Trapped in the Playboy Mansion with the Girls Next Door

Started by gh122, 26-Mar-15, 08:04 PM

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This is the first draft of a pov story I wrote on the fly last week based on an idea from ass kicked by girls. It doesn't quite compare to a lot of the fantastic writing on this board, so if you haven't read any of BrandGB or Smothered123's stories this might seem decent :) 

Basically you get destroyed by Bridget Marquet, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison.

It's your first day as a professional photographer and you've been contracted to work at the playboy mansion, a literal dream come true. You walk through the massive front gates working your way past the conspicuously empty grottos, trying to conceal your nerves. The names of the modern playboy girls flood through your head, even the idea makes your heart skip a beat. You knock on the front door; it slowly creeps open revealing only darkness. You peer in but can't make out any detail until suddenly Holly Madison is standing in front you, flashing a bright smile. Your taken aback, she's unquestionably beautiful in her elegant dress, but didn't she divorce Hugh some time ago? Come to think of it isn't the playboy mansion in California not... Holly interrupts your thought as she grabs your collar and forcefully drags you inside. You stumble after her and the door eeks closed behind you.

Suddenly there's a massive flash, as your eyes focus you can see you're inside the main foyer, Kendra and Bridget standing at opposite pillars of the regal stairs each on smiling at you, dressed as if they were about to attend a premiere. You can't help but  gawk as Holly announces "Ladies our friend is here for your amusement, who wants him first." Kendra simply grins and laughs but Bridget practically hops around waving her hand in the air "Oh me!" You try to comprehend what's happening and simply ask "So I'm photographing each of you today?" Holly giggles. "oh no need for the camera" She yanks it from your hands and shoves you to Bridget "Whoa, what are you doing?" Holly just waves "Have fun." As Bridget leads you up the stairs it hits you, "I'm going to sleep with the girls next door!" then it hits you again as Bridget fist connects with your face sending you nearly tumbling back down. Bridget pops over to you and lifts you up. She holds you by your collar and begins pounding your face, your head snaps back and forth as she speed bags you knocking lose multiple teeth and nearly breaking your nose. You cry in pain and try to push her off you but she's too strong and immediately tackles you to the floor "bet you weren't expecting this, but your having fun riggghhtt?" She coos, her nose pressed to yours. She smiles and pecks your cheek then scoots forward trapping you in a n intense breast smother, she squeezes her boobs together maximizing the hold as you can't find an ounce of air. You scream and push but Bridget giggles over you before getting bored and letting you up.

You swing at her but only succeed in getting your fist stuck in her cleavage. She slaps you knocking you down again and swiftly plops her ass down on your face. "Think your a tough guy? Huh? Because I think your a girly boy." She stands up after your screams and struggles have faded looking down at your battered visage. She slams a foot on your stomach and flexes her biceps letting out a faint roar that turns into an embarrassed giggle as she victory poses over you. "That was way too easy. Want to go again and be a bigger challenge?" She looks down at you then turns away flipping her hair, walking by the stairs. Your adrenaline surges, you see your opportunity and take it, lunging forward you elbow Bridget in the back, she grunts and falls forward rolling down the stairs. As she hits the main level you gasp in horror. Her neck is clearly broken. "Oh shit" You repeat. "She attacked me!" You panic, who the hell will ever believe you? Your nearly delirious when suddenly the front door opens and Bridget enters. Then she enters again. What the fuck! You can barely process the events as the two Bridget's stride to their fallen sister. "No, no this isn't happening." One begins dragging the body to a side door while the other glares at you and climbs the stairs, silent as she approaches you. "Please don't..." She pulls back and strikes your face putting you out.   

You wake up in a cellar. You stare up at a grey ceiling in a seemingly barren room. Your body aches as you come to, only to notice your not alone. There's a copious amount of lighting equipment set along the backdrop of a football field. Kendra is posing in a crop top football jersey and lingerie bottoms while holding a football. "Catch." She yells chucking the ball square into your forehead. You crash back down to the concrete. A bit groggy you can just make out Kendra standing over you offering a hand. "Oh poor pussy, a girl beat you at football. Need  hand?" She smirks grabbing your arms and hauling you up.

I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself; we're gonna play a little game, when I blow this whistle..." Kendra tweaks the whistle around her neck "'ll try to protect the quaterback. Ready." You look around having no idea what she's talking about. "Please Kendra, I don't know what's happening." You beg. "I told you already pussy." She grins and blows the whistles. She charges you screaming, her eyes fierce like a wild beast. You flinch, about to piss yourself from her glare alone. She grapples you on your feet, using her superior upper body strength to force you to the ground. You see her muscles contracting and Kendra immediately notices the envy. "Wish you had guns like these? Too bad, if you'd grab some pom poms you might fit in with the cheerleaders. You'd still be the pussiest and puniest one, but wouldn't that be more fun that getting you as kicked? Huh?" She taunts looking straight into your eyes. She pushes you on your back and gets on top smothering you with her tits. "Haha, that's a sack."

Kendra bounds back to her feet and you can't help but burst into tears. "Please stop, why are you hurting me?" Because you're a pussy, duh." Kendra mocks. As you rise to your feet Kendra yells "Second down, do better this time!" She charges you again but this time you swing and connect with her face stopping Kendra in her tracks as she grabs her jaw. "Oww what the hell! This is grappling, not fighting fucktard." She gets pissed. "But you want a fight? Fine." You swing again but Kendra ducks you and upper cuts your jaw sending you to your back she mounts you with some fierce ground and pound punching your tears back into your eyes. After beating you senseless Kendra once again leans forward and traps you in her boobs as she rubs them together over your face.

She gets up laughing "Wimpy ass pussy, wanted to fight me, look at what you got. Third down" She hauls you to your feet and chest bumps you before sauntering away giving you a perfect glimpse of her ass. She even turns her head looking at you as she bites a nail. "Do you really want to lose to this?" You can't help but feel a little stiff even though Your beyond terrified, nearly broken from your tears as you know this girl could kill you however and whenever she wanted. She lines up with you for third down. "Your going down pussy, how's it feel to be Kendra's bitch? Huh you little pussy you gonna cry some more? I didn't think the human body held so much water." She slaps you with an open hand. "Cry for me loser boy." You charge her but Kendra laughs easily blocking and deflecting your pathetic punches and attempts to grapple her. Kendra then simply shoves you down and plants her ass on your face, using her ass like a klenex as she wipes away your tears. "Awww saw you were looking at this earlier, time for some tight booty action" She laughs and twerks in your face. Kendra moans and finally stands back up.

"Fourth down loser, time for the punt." Your barely conscious as Kendra blows the whistle one final time as Kendra leaps forward and rears back her legs and sends a running soccer kick straight into your balls. Your emit a high pitched, ear drum shattering scream as blood splatters out your mouth. Kendra is pissed as she grabs your chin preventing you from falling. "Not like you had much to hurt down there, but you had to fuck with my ears." She sends punch after punch into your face, holding you up the whole time as your eyes swell shut and your face deteriorates under her fist. Kendra releases you then sends you to the ground with a kick to the chest. She stomps all over your body as you convulse upon each blow, your fingers get broken, your legs and arms badly bruised before she finally stomps your head putting you out. 

When you eventually awake your whole world is spinning as you struggle to stand. You can just make out that your still in the cellar. You can't see Kendra but notice the door you must've been brought though. You dash for the door when suddenly Kendra emerges from behind the backdrop, disappointed to see you run. "Where you going? I'm not done with you." The door opens easily as you run out. You enter into an unfamiliar hallway. You dash toward the end when suddenly multiple Kendra's round the far corner. Freaking out you dash through the nearest door which exits back to the foyer. You run as fast as your damage legs can carry you and slam shoulder first into the massive double door which split open revealing daylight ahead. Flying down the entrance way you approach the open gate. You're ready to get the hell out when you notice Holly jogging on a track just off to the side. You stop and look to the gate, then back to Holly. She can't get away with this, you fume. Time for revenge. You give one last look to freedom, you can escape if you leave now. You make up your mind, and sneak up on Holly as she jogs around the track.

You quickly close the distance between your self and Holly as she jogs around the track in grey gym short and a pink top. You're ready to grab her around her neck when you're suddenly distracted by her tight ass bouncing and jiggling in her shorts. Your involuntary gasp alerts Holly who spins to meet your advance. "You're still alive?" You shove Holly, your hands accidentally groping her breast causing her to gasp in anger. "Fucking pervert." unfazed you push forward, "What the hell is this place? Why did you lure me here?" Holly responds by slapping your face then brutally punches your jaw shattering it and sending you down like a sack of potatoes. She stands over you, her fist dripping with your blood. "This is lucky day pussy, didn't you want to have your ass beat?" You can barely hear her as you howl in pain and with a broken jaw you can't muster a response. "Cat got your tongue?"

She leaps on top of you and smacks the living shit out of you. "Please..." you just manage to gurgle out. You try to punch back but Holly knocks away your strikes then elbows your face, your head snaps back in a furry as you cry a torrent of tears. "Should've ran when you had the chance pussy. Now you'll never escape." You continue scream but Holly slaps you then spins around and flattens you with her ass bouncing it up and down on your chest. "You want my ass? Here take a closer look! Holly plants her ass on your face, making you cry and scream as she rubs her butt all over your face. "I love this can't you tell? I don't even care if this kills you, all I need is one cell so I can clone your pussy ass over and over. And you'll remember each and every time Bridget, Kendra and I snuff the life out of you!" She stands up but your face is wedged so far up her but it's literally stuck between cheeks! Holly has to pry to out and through you back to the track. She mounts you and begins bitch slapping your face. "Your such a little wimp *slap* that I don't even need to *slap* punch you to knock you out *slap slap slap* All I need is a slap." She hits you a final time closing your right eye.

You try to defend yourself but Holly grabs your arms an forces them under her knees. "Weak pathetic boy" She pulls her tits from her top and begins smothering you. "You can't help but cry like a little bitch, after all it's what you are." She laughs then returns to bitch slapping you. "No more" you blather. "Then stop me. Oh you can't? Too bad." She laughs punching your nose. You gag back blood as Holly stands you up then puts her knee into your back and pulls back your arms dislocating them. She knees your face as you begin to black out. Holly struts dances and wiggles her ass over you. "How's it feel bitch? Knowing a playboy girl is stronger than you and kicking your ass?" Holly jumps and lands with her booty on your face. Your screams are lost in her butt as she pummels your chest breaking each and every rib. "I guess this a catfight because your no man. Just a little pussy." She then bounces her ass up and down on your face until your nearly out. "Oh poor baby." Holly purrs as she gets close to your face wiping the sweat away.

"Let's just make sure you're out." At this moment you notice Kendra and Bridget standing over you, laughing as Holly pins you down. Holly forcibly slams her boobs into your face and shakes them back and forth. Her breast leave your face with a violent smack. "Just sleep now, you're my toy. My little puppet boy." She taunts wrapping her legs around your waist securing you in a bodyscissor. "Nighty nighty pussy." Holly stares into your helpless eyes then grabs your neck snapping it. She stands up and struts away, her hips swaying as she leaves your dead body. Kendra and Bridget pick you up carrying your body back into the house, to be trapped there forever, killed and cloned endlessly by the girls next door.
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