickly finds her pants her ass jiggling around as  she squirms back in. Alison waits for you, she stands rigged shaking, her arms meandering before her as she tries to hold an intimidating pose. "For fucks sake." Keira struts up behind Alison and grabs her top attempting to tear it off. Keira grapples Alison to the floor trapping her and swiftly removes her sports bra. She drags a pleading Alison up by the hair and pushes her on top of you. Alison squirms not knowing what to do.

"Fucking smother him already." Keira shouts. Alison timidly crawls onto your chest then lies her firm breast in your face. You burst back to life, you sit up causing Alison to fall back. She fires a fist into your nose breaking then follows up with a flurry on punches nearly leaving you out. "What did I do?" Alison mutters. "Finish him now or I'm putting you back in the bunny suit regardless of what happens." Once again Alison explodes, "How do you like Ally's tits bitch!" She yells pressing them into you face robbing you of breath. She squeezes her boobs over your nose and mouth, her lips smacking together in mock kisses. Your legs and arms flail but you can't shake her as Alison quickly grapevine's your legs then grabs your arms, overpowering and forcing them to the floor. She had you pinned and beaten laughing as her boobs out you out. "Ally's little bitch boy. I like the sound of that, bottom bitch." Soon your struggles cease but Alison keeps the smother going until Keira has to finally pull her away. Alison smiles, waving back your broken body as the two leave you in the gym.   
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Vs Margot Robbie

You see the slender Margot dressed in tight athletic clothes clumsily practicing some basic MMA moves at the gym. You scoff at her and start laughing at her poor skill set. She stops her training and flicks some sweat from her brow as she glares at you. "You think you're tough?" she asks. "How about a friendly competition or are afraid of a hot sexy woman beating your ass?" 

The competition is anything but friendly. The moment you touch gloves she slinks an arm around your neck and pulls you into a headlock as she roughly takes you to the ground. "How about that bitch!" she yells into your ear as she pummels your body with knee strikes. She releases your head but clamps her pythons around your waist in a bone crunching scissor. You scream in pain, fumble at her thighs but can't pry them apart. She laughs, "Looks like your enjoying yourself too much, how about I squeeze harder?" She clenches her legs tighter, several ribs snap under the pressure before she finally lets you go. She kicks you onto your face then mounts your back, looping her hands under your chin and pulls back in a spine shattering camel clutch. You try to kick her off and thanks to her inexperience you manage to buck her off. "Lucky." she whines, quick to her feet as it takes you a great deal of effort to even rise. She bounces around on her heels waiting for you to rise. "Come on chump, what were you laughing at earlier?" The moment you're back on two feet she delivers a round house kick to your jaw spraying teeth all over the mat. She doubles over from laughter as you lie face down barely conscious. A few people have gathered as they video tape the fight and cheer "Margot! Margot!" over and over. She blows a few kisses to her fans and romps over to you. She rolls you over with her foot. "Dicaprio was a fan of these" she says mashing your face with her foot.  "What about you?" she pulls back and kicks you in the jaw breaking it. You can't think straight as your blood and tears mix into a slick pool beneath you. Margot winks to her fans, pouting as she holds her thumb up to them. They boo. She smiles and twist it down eliciting a raucous cheer. "Time to die wimp, you'll never laugh at another girl." She sits herself down on your face easily smacking away your flailing arms until you stop breathing.

Vs Evangeline Lilly as Janet/ The Wasp

"Com'on pussy!" Janet slams her fist into your nose. You stagger back as she bounces around on her heels, her fist raised waiting for you to strike. You swing of her but she weaves left and lands a hard right to your jaw then follows with an uppercut planting you on your ass. In hindsight grabbing her ass wasn't the best opener.

"Loser, think I'm going to let you touch my ass? This is for all the girls who were too timid to do anything!" Her leg wallops you in the balls. You scream and clutch at them only for Janet to pop you in the face and knock you onto your back. "How's it feel to have the shit punched out of you by a girl? A oh so short girl? In fact how's it feel to be beneath her?" She plants her foot on your chest and glares down into your eyes. "So much for those pussy ass muscles mr. wannabe tough guy. Who are you kidding, you look like fucking shrimp. How about I come down to your size? Make it a fair fight? Hmm?"

FLASH! You're nearly blinded by a bright light as a 6in tall Janet stands eye level with you. You're in total shock, but before you can utter a syllable Janet jumps on your stomach and races around you unleashing a barrage of stinging kicks and punches. You flail around like a mad man, unable to touch her as her fist connects all over your body. You try to stand but Janet activates her wings and starts bruising up your face. Your own ill timed slap leaves a mark on your cheek. Janet fires a kick to your shin which once again puts you on your ass. A swift kick to your cheek shatters the bone and leaves you sobbing uncontrollably. "You crying baby? Ha! I made you cry. A tiny sexy girl beat you to tears, fucking pussy." She laughs and keeps kicking until you finally bolt up. Enraged you stomp at her but she effortless dodges and cartwheels out of danger. " Look at you, the big fucking baby can't beat a 6in girl?" She socks you in the face. "Is your wiener the only 6in thing you can beat? If its even that." She hovers in front of you, arms folded with a cocky ass grin. You swing at her but she dives down and pantses you. She flies between your legs and grabs your boxers tearing them into a painful wedgie. You yelp, scream and fall onto your face. Janet breaks into a laughing fit; her face turns bright red until she's gasps for air. She's unaware that you've stood back up and barely has time to regain her composure before you snatch her out of the air. Your hand clenches tight around her ass, your thumb flicking off her wings then moving around to her boobs. "Not so cocky now bitch." Furious, Janet bites your thumb drawing blood. You howl in pain and release Janet who flips to a soft landing.

"You think you can touch me with those grubby little hands? Break my wings? Cowardly pussy boy wimp, you're dead, a walking corpse." Janet fires a powerful kick to your shins then uppercuts your balls; you double over in pain. FLASH Janet, now full size lands an elbow to the back of your skull. FLASH she turns tiny as you collapse and kicks in your other cheek. You scramble to your feet. FLASH full size Janet socks you in the teeth. FLASH tiny Janet pounds you in the knees. FLASH Janet sends a kick to your ass. FLASH Janet switches back and forth pummeling you into a bloody pulp, whenever you're about to topple she switches sides and sizes keeping you upright with her punches and kicks. FLASH full size Janet leaps into the air and turns small; she lands on our shoulder and wraps her legs around your neck. FLASH her weight sends you toppling to the floor with her thighs and crotch pressed against your face, suffocating you. She squeezes hard, her legs cracking your skull. FLASH A moment away from passing out she's tiny again; as you gasp for air she kicks in your teeth knocking them down your throat. "No chomping now." She cartwheels onto your face and shoves herself down your throat, her feet prod deep into your windpipe as she manages to fit herself in waist deep. You want to scream but all you can do is look on in terror as she gags you with her whole body. You try to bite her but find your lack of teeth insufficient. "You going to gum me to death? Ha ha, big wimp. Can't do anything can you?" She taunts spinning herself around, her legs and feet damaging your throat. You exhale hard through your nose trying to blow her out. Janet responds with her fist breaking it. A pool of tears and blood rushes out to meet her; she flips out of your mouth back to the floor.

"Ugh, get your digesting filth off me." She grimaces slapping off your drool. Janet watches you stagger to your feet "Bet that was a little too fun for you wasn't it? Having my perfect ass in your mouth? Quite a story to tell, that is if you could talk." You swat at her but miss. You swat again and again but Janet nimbly dances out of the way. As your hand impacts the concrete once again, Janet leaps on it, she digs her heel in hard and stomps your hand leaving a massive bruise. You pull back and cry, your chapped eyes stinging. Janet jumps onto your ankle. FLASH full size her weight crushes down, snapping your ankle in two. You scream and piss yourself in terror and pain, then slip in your own puddle of tears. You land hard on your face, disorientated and too badly injured to stand.

You try and claw away from Janet, your one good hand drags you for the only exit as Janet watches with smirk on her face. "You running away from a girl? What a wimp. Wait till I tell everyone about this, they'll all laugh at you of course." You keep crawling, you're almost there, you reach out for the handle when your hear a pair of heels clacking being you. Janet kicks you in the ribs knocking you onto your back. She chuckles, stands over your face and jiggles her spandex clade ass. "This is what you were after isn't it? Well here you go!" She jumps up and her ass careens toward your face! FLASH Tiny Janet lands ass fist on your eye socket, squishing and popping it to a useless pulp. She extends a leg over your broken nose and chops her foot directly into your other eye, over and over until you're completely blind. You swing your hand at her but Janet catches you at the wrist. She strains to hold you arm in check. FLASH Janet's now enormous and toned ass engulfs your head and nearly flattens your skull. She twist your wrist back breaking it. She grinds herself on your skull for several minutes then stands up and laughs at your twitching broken body. "I think you learned you're lesson, you better hope the paramedics get here in time, but don't expect me to call." You blubber out a plea for mercy but Janet only smirks as she exits the door and closes it behind her.
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