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How much karma is needed for insider?

Started by NewYork, 08-May-15, 12:58 AM

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Just wondering how much karma? I am new to contributing (joined awhile back but forgot about it) and will continue to contribute, but would like to be an insider as well.


From what I understand, it's not a set amount of Karma but the amount of quality material you have shared with the forum.


Here you are New York. There is a thread regarding HQ (i believe that's what you are referring to) and it has plenty of tips.

Probably worth having at least a cursory look at it to get an idea of what might be expected. My understanding, like Marc34608, is that it is more to do with the quality/previous availability etc of what you post well as a little karma depending on who you ask...

Hope the thread is helpful for you.


I have the impression that this question (with the term "insider" again) has been asked before by the same member.  :yes:
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